A Way for the Weak and Sinful, Excerpt from Connie Rossini’s New Book


God gives us the grace of failure to teach us to rely only on him alone. Therese experienced this with her over-sensitive nature. She also had another experience of failure. When the Virgin of the Smile cured her of her illness in 1883, Therese made up her mind to keep the miracle a secret. Only [Read More...]

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Travelling Bouquet Bag, Practical Gardening Series


Sharing flowers from your garden is a joy for both you and the recipient. Here’s a handy way to transport those posies using a coffee bag! 1. Rinse well an emptied coffee bag. No need to use soap, coffee oils won’t hurt a thing. 2. That little vacuum button on the front? Sometimes they aren’t [Read More...]

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Making a Knot Rosary

Image from Junior Legion of Mary http://bit.ly/WxatWx

I had a small business called Rustic Rosaries and for several years strung beaded rosaries for use in nature. They were sturdy rosaries that could get dirty, and traveled well in garden aprons, beach bags, tackle and tool boxes. When the cost for gold and silver rose above what I could afford for crucifixes, I [Read More...]

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The Watson Chronicles, by Ann Margaret Lewis, A Book Review


I’ve lived a sheltered life in some ways. I had never read anything Sherlockian until I was nearly 60. And then Ann Margaret Lewis happened. Her first book, Murder in the Vatican, drew me in. I was eager for her second book, The Watson Chronicles: A Sherlock Holmes Novel in Stories, to be released—and was [Read More...]

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DUET, A Video Short


Master Disney Animator’s New Short Will Take Your Breath Away   A friend shared this and I thought it beautiful. You all know how much I love dance, and the sappy love of couples. [Read more...]

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What-Why-How #MyWritingProcess

pencil in hand cropped

The blogging about #MyWritingProcess appears to have begun in 2011. At least that’s as far back as the thread for this hash tag goes. It’s a wonderful insight about other writers and how they do what they do. It’s my turn to step into the pool and swim, thanks to Nancy Ward’s invitation.  What am [Read More...]

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Duckies and Kittens, Momma to Both


I’ve mentioned before…videos of puppies and kittens, meh. Give me duckies and I go all soft. This is pretty remarkable! [Read more...]

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Oceans and Drones


Genesis, Chapter 1, …on the forth day God created… And today Captain Dave films.   What more is there to say. “…and God saw it was good…”   [Read more...]

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Babies Drowning Prevention


Summer will be here in a few months. This, parents, do this for your child. Its a pro-life thing…   [Read more...]

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Cultivating God’s Garden through Lent


I’ll be having a book signing at The Catholic Shoppe, 104 N. Mechanic St., downtown Jackson, Michigan. Saturday Feb. 22nd, 12-3 p.m. Stop in and say hi!   [Read more...]

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