Doubt in the Family

Meeting at the Golden Gate Carpaccio

On the cover of the 2012 July issue of Magnificat is a painting of Anne and Joachim, Mary’s parents. In looking at this image it occurred to me that there may have been a lot of doubts in this nuclear family. The elderly Anne and Joachim were childless. Legend tells us that on one particular [Read More...]

Quote, Equus Passage 7/16


We are all on a journey, mine is as a Benedictine Oblate. Not until a friend, Elizabeth Scalia, said “Go, look here…” did I find this path to becoming more of who I am. The following quote sets well: A mature contemplative is far more simple than any child or any novice, because theirs is [Read More...]

Quote for Equus Passage 7/9

pendulum scale 2

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John Southard   This quote came by way of a friend, Terry Feuka. She is the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Resource Center Program Director and Media Specialist at St. Francis Retreat Center…and the best reference/library person ever! I’ve thrown [Read More...]



The foundational bricks of the statues had eroded like shale. Sheets had formed from freezing and thawing, and fallen away. An orange silt deposit had collected around their bases. It was a problem that needed resolution before the structure that held the twelve foot statues gave way. The St. Francis Garden Society raised the money [Read More...]

Rain Moving Through


Tuesday before sunrise the intense heat and humidity of the past few days was broken by the cooling air that preceded a storm. Gathering myself into the morning, while waiting for the coffee to brew, I opened all the windows. When I lifted the sash in the oratory, the breeze drew the sheers delicately against [Read More...]

Equus Passage 6/25

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Each morning we must hold out the chalice of our being to receive, to carry, and to give back. It is good to recall  familiar quotes and remember why they echoed in our hearts. This one is by Dag Hammarskjolde, and over the years, one I have tried to follow.     (Why Equus Passage)     [Read more...]

Equus Passage 6/11


The true beauty of a flower comes when it reaches full bloom, and that takes time. Our lives open up slowly in God’s hands, and in time we too become a beautiful reflection of the Creator.             [Read more...]

Free Falling

St Benedicts Inside

St. Benedict Monastery where I am preparing to become an Oblate is in Oxford, Michigan. The location of the monastery was chosen because of the land; glaciated hill country rising nearly 1,000 feet above the Great Lakes. It is the second highest point in Michigan, and on a clear day you could see Detroit fifty [Read More...]

Equus Passage 5/28

Art by Claire Stoner, 2004.

Who bends a knee where violets grow a hundred secret things shall know. ~Rachel Field God gave us the things of the earth to gladden our hearts, that through His creation we may draw closer to Him and, for a moment, restore the peace of Paradise.   (Art by Claire Stoner, 2004)   (Why Equus Passage) [Read More...]

Full Moon Crosses


I looked in awe through the low double-hung window at a winter’s full moon. I had gone halfway up the stairs and stopped; midway offers a direct view of the sky. This moon appears brighter with a crisper white light. The intensity of its glow dims the view of nearby stars. As I was looking [Read More...]