Google Bans Pro-life Ads

I usually don’t post things not of gardens. But gardens are about life and this isn’t.

WORLD reports:

Google goaded into purging pro-life ads: Popular search engine allegedly removes ‘deceptive’ pregnancy center ads at pro-abortion group’s prompting

NARAL Pro-Choice America has been pecking at Google to remove “deceptive” advertisements placed by crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) for months. On Monday, the abortion-rights group trumpeted victory: Google has apparently plucked from its search results more than two-thirds of ads placed by CPCs for allegedly violating its policy against “misleading, inaccurate, and deceitful ads” that “hurt everyone.”

NARAL President Ilyse Hogue called the ads a “deliberate misinformation campaign” and “manipulation” targeting women who are searching online for abortion services and resources. The Washington Post reported that an analysis by NARAL discovered 79 percent of CPC ads “indicated that they provided medical services such as abortions, when, in fact, they are focused on counseling services and on providing information about alternatives to abortion.” NARAL representatives did not respond to my request for an interview.

NARAL’s claims make it sound like the majority of CPC ads tell bare-face lies about their services and pretend to offer abortions. Clearly, many readers who commented on the Washington Post article got that impression, too. But none of the examples of “deceptive ads” highlighted on NARAL’s own website actually claims to provide abortion. One ad that popped up for the word search “abortion clinics hartford ct” had the headline “Abortion Information—Is it safe? How much does it cost?”

NARAL’s main beef is the very existence of crisis pregnancy centers—a fact the group doesn’t attempt to hide. NARAL resorts to vicious name-calling when referring to CPCs, using labels like “fake clinics” and “predators.”

Although Google is the first search engine to knuckle under to pressure from pro-abortion activists, it likely won’t be the last. Hogue told The Washington Post NARAL is encouraging other search engines to follow suit. Google’s main competitors are Yahoo! and Bing. Meanwhile, as part of its ongoing war against CPCs, the NARAL website provides a short quiz to “make sure you never accidentally visit” a CPC, and suggests posting negative reviews of CPCs on Yelp, a popular urban business rating and review site.

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