Angel Gowns for NICU Babies Gone Home to God

I’ve never been a mother, never had the courage for it. And courage is what it takes to bury an infant. The NICU Helping Hands program offers this amazing gift:

Angel Gown Program began in 2013 because we recognized the  overwhelming need to support families who lost a baby while in the hospital. Our Angel Gown Program provides comfort for families by providing a beautiful gown for final photos and for burial services. There is no greater gift that can be given to a grieving family than affirming the importance of the life of their child by offering this simple gift.

Sewn with love by volunteer seamstresses, donated wedding gowns are used to create beautiful gowns for families grieving the death of their child.

It is an honor for us to provide gowns free of charge to any family or hospital requesting our Angel Gown garments…

I cannot imagine a more perfect gift, or a more purposeful use of a wedding gown — poignant though it may be. Can you send them your gown?