It’s not a small world after all

I almost always experience an awkward moment or two when a roomful of people is asked to break into small groups. Do I follow the person sitting next to me into a group? Do I intentionally drag my chair across the room to join a too-small circle? Last night I attended a prayer meeting where we were asked to do the self-selection dance. I didn't know many people there, so I headed toward the nearest, largest group. I didn't have time to look around at the others in the group before we began … [Read more...]

Review: One.Life

"Every time the single-moment act of accepting Christ becomes the goal instead of the portal, we get superficial Christians. And every time personal practices of piety wiggle away from the big picture Jesus sketches before his followers, it becomes legalism."In his newest book, Dr. Scot McKnight wants to help us move away from these shallow ideas of what it means to follow Jesus. Jesus calls, we follow (Zondervan, 2010) could easily be called, "Your idea of discipleship is too small. … [Read more...]

Of Sarah and shoddy semantics

I rarely post anything of a political nature, but I couldn't let this pass without exercising my First Amendment rights: In the wake of Jared Loughner's evil attack on Arizona Congresswoman Giffords and the crowd who'd gathered for a Saturday morning meet `n greet at a grocery store, Sarah Palin and her media team produced a statement designed to redirect attention onto the event and away from the charges that overheated conservative hyperbole somehow contributed to the tragedy. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Review | The Gospel of John: When Loves Comes To Town

When I worked at Trinity International University's bookstore, we stocked shelves and shelves of Bible commentaries. At the beginning of each new semester, a few gung-ho young seminarians would come in to the store and browse the commentaries in order to debate the the academic and theological street cred of various authors. Most seminarians couldn't afford to buy many commentaries, but they sure did like to window shop! I browsed my fair share of commentaries as well, and borrowed armloads of … [Read more...]

Ted dreamed a dream…

Three days ago, Ted Williams was a homeless guy panhandling along a freeway. Now he's the latest media sensation in a you tube genre first clicked into life by viral viewings of the never-been-kissed middle-aged Susan Boyle. When Ted opened his mouth and a velvety FM baritone came out, the world stopped for a moment to listen - and then forwarded Ted's feel-good story on to their friends. Everyone loves a happy ending, and as the offers and media appearances are now piling on for Ted as they did … [Read more...]

Update from Pillow Mountain

Hello, 2011! Though recovery from shoulder surgery is no fun, I am happy to be typing with two hands today thanks to my new friend Mr. Vicodin and a big pillow propping my right forearm. Many people have been praying for me, and that prayer support has translated into a different kind of big pillow during the last few days. Here's a brief photo update:Years ago, I had a friend who worked at a trophy factory. She made me this bowling trophy look-a-like plaque that reads: "The Eternal God is your … [Read more...]

Away, but no vacation

This is not my torn rotator cuffI'll be on a bit of a blogging hiatus as I'm scheduled for rotator cuff surgery tomorrow morning. Blessings to you as you celebrate the rest of this Christmas/New Year's season.I'd appreciate your prayers for rapid rehab and healing. See you soon. … [Read more...]