#KILLERSERIALS: The People v OJ Simpson, Ep. 1


After the jump, follow the links to the inaugural episode of the Killer Serials podcast in which Tony Jones and I discuss the first episode of American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson. … [Read more...]

THE LEFTOVERS (Season 2) and The Arbitrariness of Life


In his list of the best TV series of 2015, Tim Goodman, TV critic for The Hollywood Reporter, listed The Leftovers as the second best series behind Fargo. On a standard Top 10 list, this would have been a lofty rating, but with 46 shows (!) on his list, it’s even higher praise. That Goodman confesses to leaving 15 shows off the list is further proof that we’re in, as he calls it, the platinum age of television. Like Goodman, Fargo and The Leftovers were, by far, my favorite series of the year (an … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 6


The last episode of Nat Geo's Breakthrough aired last night, and, well, it's a cause for concern. Tony Jones and I discuss the water crisis and the possibilities of drinking poop water. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 5


Nat Geo's new series, Breakthrough, highlights scientists working on the cutting edge of research in biomechanics, aging, the brain, diseases, and, as of last night, energy. Human limitations have been a central theme of every episode, and they are in this week's episode, "Energy on the Edge." Tony Jones and I discuss below. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Jessica Jones, Eps. 7-13


Like me and thousands of other fans, you probably binged or finished binging Netflix's fantastic new series, Jessica Jones, over the Thanksgiving weekend. I wrote briefly about the first few episodes last week and highlighted some of the elements that made it a promising series. Those strengths persisted through the first season finale and introduced several other contemporary themes. While it's a deeply satisfying series, there are a couple of moments that gave me pause. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 4


After a week off, Nat Geo's Breakthrough was back last night with a look at the cutting-edge scientists working to make aging better for us all. But is this necessarily a good or right thing? Tony Jones and I discuss below. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Jessica Jones, S1 Eps. 1-6


Marvel might be best known for their summer tent pole blockbusters, but they're proving that their real strength lies in more intimate, long-form series like Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the new series that released Friday. Although more "super-powered" in nature, Agents of S.H.I.E.D. has hit some strong notes in its third season. The action of those bigger blockbusters forms a distant background for more complex, engrossing character studies. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 3 “Decoding the Brain”


Tony Jones and I dig into the third episode of Breakthrough, which continues to ask questions about what it means to be human and the role of memories and remembering in shaping our identities.  … [Read more...]