Holy Hypocrisy: Pope Francis Calls For Equal Opportunity For Women

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Irony alert: Pope Francis, the head of a notoriously sexist institution that routinely discriminates against women, is calling for equal treatment of women in the work place.Vatican Radio reports Pope Francis is now calling for equal pay for equal work, calling compensation disparity between men and women a “pure scandal.”In a statement made Wednesday at his weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, Francis called for equal opportunities in the workplace. While well meaning, calli … [Read more...]

Bill Maher on Dirty Cops, Pedophile Priests, and the People who Protect Them

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Drawing a potent analogy between pedophile priests and dirty cops, Bill Maher illuminates profound institutional corruption within both the Catholic Church and police forces across the country.Speaking about the recent horrific incident of police brutality in Baltimore where six police officers have been charged in the tragic death Freddie Gray, Maher made a connection between abusive cops, abusive priests, and the institutional cover-up that so often occurs after the fact of abuse, cover-up … [Read more...]

Vatican backed exorcism threatens the mental health of the vulnerable

Goya's painting of a Catholic priest performing an exorcism (Wikipedia)

Currently a controversial and dangerous course on exorcism approved by the Vatican is underway at the European University of Rome.The course is sponsored by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy and organized by the Sacerdos Institute, all with the approval of Pope Francis and the Vatican.The course runs from April 13 to 18, with reports indicating that at least 170 students are attending in order to learn how to “recognize and fight demonic possession.”The conference is an assault … [Read more...]

Intolerant Pope Francis Rejects Gay Ambassador from France

A not so liberal Pope Francis rejects the new French ambassador to the Vatican because he is gay, despite his previous positive rhetoric concerning LGBT people.Multiple media reports indicate Pope Francis has personally rejected the nomination of ambassadorial candidate Laurent Stefanini as new French ambassador to the Vatican because Stefanini is gay.Stefanini is a highly respected French diplomat and a close aide to French President Francois Hollande. The fact that the French diplomat i … [Read more...]

Catholic Warrior escapes prosecution after vandalizing Satanic Temple display

Prosecutors have dropped charges against Susan “Catholic Warrior” Hemeryck, accused of vandalism and the attempted theft of a Satanic holiday display at the Florida Capitol last December.The State Attorney's Office filed court papers Friday to dismiss a criminal-mischief charge against 55-year-old Susan Hemeryck. Trial had been scheduled to begin Monday.Last December Hemeryck was arrested after vandalizing the Satanic Temple holiday display in the Florida Capitol Rotunda. Hemeryck was arr … [Read more...]

In Memoriam: Cardinal Egan – Protector of Pedophile Priests

Edward Michael Egan, American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, is dead. As a member of the church hierarchy, Egan protected and enabled pedophile priests by shuffling them from parish to parish in an immoral attempt to preserve the reputation of the church and protect the church from financial liability.Egan died on March 5, at the age of 82. He served as Bishop of Bridgeport from 1988 to 2000, and as Archbishop of New York from 2000 to 2009.While serving as Bishop of the … [Read more...]

Pope Francis continues to protect pedophile priests

Another moral failure for Pope Francis: Victims of clergy sexual abuse are urging Pope Francis to stop protecting pedophile priests from criminal prosecution by civilian courts.Victims of pedophile priests from the United States, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and other nations joined forces Monday to urge Pope Francis to allow civilian courts to punish sexually abusive priests and those who covered up their crimes.Yesterday victims issued a public statement in Mexico City condemning Pope … [Read more...]

Childfree Pope Francis says not having children is ‘selfish’

Clueless: Pope Francis, a celibate man without children, tells an audience at St. Peter's Square that choosing not to have children is “selfish.”In an address that was focused primarily on the joy of children and their role in society,  Francis said: The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It is enriched, not impoverished.A society with a greedy generation, that doesn’t want to surround itself with children, that considers them … [Read more...]