The Language of Power and the Language of Care

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  A new edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary appeared in 2007. New editions add some words and subtract others. This time the pattern in both deletions and additions  was troubling. And not just for Pagans.The big losers were words about religion and nature. The 2007 dictionary dropped words such as ‘acorn’, ‘beaver’, ‘colt’, ‘dandelion’, ‘doe’, ‘ferret’, ‘goldfish’, ‘hamster’, ‘ivy’, ‘pasture’, ‘sycamore’, ‘violet’, and ‘willow’. The trend continued in the 2012 edition with ‘cauliflower’ … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2013

Gus diZerega

Today is Earth Day.Established by Senator Gaylord Nelson and some college students back in 1970, Earth Day records and honors a moment when many Americans decided to honor their home and make a personal commitment to protect it. At its root, Earth Day encourages a shift away from the ideal of domination to one of care-taking.Earth Day offers an alternative vision to the religious and secular insanity that sees our proper role as lords and masters of “creation.” It is one of the finest leg … [Read more...]