Knit-wit and New Year’s Resolution

A friend, Max, shared a story from 2011 of a campaign, after an oil spill near New Zeeland, to knit adorable little sweaters for penguins. The sweaters kept the penguins from preening the deadly slime from their feathers until the birds could be washed by cleanup crews. October 2011

His sharing of that charitable act of knitting reminded me of another. It is knitting (or crocheting) sweaters for kids started years ago through Guideposts and is now a part of World Vision . I’ve loved doing this and may just start knitting for them again this year. The patterns are super simple and can be enhanced by an advanced crafter…like this pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. (Sorry for not being able to imbed links…there’s something wrong with this feature today. Just copy and paste the link addresses.)

So, if you’re still pondering a New Year’s resolution–one that doesn’t involve modification of nutritional intake–then consider this. Knit or crochet a kids sweater, or if you’re not a needle worker collaborate with someone who is and buy them yarn.

Its a good thing…and works well for Lent too!

For knitters, start here:

Want to crochet? Start here:$file/Crochet_Pattern.pdf

The Facebook page is



You can find World Vision at:



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  • joannemcportland

    Great idea to sponsor by buying yarn! I never learned to knit, and my one attempt to learn crochet resulted in the world’s longest, narrowest afghan–I never learned to turn a row. I think that this project is a great way for those who are alone to create a spiritual connection with children, by knitting a hug and a prayer into each sweater.

    • Margaret Rose Realy

      You betcha, Joanne! And I also sew receiving blankets for the local women’s shelter. When gathering with others for these types of projects I’ve often encouraged the ladies to pray into the cloth–because prayers never wash out.

  • Bridget N

    Thank you so much for posting the crochet pattern link! I had looked at the knit pattern link on Max’s page but hadn’t thought to search for a crochet one. His thread actually spurred me to search for any charities or organizations that could use scarves…I can crochet a mean scarf because it’s just a pretty rectangle, right? :). Anyway, even if I only manage to make one sweater, thank you for the motivation!

    • Margaret Rose Realy

      Wonderful Bridget! Check out other charitable knitting/crocheting sites. There are a lot who accept hats, scarves, and mittens.