Why don’t you look into Jesus? He’s got the answer

Rest in peace, Larry Norman.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TliWDSLrYb8Click on the above link for some vintage footage. … [Read more...]

Back in the saddle in my PJ’s

I am facing the most intense writing deadline I've encountered in about a year. This means that I go to my default "backed into a corner" writer's mode for a short amount of time. Whoever said a writer's life is glamorous outghta come over here and see how its done in real life. On second thought, don't come over here until after 1 or so. That's usually when I get around to brushing and flossing my teeth. Let me give you a sample of what comes before and after that big highlight of the day when … [Read more...]

Tests are fun! (Aren’t they?)

When I was in third grade, before I took my first Iowa Basic test, I remember my teacher giving us a pep talk about the test. Besides the instructions about using our sharpened number two pencils to completely color the A, B, C or D circles, and erasing completely if we decided to change our answer, I'll always remember her telling us that tests were fun. I bought her pitch - hook, line and sinker. I loved standardized tests, and though I was never a brilliant student (hated sitting in class), I … [Read more...]

Read this

There is so much I could say about this post:http://branthansen.typepad.com/letters_from_kamp_krusty/2008/02/kumar-sits-in-t.html#commentsBut additional words are unnecessary. Go on wit ya. Read it. … [Read more...]

A modest proposal for pastors

"How many you running at your church?" The first time I heard one pastor ask another pastor that question, I remember my first reaction was instant nausea. My brain started deconstructing the question, which quelled my queasiness a bit, but only because I found a way to distract myself from the topic at hand. It also helped me keep my trap clamped shut, since I had been a peripheral part of the conversation.I've heard lots of variations on this question over the years, and I've even asked it … [Read more...]

A Lenten Throwdown

My one of my favorite pit stops on the info superhighway is Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed Blog. (Can I see a show of hands? You too, right?) Thoughtful theological/eccelsiological/coffee/sports/Crocs discussion, emceed by a truly kind person. Since today is day 1 of that 40 days of purpose leading into resurrection day - better known as Lent - I thought I'd share one simple and heart-breaking (in the best way possible!) suggestion to consider as so many who are a part of the church take stock of … [Read more...]

Scissors, skinny old cats and random requests

My coffee table is covered with pictures of monkeys, goats, a spaceship, a glued-together horse and carrot and a lot of confetti-like pieces of paper. My grandson Gabriel was here today. It occurred to me the last time I was at Target that he'd never been properly introduced to the pre-schoolers' friend: a scissors. It was big fun to help him learn how to cut today, and he was so into it that he didn't even ask to watch (and watch and watch and watch) a Thomas The Train video for nearly 45 … [Read more...]