File under: The More Things Change…

Circa 1985. It is a journal entry. Apparently, I walked out of a women's Bible study that morning.The same sort of stuff I wrote about in this rant still bugs me today. Either I haven't matured much in the last 27 years, or I was onto something.Or both. … [Read more...]

Falling Upward, Chapter 8

I’m blogging through Father Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward: A Spirituality Through The Two Halves Of Life. Even if you haven’t read the book, please stick around and join the conversation here if you’re facing a mid-life transition. Father Rohr offers us all some meaty food for thought.Here are links to my previous posts in the series:  Intro — Chapter 1 — Chapter 2 — Chapter 3 —Chapter 4 – Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 * * * * * * * Chapter 8 is entitled "Amnesia and the Big Picture". Fath … [Read more...]

Festival of Faith & Writing: Ten Quick Observations

Every two years, readers and writers flock to the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI for the Festival of Faith & Writing. The campus buildings bear names like Huizenga, Vanderwerp and Hiemenga, reflecting the deep Dutch roots of the Christian Reformed Church with which the school is affiliated. True story: When I attended the Festival four years ago, in fact, I had a very tall blonde woman with a Dutch surname bend to read my name tag, take a step back so she could eye me up and … [Read more...]

(Let’s go to the) Blog Hop!

Today, I am participating in the "Best Thing Blog Hop," an event hosted by writer and blogger Ellen Painter Dollar. The blogosphere is a fast-paced place, and what bloggers write—even when it's good quality and receives positive responses—is quickly left behind, eclipsed by more recent content. Ellen wanted to give bloggers a chance to shine a new light on older blog posts that we consider to be among our best work. I am one of several bloggers participating in this event. Please visit Ellen's bl … [Read more...]

Stairway to heaven

This morning at church, the message was from Genesis 12, God's call of Abraham. The preacher referenced Genesis 11, reminding us of the context into which this astonishing imperative was detonated - a post-Babel world.And that reminder sent me on a hunt for something I wrote a while ago. Imagine with me what it was like in those final moments on that ancient stairway to heaven...Sassan mopped his brow with the edge of his sweat-soaked tunic. He needed a few moments respite from the … [Read more...]

The more things change…

 A few observations:(1) This was the last time I let my hair go wild and free, Jew-fro style, until I kicked my blow-drying addiction last summer.(2) Those Levis look as though they might fall right off of me.(3) The yearbook photog caught me in an unfortunate sneer, but I was smiling on the inside. Seriously.(4) I was giving a speech about Jesus and the Passover. I didn't know a whole lot about either one, but I was pretty darn excited as a Jewish person to tell my classmates … [Read more...]

Parents, you can not predict the future. You know that, right?

I had one of those time-transcending moments last night in a warehouse in Chicago.Travel back in time with me for a moment, to 1995. My thee children, then ages 12, 10 and 9 and I have started another typical home school day. Breakfast, a few chores, prayer, then the day's instructions, which invariably included a few minutes of journaling. Their journals were the one school assignment they had each day where I didn't have to bust out the green or purple pen to correct mistakes. (I rarely used … [Read more...]