If Thought Forms Exist, What Can We Do About Them?

Gus diZerega

I have tried to make the case that ideas are more important than we usually acknowledge. They are more than just fleeting flights of subjectivity that pass through our minds and are gone.  Thought forms are ideas on steroids.They are also our creations, though I suspect they have other sources as well.Thought forms are dependent on the people who generate the mental energy empowering them.  Good or bad, they are expressions of human creativity. Take away our energy and focus, and they w … [Read more...]

Thought Forms and the American Crisis: Esoteric Insights

Gus diZerega

If Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker can become thought forms able to influence a sensitive medium, human history becomes a great deal more complicated.The idea of a thought form holds that we create and empower psychic energy by molding it through disciplined focused attention.  The literary thought form concept suggests something similar can arise from less disciplined, less focused attention by many people over a prolonged period.  This would be particularly likely if the center of focus c … [Read more...]

Looking Back on the Election: A Pagan Perspective

Gus diZerega

Editor's note: To give Gus more posting flexibility, we've moved Pointedly Pagan to a new format! Please update your RSS feeds, or subscribe via e-mail (link on the right-hand sidebar). And now, here's Gus...Having enthusiastically urged Pagans to vote a straight Democratic ticket in every case where Republicans were competitive, it is fitting I describe how I think the election's outcome affects our community. I think it will be profoundly for the good.My book on the culture war and … [Read more...]