Up North Tour Guide?

When we first moved to Wisconsin in 1995, we had no idea how deep the pull of "up north" had on the psyche of the entire state. People didn't have to say the name of a place. They'd just get a misty look in their eyes and say things like "We're going up north this weekend" or "I'm heading up north to hunt as soon as I'm off of work Friday." Only happy things apparently seem to everyone who headed "up north". It had the aura of a giant clubhouse where only those who'd been grandfathered in by … [Read more...]

Twofer book reviews

It's been a while since I've posted a book review. I'm typically a blazing-fast reader, and finished one of the two books I'll be reviewing today in a couple of nights. But N.D. Wilson's Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl forced me to suspend my Evelyn Wood-style speed-reading habits in favor of the kind of slow savor I reserve for stunning, poetic writing. I don't downshift into first gear very often as a reader. Wilson's arresting, lyrical prose left me no other option.Wilson's artful exploration of … [Read more...]

Primary-colored promises

I admit it. I love the sight of school supplies making their yearly center-stage appearance. Blank pages and unsharpened pencils await their call to duty for everything from the circle-stick-hook of a wobbly first ABC on through spelling tests, crush notes, algebra equations and first-day essays that always begin, "I spent my summer vacation..."School supplies are primary-colored promises: something magical will happen if I open a box of brand-new crayons. I even wrote about my yearly Crayola … [Read more...]

What’s a nice Jewish girl…?

Though I felt like I washed ashore schlepping my meager possessions and broken heart on the door step of our church a couple of years ago, more refugee than pilgrim, I am hardly alone."One of the more interesting of many religious movements taking place in this country today is the quiet movement of many evangelical leaders...away from evangelical churches to more historical and liturgical expressions of faith. Billy Graham was a counder of Christianity Today magazine, but today many of its … [Read more...]

Michelle’s bookmobile

Does anyone else remember the bookmobile coming to their neighborhood on a steamy summer day? Even though the vehicle reminded me of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, I loved the idea of a library-on-wheels, parking two blocks from my house. How did they know that this 8 year-old reading addict needed a regular fix throughout the long summer months? Most kids wanted to play in the street until late at night. I wanted to mainline biographies of Helen Keller and Mark Twain. W-A-T-E-R, indeed.No … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Charismatic movement?

I've been a Christ-follower since my mid-teens. About half of that time has been spent in Charismatic churches. I've seen signs, wonders, deliverances, fakers, spiritual abusers and epic moral flame-outs, sometimes all at the same church service. I've lived through the second wave and the third. In the West, the recent years have been characterized by some headline-grabbing Charismatic charlatans whose claim to 15-minute fame usually came because they misused or manufactured power gifts, gave … [Read more...]

I can’t get this image out of my mind

I saw this image on the Jesus Creed blog a few days ago, and I can't get it out of my mind. I don't think I'm meant to.Please pray for true justice for the people of Iran. Pray for the church in Iran during this time of upheaval. … [Read more...]