Catholic Seminary Student Arrested After Arranging To Rape Infants

Joel Wright (Image via U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Priest-in-training seeks sex with infants: An Ohio man studying to be a priest was arrested in San Diego last week, accused of trying to pay to rape a 1-year-old baby and a 4-year-old girl in Tijuana, Mexico. Joel Wright, a 23-year-old priest-in-training at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, flew across the United States on [Read More...]

Catholic Archbishop Blames Disobedient Wives For Domestic Violence

Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez Plaza (Image via Wikimedia)

Blaming the victim: A Catholic archbishop tells his congregation that the root cause of domestic violence is a woman’s disobedience to her husband. Speaking to his congregation in Toledo, Spain, Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez said that wives could escape being physically abused by not being disobedient and by not asking their husbands for a divorce. Rodriguez, [Read More...]

Mother Teresa: Sadistic Religious Fanatic

(Image via Wikimedia)

Mother Teresa was no saint, she was a moral monster, a sadistic religious fanatic who took pleasure in the suffering of others, and denied appropriate medical care to the sick and dying. The Catholic propaganda machine continues to promote the soon to be saint, ignoring evidence of her moral incompetence. Recently Pope Francis recognised a [Read More...]

NY Priest Embezzled $1 Million For ‘Drug Fueled Sex Romps’ With Male Escort

Father Peter Miqueli (Image via Screen Grab)

The hypocrisy, the corruption, and the cover-up is the same, but at least this time everyone involved was a consenting adult. Father Peter Miqueli, a 53-year-old New York City priest, embezzled $1 million in collection-plate donations to pay for drug-fueled sex romps with a heavily muscled male escort according to a report issued by the [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Neurotic, Fundamentalist Priests Scare Me

(Image via Facebook)

In a candid moment, Pope Francis expresses his fear of neurotic, overly pious, fundamentalist priests. Speaking at a conference on training for the priesthood on Friday, Pope Francis said he is instinctively suspicious of overly pious candidates. Francis said: I will tell you sincerely, I’m scared of rigid priests. I keep away from them. They [Read More...]

Report: Vatican Operating Secret Brothels For Catholic Priests

(Image via Facebook)

Vatileaks scandal widens: The Vatican is secretly operating brothels and massage parlors where priests pay for sex according to the latest claims to emerge from the Vatileaks scandal. A new report, leaked by a Vatican mole, indicates a Vatican department, the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, is currently leasing and renting out Vatican [Read More...]

Sexual Abuse Claims Cost U.S. Catholic Church $4 Billion

(Image via Wikimedia)

Priests raping and sexually abusing children has cost the U.S. Catholic Church nearly $4 billion according to a new investigation from the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). NCR reports that between 1950 and August of this year, the church has paid out $3,994,797,060.10 in settlements related to the rampant sexual abuse of children by pedophile priests. [Read More...]

Busted: Pope Francis Held Secret Meeting With Kim Davis

(Image via Wikimedia)

The Vatican confirms Pope Francis held a secret meeting with anti-gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis. According to reports, the Vatican reached out to Davis weeks before the pope’s visit to arrange the secret meeting, and show his support for the anti-gay county clerk who went to jail in a futile attempt to prevent same-sex marriage. [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Kim Davis Has A Right To Deny Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

(Image via Wikipedia)

Pope Francis says government officials have a “human right” to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses if it offends their sincerely held religious beliefs. Speaking aboard his flight from Philadelphia to Rome, Pope Francis suggested that government officials like Kim Davis should be allowed to refuse to perform government tasks that violate their sincerely held [Read More...]

Shakira Sings ‘Imagine There’s No Heaven’ For Pope Francis At UN

(Image via Screen Grab)

On Point: Shakira sings “Imagine there’s no heaven…and no religion, too” in front of Pope Francis at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. Shakira performed John Lennon’s classic anti-religion anthem during the opening ceremony of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Friday. Shakira dedicated the [Read More...]