#KillerSerials: 2016 Emmys

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker, as PhDs are want to do, belatedly discuss this year's Emmys, what they say about pop culture, what we think about the winners, and what our next Killer Serial will be. … [Read more...]


Tony Jones and Ryan Parker welcome John Bucher to the podcast to talk all things STRANGER THINGS. They look back on the entire first season, talk about where the second season might go, the series' themes of sacrifice (self and otherwise), and whether or not Eleven is a Messiah figure and the boys are her disciples. Listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: LAST CHANCE U

After an August break, Killer Serials is back with an episode on the hit documentary series of the summer, Netflix's Last Chance U. Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the power of football in America and higher education, different ways of teaching and learning, and the cast of characters that enrich the series. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “Finish the Song” and “Call and Response”

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the final two episodes of Preacher on AMC. They talk about conversations with God, cowboys in hell, and the role of materialist theology. Take a listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “El Valero”

This week, Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the latest episode of PREACHER on AMC TV, Odin's spiritual & theological crises, the last stand at the Alamo, and Jesse's willingness to sacrifice his power for Eugene. Take a listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “He Gone”

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss this week's episode of PREACHER on AMC, the role of Cassidy as moral conscience, the brilliance of Ruth Negga (be sure to check out the trailer for LOVING), and what the hell Quincannon's up to. Take a listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “Monster Swamp,” “The South Will Rise Again,” & “Sundowner”

After a brief hiatus due to travels, tragedies, and holidays, Tony Jones and Ryan Parker are back to discuss the last three episodes of Preacher on AMC. In this episode, they discuss the nature of Genesis and its effect on Jesse, the loss of humility as a preacher's downfall, and Eugene's insight into guilt, forgiveness, and penance. Take a listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

BLOODLINE, Season 2: Confession and the Pasts that Haunt

In my reflections on the first season of Bloodline, I highlighted themes of unresolved grief, guilt, and the desire for revenge. I also argued that Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), the black sheep of the Rayburn family, functioned equally well as a ghost that haunted the family and a sacrificial lamb on which the family projected their fears and failings as he did an actual real, living character. While the second season "corrects" some of my misreadings of Danny's intentions on returning home in the f … [Read more...]