What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Justina McCaffrey has another thoughtful piece up at Huffington Post. This time, she's talking about what's missing from some weddings: the raw passion that makes two people commit to give themselves to each other completely.Weddings become productions that are based on entertainment, not centered on witnessing an incredible commitment - one that will probably be difficult to maintain at time - between two people who are also saying that they're willing to die to themselves in order to … [Read more...]

Wedding Dresses & Women. Or “How women dream of Prince Charming and wakeup in ‘The Hangover.'”

The wedding industry takes a regular beating for being over the top. But there are also good aspects to it.As a designer of high-end wedding dresses, Justina McCraffrey (full disclosure - a  friend of mine) sees a lot of the inner workings of weddings.  Her work brings her closely in contact with the bride, as described in a recent piece for The Huffington Post. She gets a chance to watch the dress reveal to the bride the woman she once dreamed of becoming, a woman she forgot a long time ago … [Read more...]