Angel Gowns for NICU Babies Gone Home to God


I’ve never been a mother, never had the courage for it. And courage is what it takes to bury an infant. The NICU Helping Hands program offers this amazing gift: Angel Gown Program began in 2013 because we recognized the  overwhelming need to support families who lost a baby while in the hospital. Our Angel Gown [Read More...]

Hauntingly Beautiful

Merendino Photograph

Angelo Merendino took these pictures of his wife as she battled breast cancer. They are a haunting and beautiful look into a journey that demands Christ. Rossalyn Warren shares Angelo’s images in memorial at Eternal rest, Jennifer. [Read more...]

Rubbish with Attitude

limb yellow leaves

I find November to be a transitional month—not quite past autumn and not yet winter. Skies are often filled with heavy dark-gray clouds that suddenly open into glorious sunlight, illuminating yellow leaves. The business of outdoor activities is ending, and the bustle of holiday celebrations is waiting to begin. This is the month when nature [Read More...]

Muddied Mobility

Maria and her mud.

Several weeks ago when I mentioned to the therapist about the discomfort I was experiencing in my arthritic back and legs when going for walks, he unsympathetically looked me straight in the eye and said “Independence is based on mobility.” He wasn’t being mean or disrespectful, but placed a truth squarely in front of me. [Read More...]

A Heavy Snow


I am eager to get out and walk the grounds at the retreat center with the garden society volunteers. This group of dedicated women and I have been together for many years. Ten years ago when I began the mission to create gardens of prayer and memorial on the campus, I had not anticipated a [Read More...]

Letting Go


When my friend, Linda, and I bought this house twenty-six years ago we had to literally dig out the basement with coal shovels. It looked like a hoarder lived downstairs. With the help of Linda’s family the basement was eventually cleared, scrubbed and white-washed. This January there was extensive (and expensive) work done in our unfinished basement. [Read More...]

Rummaging for Food


The large fox squirrel is gathering and burying a cache of nuts. Making short raspy barks, his tail twitches furiously. He sprints up and down, and then circles the black walnut tree’s trunk wanting to make sure I know how annoyed he is that I am in his territory. I mimic back his bark and [Read More...]