Praying for revival

Yesterday, we attended the quarterly "When We Pray" county-wide concert of prayer. Each time it's held, the 4-hour Saturday morning even is housed in a different evangelical church building throughout Lake County, IL. There aren't many places where believers from a w-i-d-e variety of churches can come to intercede for the time and place in which we live. The gatherings are not characterized by truce-like ecumenism, but by a kingdom desire for John 17 -type unity.  Attendance over the last few ye … [Read more...]

Where are you, Holy Spirit?

If you have ever experienced the nearness of God in your life - heard His voice speak to you, experience His burning, overwhelming love, it threatens to "forever ruin you for the ordinary", to borrow a well-crafted phrase from a book title.  And when that Presence moves from you, even just a bit, it can be devastating, disorienting. Some of us become addicts, trying to somehow make that feeling happen again. And again. Charismatics are often known for chasing the feeling. Others among us find w … [Read more...]

Bad Hair (salon) Day

I trudged and slid through the slushy, ice-slicked parking lot of a local strip mall a few days ago. It felt so good when I first entered the warm salon, one of those thirteen buck, no-appointment places. When you have hair like mine, you just need someone with a sharp pair of hedgclippers or a small chainsaw to tame the mane every few weeks. The stylist nearest the door laid her scissors onto her table and walked to the counter to greet me. "About how long for a haircut?" I asked. She glanced a … [Read more...]

Makin’ A List

I've been attending church services for over 30 years. Here's a list of the books of the Bible - and a few front-burner topics I've never heard preached in any substantive way. Some of them might surprise you:LeviticusNumbers1-2 Kings, 1-2 ChroniclesPsalmsJobEcclesiastesLamentationsObadiahMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachiHebrewsJudeTurning The Other CheekThe Dignity Of WorkBirth ControlLiving As ExilesBalancing Theologies of Suffering and HealingHere are a few books and topics … [Read more...]

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Not exactly a resolution, this post captures my longings for 2009...and 2015, for that matter...Click right here to read it.  … [Read more...]

What does surrender look like?

I'm re-reading Elizabeth Goudge's The Dean's Watch, a Christmastime treat to myself. (Ignore the lame dustjacket cover at left. The book is wayyyy better than the picture would ever lead you to believe.)  Take a few moments to enjoy her beautiful description of a life completely surrendered to God:      "...she took a vow to love. Millions before her had taken the same simple vow but she was different from the majority because she kept her vow, kept it even after she had discovered the cost of si … [Read more...]

I’m dreaming of…

"Why would God waste 8 hours of each day?" I once heard a conference speaker ask his audience. "If we serve a God who communicates with us, why would He remain silent at night while we sleep?" This Advent, I have been amazed at the way God told His story to those who were willing to hear Him in dreams and visitations. Those with hearing eyes and seeing ears.   Yosef ben-Yaacov had always known God spoke in dreams to both His friends and to those who opposed Him. And then Yosef himself saw and he … [Read more...]