Book Review: ON PURPOSE

As election season trudges on and troubling laws are passed in places like Mississippi and North Carolina on a weekly basis, few books are as timely and necessary as Paul Froese’s On Purpose: How We Create the Meaning of Life. … [Read more...]


Two new series kick off today that are worth checking out...and are somewhat loosely related...Marvel's latest installment of Black Panther and Image Comics' The Fix. Black Panther boasts a new writer to the medium who writes extensively on issues of race and power, while The Fix is is a funny, and frequently disturbing, take on police corruption and abuses of power. Read on for more. … [Read more...]

Apocalypses Grand and Intimate: A Review of STATION ELEVEN

As big of a fan as I am of the post-apocalyptic genre (films, TV series, and novels), beautiful isn't the first word I'd use to describe many of these texts. But it's the first word I mumbled to myself as I finished Emily St. John Mandel's novel, Station Eleven. … [Read more...]


With The Vegetarian, readers have found in Han Kang a writer of immense talent. From the basis of one character's small, private decision, she wove a haunting narrative that is as beautiful as it is frightening and as political as it is personal. For Human Acts, her next book available in English (and as with The Vegetarian, also translated by Deborah Smith), Kang starts with a monumental, national event (though one likely unfamiliar to most Western readers), the Gwangju Uprising. Here, Kang p … [Read more...]

From Holiness to Horror: A Review of THE VEGETARIAN

The foundational event in Han Kang's thrilling novel, The Vegetarian, doesn't sound like the grounds from which a great book would emerge. Yet Kang's brilliance as a writer lies in her ability to weave a gripping, horrific narrative from the most innocuous of choices. … [Read more...]

“Children of Eden:” THE GODDAMNED, Issue 3

It's been a bit longer of a wait for the latest issue of The Goddamned, but the wait, thankfully, is worth it. The third issue, "Children of Eden," releases today and it doesn't disappoint...well, another thrilling cliffhanger aside. … [Read more...]

“The Beasts of the Field:” THE GODDAMNED, Issue 2

I recently reviewed Terry Lindvall’s latest book, God Mocks, a central theme of which is that if we want to hear the prophetic word of God, we better look and listen in the most unlikely of places. Last month’s release of the first issue of The Goddamned by Jason Aaron and r. m. Guéra bore this out as well. The second issue , “The Beasts of the Field,” only raises the bar. … [Read more...]


Back in 2010, I reviewed the graphic novel, A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, a beautiful and challenging recounting of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on that city. I sad that the graphic novel might be the most fitting medium through which to examine those events because it lets us linger on and contemplate at greater length the images of loss and brokenness, while news, film, or television footage rushes over them. In that similar vein, graphic novels might be an ideal medium to … [Read more...]