Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Not exactly a resolution, this post captures my longings for 2009...and 2015, for that matter...Click right here to read it.  … [Read more...]

What does surrender look like?

I'm re-reading Elizabeth Goudge's The Dean's Watch, a Christmastime treat to myself. (Ignore the lame dustjacket cover at left. The book is wayyyy better than the picture would ever lead you to believe.)  Take a few moments to enjoy her beautiful description of a life completely surrendered to God:      "...she took a vow to love. Millions before her had taken the same simple vow but she was different from the majority because she kept her vow, kept it even after she had discovered the cost of si … [Read more...]

I’m dreaming of…

"Why would God waste 8 hours of each day?" I once heard a conference speaker ask his audience. "If we serve a God who communicates with us, why would He remain silent at night while we sleep?" This Advent, I have been amazed at the way God told His story to those who were willing to hear Him in dreams and visitations. Those with hearing eyes and seeing ears.   Yosef ben-Yaacov had always known God spoke in dreams to both His friends and to those who opposed Him. And then Yosef himself saw and he … [Read more...]

Book review: The Unseen

TracFones. Brainwashing. Surveillance. Creep Club. CIA. Parkour. Characters named Dilbert, Humpty, Swarm and Snake. All populate a shadowy world featured in T. L. Hines' techno-supernatural 386-page hardcover fiction release, The Unseen (Nelson). The book tells the story of Lucas, an urban nomad who lives in the airspaces and attics of office buildings. He has no past, and his present is formed by searching for emotional "connections" with those on whom he spies. If he feels one, he steals p … [Read more...]

Deep questions on a December snow day

Why do the same Christmas decorations that look so festive in mid-December look so tacky in mid-January? (And why do some Christmas decorations look tacky no matter when you plug them in and inflate them on your lawn?)When did the term "Thundersnow" start getting used by TV meteorologists?Does anyone else find the breathless reporting about how much people do (or don't) spend on Black Friday - and throughout the "Holiday Shopping Season" - seem a little like examining someone else's navel lint … [Read more...]

Not the usual carol

Here's a different kind of Christmas song on which to meditate this Advent...Revelation 15 captures the worship of those who have endured through the torment unleashed on believers by the Christ-loathing beast. This beast, demanding unquestioning fealty, adoration and obedience from his followers, tried wringing worship from the Christ-ones. As God's final judgment is about to be poured out on the beast and his toxic followers, a song rises from the overcomers. Their song rises to their … [Read more...]

Let’s review

Shortly after I began homeschooling in 1992, I responded to a "help wanted" note I found at an  online homeschool message board I frequented. The editor of this magazine was looking for curriculum reviewers. I tossed my hat in the ring, and ended up reviewing language arts and social studies curriculum for the magazine for most of the years I homeschooled my kids. It was so much fun to get a box full of educational surprises. I guinea-pigged some of the stuff on my own kids, and simply evaluated … [Read more...]