The Trans Movement – Another Form of Patriarchy

Over at Crux, I have a new piece exploring the patriarchal effects of the trans movement. Until lately, if someone had mentioned patriarchy in the developed world, I would’ve thought we were about to embark on a somewhat archaic conversation. But recent events, crystallized by Target’s decision to open its sex-differentiated bathrooms and fitting rooms to the personal narrative of its customers, have me thinking that patriarchy is alive and well.Hear me out.Throughout history, women hav … [Read more...]

4 Things You Should Know About International Women’s Day

In Rome, International Women's Day is celebrated with small bouquets of mimosa flowers. The guys that typically sell you umbrellas and odd gimmicks come armed with these bouquets only for today, a lovely gesture.But my time in Rome taught me that International Women's Day wasn't as innocuous a celebration as it might sound. What I learned in Rome was word of mouth from those who grew up in communist or socialist countries, but there's a current opinion piece by Antony Davies and James … [Read more...]

Violence Against Women: The Underbelly.

Extreme violence has always bothered me. Forget trying to get me to watch a really violent film. I will have both of my ears stopped with my hands or a nearby cushion. But violence against women seems to me particularly unseemly and not just in an ungentlemanly sense. The movie The Passion of the Christ gave me a clue about this inclination.In the scene where Christ is being flogged, the character of the devil enters in a figure that mocks Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the birth of the … [Read more...]

White Smoke!, Women & the Church, Shoe Leather Evangelization, and Pope Francis’ Pontificate

This post is going to be a bit rambling as I want to mention several different things.But most importantly, happy anniversary to Pope Francis on the first anniversary of his pontificate. I was out for a walk, convinced that I didn't need to be glued to the television because it would be quite some time before the cardinals reached a consensus. (Shows you how dialed into the Holy Spirit I was/am…) I was on the phone talking to Teresa Tomeo and suddenly she kept repeating, "White smoke! Wh … [Read more...]

Ready to Rumble: Discussing a Theology of Woman.

I'll be on the Drew Mariani Show, hosted by Wendy Wiese at 4.30 ET today to discuss the theology of women. A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece prompted by Pope Francis' implicit call for a theology of woman. Generated a variety of responses. Check them out and guess which is my favorite...Simcha Fisher offered some much appreciated support, too.As did Elizabeth Scalia on Facebook. I'll just post her comment here. She cites Simcha's article:Look, Catholic women are in a very peculiar p … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day: Gender Matters

In his book Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe describes the women at an exclusive party in Manhattan. The first group, starved to near perfection, used fashion to compensate for the natural curves that they had denied their bodies. These were mostly the first wives and “women of a certain age.” Then he describes the “lemon-tarts,” the women who were young, the live-in girlfriends, or subsequent wives. But he notes that one type of woman was missing: “[N]o one ever invited … Mother.”R … [Read more...]