Wounded Healers


Two smaller "indie" films are getting vastly different treatment this awards season. The first, Enough Said, is being praised for Julia Louis-Dreyfus' career highlighting performance, and rightfully so. The other, Short Term 12, features an even more impressive performance by its female lead, Brie Larson, but has been virtually ignored in major award conversations, which is all the more puzzling because, as a whole, it's one of the best films released last year. It certainly would have made our " … [Read more...]

What Is It with Gay Men and ‘Carrie?’


One of the joys of living with a partner who was born and raised in another country is seeing American pop culture again for the first time through his eyes. One night, Fred and I were watching Another Gay Movie, Todd Stephens’ bawdy gay male take on teen sex comedies. Determined to train Fred in the subtle art of camp, I carefully explained the film’s references to Mommie Dearest and Airport 1975.At one point in the movie, there’s an extended riff on Carrie. Although I had seen the film, I … [Read more...]

Teorema: God Will Save You from Your Dull Middle-Class Existence

Teorema 3

At a dive bar in New Orleans this past January, Ryan and I got together to discuss possibilities for PopTheology.com for the coming year. As the drinks flowed freely and we watched my beloved Bengals blow another playoff game, our bar napkins filled up with penned ideas. Maybe it was my mounting gloom at the outcome of the game, or the effect of cheap booze on a cold winter’s day, but the best idea we could come up with was “outlaw directors.”“Great!” Ryan said, “but what’s an outlaw director … [Read more...]

Total Recall: Remembering It Wholesale

A few weeks ago, I went to see the Colin Ferrell Total Recall remake (directed by Len Wiseman)  and was struck by a comment from another audience member while the movie started: “I remember coming to see this when Arnold was in it.” The audience member was two rows behind me and, sadly, this would not be his last audible statement during the movie. The commentary pretty much went on non-stop for the next hour and a half.But what a comment to begin a movie about memory and identity! Who would ha … [Read more...]

Cecil B. DeMille and Roy's Rock

In 1958, Malcolm Boyd, an Episcopal priest and former Hollywood writer, soon to be known as author of the bestselling prayer book Are You Running with Me, Jesus? offered a contemporary assessment of 1950’s biblical epics. In Christ and Celebrity Gods: the Church in Mass Culture, he called the films “orgiastic, lengthy, overwhelming spectacles that have as little relation to ‘religion’ as orange juice stands have to a cocktail bar.” He went on to lament the genre’s “wildly imaginative excursions o … [Read more...]

The Heroine's Journey: Richard's Pan's Labyrinth Paper Finally Gets Published

Richard here. After six years of developing and submitting (and re-submitting, and re-submitting) a paper on the menstrual themes in Pan's Labyrinth, I finally have my first published, peer-reviewed paper. Here's the link to the Journal of Religion and Film, along with illustrations of certain key concepts. … [Read more...]

The Ten Commandments of 1923: The Exodus, Take One

Richard here. Adding some more wisdom culled from the notes of my dissertation, here's the account of Cecil B. DeMille's first foray into biblical film, his 1923 silent version of The Ten Commandments. … [Read more...]

The First Great Ben-Hur

Richard here. PopTheology.com benefits from the fruits of my dissertation labor. Not everything could have fit into the final draft. So here's some background on one of the great silent epics, Fred Niblo's 1925 film, Ben-Hur. … [Read more...]