Laughter in the Face of Fear

Things around here at Pop Theology have been fairly quiet over the last few weeks. With my on-going world tour and Richard's recent migration to Cajun country, pop culture theological reflection has been on a back burner of sorts. However, I am currently in one place for the rest of the month and am hoping to do a bit of pop culture catch up. To that end, I somewhat belatedly encountered a quite moving, news-making comedy performance, Tig Notaro's standup set that has comedians and commentators … [Read more...]

Pop Goes the Temple

About 13 km south of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, you can visit Wat Rong Khun, aka the White Temple. It is one of the most striking religious sites in the country and possibly the world. Here the sacred and the secular meet in mind-boggling fashion. … [Read more...]

Dude, You Are Totally Into Religion

Maybe you’ve heard about it in the traditional media or stumbled on it on YouTube, but one of the hottest viral videos on the ‘Net today is a sermon, delivered in hip-hop/spoken word style by 22 year-old Jefferson Bethke. … [Read more...]

Looking Forward from E3

I fancy myself a bit of a gamer. Here on our world tour, I've allowed myself a PS Vita as my luxury item. It's helped feed the addiction in between sight-seeing and eating/drinking. I check the game sights every few days to keep up with the latest news, releases and reviews. But in my most significant Geek Out moment of the journey, I tuned into the live stream of Sony's and Nintendo's E3 press conference and watched replays of Microsoft's and a handful of game developers. Along with getting … [Read more...]

God, Godiva and Lady Gaga: A Spirituality for Lent

My good friend Andrew Daugherty, Minister of Faith Formation at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, shares his sermon from the first Sunday of Lent last weekend. It's a beautiful message that is uplifting, encouraging, and an important reminder of who we are and how we might move through this season of Lent. Please take a few minutes to read it or to listen to it by following the link after the jump. Blessings. … [Read more...]

Lennon's Twitterers #Fail to Give Peace a Chance

Richard Lindsay here: On New Years Eve, Cee-Lo Green made the mistake of crossing the aging hippy followers of John Lennon. The worst instincts of the Internet trolls were unleashed.  … [Read more...]

Hitchens Gets What's Coming to Him

Richard Lindsay shares his reflections on the death (and life) of Christopher Hitchens, the power of words, and the love of God. More after the jump. … [Read more...]

Joss Whedon Call for Papers

Attention all Firefly, Buffy, X-Men, and all things geek lovers out there! I am co-editing a (hopefully) forthcoming collection of essays on Joss Whedon and Theology. More information after the jump. … [Read more...]