Creationist Ken Ham: Secular Humanists Die Because They’re Sinners

Creationist Ken Ham rejects medical science, claims the only cause of death is sin.

Ham, a leading spokesman for fundamentalist Christianity, went on a Twitter rant earlier today to make the ludicrous claim that there is only one cause of death – sin:

(News items sometimes cite the major causes of death in humans as various diseases are discussed–but ultimately there’s only one cause–sin!)

In his mini-rant, Ham also singled out secular humanists:

(Secular humanists deny they’re sinners–but can’t deny they’ill (sic) die–and reason for death is cause they’re sinners–but there’s good news:)

Ham began his rant on the real cause of death by referencing a Fox News story:

(Neil Cavuto, Fox News talked about the rising death rates for people in USA-I have news for him:  the death rate has been 100% for 6,000 yrs)

As one might imagine, Twitter had a field day responding to Ham’s idiotic claims.

In particular, the silly and thoroughly discredited idea that the earth is only 6,000 years old was met with jeers and derision.

On a more somber note, PZ Meyers, writing at Pharyngula, comments on Ham’s latest Twitter rant, and opines on the “odious” nature of Christianity:

I woke up to Ken Ham testifying to his faith…and demonstrating why I hate Christianity.

What enrages me most is the implicit condemnation of every human being who had the effrontery to die…

We all have people we’ve loved and lost to accident, to disease, to old age. To a Christian, their god willed this loss, and to Christians like Ken Ham, those deaths were a punishment for “sin”.

Myers is right. Ham’s ridiculous remarks do reveal the odious and profoundly perverse nature of Christianity. The idea that the cause of every death is sin is simply repulsive, repugnant, and revolting.

Bottom line: Ham is a clown and a charlatan. However, he is a dangerous clown, a dangerous charlatan, because he seeks to indoctrinate the young and feeble minded with his toxic, ignorant, and profoundly perverse religious superstitions.  

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)
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