An American Muslim’s Reflections on the U.S. Capitol, Obama, and Moving Forward Together

Muslim History Detective’s log, 01/24/13 To witness President Obama give his inaugural address on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Inauguration Day holds a particular significance for me as an American Muslim of African descent. My family—my husband, our two daughters, and me—watched the address on television. We wanted to be in Washington but [Read More…]

Pay it Forward: The Elders, the Muslim Historian, and Obama

The elders are at again—Africans, Americans, Muslims, and women among them, just like me—some living and some long since passed away, but all having toiled here in this republic. “Be conscious of how you arrived at the moment,” they warn, in variant ways, reminding me of what is at stake. I know that on Election Day, my voting booth will be crowded—with their words and their struggles—with their presence. [Read more…]

An American Muslim History Detective’s Vision

Muslim History Detective’s log, 10/16/2012. A wise woman once said, “Whoever tells the story writes history.” Well, I want to write history, and I want to build community through telling the stories of diverse people in America who happen to be Muslim. Several years ago, I presented on the history of Muslim women in America [Read More…]