Pitch Your Way to $1M

I've seen Disney's upcoming baseball film, Million Dollar Arm, twice now and will write more on it's spiritual/religious themes closer to the release date. For now, I thought I'd share the latest news around the film. Check out details on Disney's/Subway's $1M pitching competition after the jump. … [Read more...]

The New Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer is Here!

Check out the final official trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2 releasing on May 2. With Chronicle's Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx as Electro, and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino, this is one of the more promising entries in the franchise. On top of a strong cast, the narrative seems to be built around more mystery and intrigue than previous installments. Should be fun. … [Read more...]

SXSW 2014: Part 2

The second half of my first SXSW experience was marked by two productive meetings for my new job at Aspiration Media. I finished off the festival with a flurry of movie-going, seeing films that stretched from the absurd to the sublime.  … [Read more...]

SXSW Film: The First Half

It’s my first time to SXSW, so I quickly learned what a fool I was for planning on seeing so many films in one week, what with all the parties and meetings that emerge from those parties. On top of that, seeing each movie requires standing in line for at least an hour. As a result, I'm still seeing around two movies a day.  … [Read more...]

A Conversation with the Stars of Black Nativity

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my very first press junket, a typical Hollywood affair in which a bunch of journalists and bloggers are herded through luxury hotel rooms and suites to interview directors, producers, and actors affiliated with an upcoming film. The film of the hour was Black Nativity, which releases today. Lucky for me, the film stars none other than Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese Gibson, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and Jacob Lattimore. These larger-than-life stars … [Read more...]

“Catching Fire” premiere pays tribute to personal heroes

Pop Theology contributor Steve Sudeth attended Monday night's red carpet premier of the new Hunger Games film, Catching Fire. Read on for his review of the night. Check back later this week for our review of the film. … [Read more...]

A Millennial Mainline Resurgence Is Just Around the Corner!

An interesting article by reformist evangelical and author Rachel Held Evans has been making the rounds on blog posts and Facebook. Evans speaks about her experience as a consultant to evangelical churches that are wondering why Millennials are leaving organized religion.Evans rolls her eyes at churches that think they can win back Millennials with "hipper worship bands," "pastors in skinny jeans," and "an updated Web site that includes online giving."  A lot of her suggestions for churches … [Read more...]

The New Oldboy Trailer is Here!! The New Oldboy Trailer is Here!!

I don't know that I've ever been more excited to see an upcoming film for which I have such low expectations. Such is the case with Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy, one of my favorite films of all time. It's one of the more disturbing revenge fantasies you're likely to see, and it will be virtually impossible for James Brolin to surpass Choi Min-sik's unforgettable performance. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued to see Lee et al's take on it and hope to be pleasantly surprised. Check out … [Read more...]