On oldies

I've heard it from a number of my age peers. And the number of classic rock radio stations in the U.S.¬†bears it out.Boomers love the music of their youth.Of course, there's nothing new about nostalgia. (Pun intended.) I remember my parents grooving on 1950's and pre-Beatles 1960's pop music, and my grandma enjoying Lawrence Welk interpretations of Sinatra and Crosby songs popular during her own salad days. Nostalgia is a filter made of cotton candy that strains out the awkwardness, mess and … [Read more...]

Emptied himself of all but love

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My Favorite Things, 2012 version

For some reason, my annual "Favorite Things" lists (2010 and 2011) get far less press than those of a certain former daytime talk show personality whose first name rhymes with Bophrah. I don't understand it.And though, as Art Buchwald (whose first name rhymes with both tart and fart) once noted, the best things in life aren't things, I do want to offer you my list...just in case you're in the market for some inspirational ideas of your own.If it is above 60 degrees outside, my thoughts … [Read more...]

Praying for our friends

Bill and I were supposed to be in Jerusalem this week for a Caspari board meeting, but finances kept us here in the U.S. (He Skyped in to the meeting instead.)The headlines coming out of that region are stunning and sobering. The opining unending.The only thing I can do is pray. The words of my prayer feel like fragments, ephemeral mortar tucked with thousands of other last-ditch pleas between ancient stones. But standing in Jerusalem, it is easy to feel that the stones themselves, witnesses … [Read more...]

October 7, 1979

Weeks before our October 7, 1979 wedding, Bill and I headed with our wedding photographer to the site of our first official date about a year or so earlier. Most photographers weren't doing engagement pictures beyond a simple portrait of the couple, but the friend who shot our wedding suggested we do a few casual shots before the wedding day. This particular picture has been on my mind recently.¬†Engagement photo shoots today are much more documentary in nature, much more personal. Stilted shots … [Read more...]

You mean I have to THINK about how I’ll spend my vote?

Oh, for the good old days of being a "Values Voter". It was so easy to grab one of the guides published by conservative lobbying organizations, skim the columns comparing the candidates, and vote Republican. I didn't vote for candidates. I voted to end abortion.I'd used the logic that to vote pro-life was the ballot box equivalent of seeking first the kingdom of God; if I voted that way, then the remainder of the our country's social issues would "be added unto us" in the form of just, … [Read more...]

I wonder as I wander

I've lived in nondescript subdivisions (beige house, beige house, beige house, lather, rinse, repeat) for most of my adult life. The sameness of my surroundings was like an aerobic workout for my imagination as I worked to notice each difference (Look! Red shutters!) and imagined what life inside each house might be like when I'd walk the neighborhood. The town in which we're now living is full of history. I enjoy the variety and charm of the homes here, but it is still the quirky little details … [Read more...]