Cross+Roads Faith and Film Renewal: “Aloft” Review


The old adage about desperate times calling for desperate measures is at the center of Aloft (written and directed by Academy Award nominated Claudia Llosa), a film about the relationship between faith and fear and the consequences of that desperation. … [Read more...]

Cross Roads Faith And Film Renewal: Cannes Review of “Filosofi Kopi”

kopi 6

For some people, coffee is simply a carrier of caffeine that fuels a dulled mind and a tired body. To Coffee-philes, it's much more than that: it is one of the great joys of life. Filosofi Kopi is a film brewed for the latter group, though in reality, the message can be generalized for the masses as we all have some interest, hobby, or passion that generates joy and meaning in our life. For some it's coffee, for others wine, for others, still, it's cinema. The fact that for one person coffee is a … [Read more...]

‘Montage of Heck’: A Gospel of Kurt Cobain

Cobain Wings 1

Last year I got a chance to see and review Seattle’s Experience Music Project’s exhibit on Kurt Cobain and the grunge era. The occasions for the exhibit were the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death and Nirvana’s induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.Now director Brett Morgen has added further to the Nirvaniana with a documentary on Cobain’s life, Montage of Heck. The film debuted at Sundance this year and had a limited theater release before being broadcast on HBO May 4th . It is now ava … [Read more...]

Cross Roads: Faith and Renewal, Getting Lost in Cannes


Upon my first full day in the town of Cannes, France, I was reminded of a truth I often forget, sometimes it's good to get lost. The day following my 29 hour trip to this sublime town, and after a long night of sleep followed by a couple of naps, I set out to explore the area. The first thing I found was of course the Palais Des Festivals, the home of the famous Cannes Film Festival and soon to be my home for ten days. … [Read more...]

The Multiple Meanings of “Pride”

Pride film still

The British coal miner’s strike of 1984-85 has been fodder for several small but scrappy films in the last twenty years, including Brassed Off (1996), Billy Elliott (2000)  and the steel-industry based but still scrappy The Full Monty (1997).Joining this award-winning lineup is Pride (2014), which won a BAFTA and the heretofore unheard-of “Queer Palm” at Cannes, and is now out on DVD and streaming video on demand.What’s fascinating about these four films is that although they seem to be a … [Read more...]

Cross Roads: Faith and Film Renewal, Tribeca Overview


Faith and film pilgrim and new Pop Theology contributor Kenny Dickson gives us an overview of a selection of films at this year's Tribeca Film Festival that take oppression and individuals' efforts to break free as their central themes.  … [Read more...]

Cross Roads: Faith and Film Renewal, Day 1


We're excited to welcome a new contributor to Pop Theology. A good friend and colleague, Kenny Dickson is pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Farmers Branch, TX (Dallas) and lover of all things film. He's just begun a sabbatical which will include trips to both Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals and a pilgrimage, of sorts, to some of the great film sites in Europe. We're lucky to have him chronicling his journey with us here at Pop Theology and the larger Patheos community. His first post … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Ex Machina


Alex Garland's Ex Machina, his first as writer and director, proves that you don't need eight-figure budgets to make a smart, thrilling sci-fi film, although seamless CGI still helps.  … [Read more...]