It happened one Shabbat…

I am deeply fascinated by the stories Jesus told. Imagine what it would be like to be in the room the first time He told this story.Here's how it might have gone:...In all his years of service to Avishai, Yigal couldn’t remember his master ever inviting this kind into his home. Though the room was packed with clusters of men engaged in animated pre-dinner conversations, Avishai’s “guest” stood alone in a corner. He looked as out of place as a python in a birdcage. Yigal couldn’t imagine he’d real … [Read more...]

Home schooling’s “Great Omission”

"Will you home school me?" We could no longer ignore our kindergarden son's frequently-repeated question. His overcrowded classroom left his harried teacher herding far too many 5 and 6 year olds through activities meant to fill time, rather than educate. I worked at the school as a playground supervisor and was involved with both the parent-teacher association and with a group of moms who gathered in my living room to pray for the staff each week. I was committed to making public education work … [Read more...]

Hey lady, call the Fire Department to extinguish the fire in your bones

Yesterday's announcement from the nice people at Zondervan that they were going to suspend publication of the TNIV provoked intense reaction from its readers across the theological spectrum. One of the most virulent I read came from an egalitarian Christian woman who felt as though the decision diminished her ministry and was an attempt to muzzle her identity.Whoa.In the interest of fair disclosure, I must tell you I've never been a fan of the version. When it released, I was working at the … [Read more...]

Life’s tapas

We're going out for tapas tonight with our son and his fiance to celebrate their engagement, which became official earlier this week. (We're so happy for them!) Ordering rounds of "small plates" of sun-soaked Mediterranean flavors is a fun way to eat a meal, and a perfect recipe for community.I have a lot of small plates in my life right now: family, two part-time jobs, the opportunity to edit a book-length manuscript, and lots of opportunities to serve. Some of them don't even feel much like … [Read more...]

Late summer reading list

Recently, I've had an opportunity to read a handful of interesting non-fiction books. The first, Keri Wyatt Kent's Listen: Finding God in the Story of Your Life, was a wonderful treat to myself. The next three were review copies offered to bloggers by publishers. The books have taken me from contemplative life to life between the sheets, from a theological throwdown to a challenge to rise above the rabble of pop culture.Read on to find out which one of these books I didn't like one bit.Listen: … [Read more...]

Suffer the little ones…

During our search for a church some time ago, we landed for a season at a small congregation that had been a part of the community for about 20 years. The people seemed friendly enough, the corporate worship was solid. We appreciated the family feel of the place, and hoped we might have found a good fit.My first clue that something was terribly wrong was when I volunteered to help in the nursery. I was a newcomer to the church, so no one knew me beyond those little generic lobby conversations … [Read more...]

Heading home via Deuteronomy 8

Imagine being a thirty-something who'd spent your entire life living a nomadic existence in the desert. You'd played on the hard-baked sand as a child. You'd nursed your babies in a tent pitched next to a lone barren tree. The repetition of a lifetime manna-diet mirrored the bleached, unchanging environment in which you'd laughed, loved, lived.And worshipped: your Sabbath rest the only punctuation in an unchanging march of days through an unchanging terrain toward...Maybe you'd forgotten … [Read more...]