Solar Eclipse May 9 2013

The New Moon is exact at 19 degrees 32 minutes of Taurus on May 9 in the US (5:30 pm West Coast, 8:30 pm East Coast) and on May 10 at 1:30 am in the UK, 10:30 am East Coast Australia. It occurs with a Solar Eclipse that begins two hours before the exactitude of [Read More…]

Lunar Eclipse April 25 2013

As eclipses go, in astronomical terms this is a short (27 minutes) and minor (covering only a sliver of the Moon) version. But still, to astrologers, eclipses rank highly as indicators of disturbance and change, so we pay it due attention. Especially when the chart is strong, as it is this time, with either end [Read More…]

Lunar Eclipse November 28 2012

Eclipse Facts The Lunar Eclipse of November 28 2012 occurs between 12:14 UT and 16:40 UT, strongest at 14:32 (For West Coast US -8 hours, E Coast -5 hours, Europe + 1 hour, E. Australia +11 hours). It is a penumbral eclipse, meaning that the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra, which is the outside area [Read More…]

Total Solar Eclipse November 2012

This Total Solar Eclipse is a Southern Hemisphere event, visible from Northern Australia across to South America. I’m in Sydney at the moment, and as I write, eclipse enthusiasts are piling up camper vans and cars and driving the long haul up to Cairns to witness it. Everyone should see a Solar Eclipse at least once in [Read More…]