Favorite Songs of 2013: Part 2

“With you it’s always Nick Cave and David Bowie…”-       Dave Lemley (@lemdavely) Guilty as charged.  When putting together the five most spiritually significant songs this year, I’m always going to start with St. Cave and the Thin White Duke.  Push the Sky Away is a slow burn of an album that is pregnant with sacred themes which I have spent most of the year digging into and Bowie's The Next Day talks a ton about coming to grips with the world passing by.Overall, pop music s … [Read more...]

Overlooked Christmas Albums

Looking for something outside of your normal Christmas playlist?Every year we get new holiday albums that vie for the coveted spots along side Mariah Carey and Nat King Cole as Christmas classics.  This year is no different with offerings from Kelly Clarckson, Mary J Blidge and Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.  With so many options on the market most holiday music gets discarded or replaced by whatever the newest version happens to be.  What I wanted to do was to give you a list … [Read more...]

Review: Prism by Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Prism lacks in creativity but has moments of profound self actualization. In between forgettable pop grooves and cliche lyrics, Katy speaks from a place of relational experience that shows a level of responsibility and honesty not often found among her peers.Musically, there is nothing to get excited about. Overly polished tracks with layers upon layers of vocals makes this music perfect for the stadium tour that is soon to follow but ultimately uninteresting. What does make … [Read more...]