Book Review: APOSTLE

Tom Bissell's book, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, is not only one of the best books written about video games, it's one of my favorite works of nonfiction. So when I saw that Bissell had turned his attention and wit to the apostles, I couldn't wait to read the results. It's as insightful, biting, and funny as I had hoped it would be. … [Read more...]


Looking at a few new issues of some series we really like right now, Renato Jones: The One %, The Fix, and House of Penance. They range from comedy to horror but tackle some heavy themes like economic injustice, greed, revenge, guilt, and celebrity culture. Read on for quick takes. … [Read more...]

A Summer of Comics Reboots and Rebirths

Benjamin Drew Griffin surveys the superhero comics' summer landscape and the reboots and rebirths that have just begun. More after the jump. … [Read more...]

Book Review: GOD IN MY HEAD

God in My Head: The True Story of an Ex-Christian Who Accidentally Met God by Joshua Steven Grisetti is a new Patheos book club book. I confess, when I started reading it, I almost put it down after a few pages. I've got a stack of books I'm anxious to get to, and somebody's story about having a conversation with God during a drug-fueled trip to the dentist wasn't the most compelling of the lot. But a funny thing happened as I continued to read, the book grew on me, and I began to appreciate … [Read more...]


We had to wait a while for the latest issue of The Goddamned, one of my favorite series running. The wait, again, was worth it as Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra manage to keep the storytelling and rich theological/spiritual themes at a high level. … [Read more...]

What Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Says about the Church

Susanna Clarke’s fantasy novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell begins in a peculiar place for a story about magic. As it commences in 1806, magic has ceased to be done in England for 300 years. There are magicians, but they meet in societies and discuss magic. They are theoretical magicians, not practical magicians. And in fact the doing of magic has become a bit disrespectable—associated with parlor tricks and fortune-telling done by grimy street performers. Thus, the “Learned Society of York … [Read more...]

Comics Review: CLEAN ROOM #1-6

I rarely put warning labels on reviews, but the new Vertigo series, Clean Room, deserves one. This is one of the most messed up series I've ever read, but I'm loving it. It's not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, but if you're up to a challenge, it can be an entertaining one. … [Read more...]

THE LONEY Book Review

Andrew Michael Hurley’s first novel, The Loney is an unforgettable experience. With elements of Gothic horror, it's a haunting one too. But that doesn’t mean it should be pigeonholed into a specific genre, because it's narrative transcends any of those constraints. Part thriller, part horror, part family drama, it's also a rich reflection on the nature of faith and (dis)belief, and the lengths to which both will drive the faithful and the unfaithful alike. … [Read more...]