‘Roe’ + 40

Today marks 40 years since the Supreme Court decisions Roe and Doe which allowed for abortion at any time during gestation for any reason.I'll be on CNN "Newsroom"  just after 9 a.m. ET to discuss some follow up ideas to my piece from last week. No, I don't agree with Time magazine. I don't think abortion advocates are losing. Witness the most recent elections and the annual report for Planned Parenthood. As long as there are more than a million abortions a year, more than 4,000 every day, I … [Read more...]

39 Years of “Roe v. Wade”

Yesterday marked 39 years of court mandated abortion rights in every state in the U.S. People all over the country have been commemorating the decision with the biggest event happening today in Washington, DC, the March For Life.There are so many things that could be said, but I think I'll just let this essay by Paul Vitz and Evelyn Vitz address one key concern, namely that a movement that claims to be about choice should at the very least inform women about... their choices.Most women … [Read more...]