40+ And The Church / Survey Final

A few weeks ago, I wondered if it was just me having the same conversation with multiple friends who'd confessed to rethinking their relationship with their local church - or if there were others over 40 years of age floating  on the same little pontoon. I put together a little online survey, and quickly discovered that this wasn't a little pontoon, but great big ship.The ship is so big, in fact, that I recognize my survey is a tiny first step in both measuring the tip of the iceberg and in … [Read more...]

40+ And The Church / The Connected Have Their Say

I've received more than 400 responses to date from those over 40 when I queried them about their relationship with the local church, I saw a trend among respondents away from the same level of involvement they’d had a decade earlier. I've reported on what I was hearing from people who took the survey here, here and here.However, 28% are just as involved and 25% are more involved in their local church than they were a decade ago. Here’s what a few in this slight majority had to say about why t … [Read more...]

40+ And The Church / A Matter Of Time

Three weeks ago, I posted a brief survey querying those over 40 about their experience with the local church. I've been sharing results of this survey (here, here and here), and am still collecting responses here if you're interested in sharing your thoughts. It may not be a very scientific instrument, but the results most definitely call further study and conversation.One theme that emerged in the responses to my question about why respondents were more, less or just as involved in their l … [Read more...]

40+ And The Church / Beyond Sunday Morning Church Attendance

Church is where you go on Sunday morning, right?Over 70% of those who've taken my informal survey reported that they attended corporate worship services weekly. At the same time, 42% of those who took the survey noted that they were less involved in the life of their local congregation than they were a decade earlier. Those who attend church aren't tied to the programming of the church as the focus for their spiritual lives like they once were.Those who have maintained or increased their … [Read more...]

40+ Adults And The Church / Outgrowing The Congregation?

Is it possible to spiritually "outgrow" a local congregation?It is not only possible, it happens more often than you'd think. One trend I saw in my poll of those over 40 was that a notable percentage of those who'd changed churches or decreased their level of "official" involvement at their present congregation did so because they'd grown past what the church offered.I've met precious few church leaders who believe that anyone could "outgrow" their congregation. Think about it. When was … [Read more...]

40+ Adults And The Church/An Update

Last week, I shared some preliminary results (here and here) and first thoughts (here) about what I was hearing from those who took my quick survey (here) asking those over 40 to reflect about their relationship with the local church. On Monday of this week, Dr. Scot McKnight highlighted the survey on his popular Jesus Creed blog (here). As a result of that exposure, nearly 400 people have now taken the survey. Because many Jesus Creed readers are church leaders, a few of the stats I'd reported … [Read more...]

40+ Adults And The Church / Survey Results #3

Sidelined by loss. Pushed out by politics. Tired of doing, doing, doing. Invisible. Irrelevant.More time = greater availability to serve. Anxious to contribute. Longing to transmit the faith to the next generation.Mutually exclusive sentiments?Not when it comes to the relationship those of us over 40 have with the local church.A week ago, I posted a survey on the topic here. I wasn't sure if I'd get much of a response. I was hoping to hear from maybe 50 of you. As of this … [Read more...]