Pope Francis continues to protect pedophile priests

Another moral failure for Pope Francis: Victims of clergy sexual abuse are urging Pope Francis to stop protecting pedophile priests from criminal prosecution by civilian courts.Victims of pedophile priests from the United States, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and other nations joined forces Monday to urge Pope Francis to allow civilian courts to punish sexually abusive priests and those who covered up their crimes.Yesterday victims issued a public statement in Mexico City condemning Pope … [Read more...]

Childfree Pope Francis says not having children is ‘selfish’

Clueless: Pope Francis, a celibate man without children, tells an audience at St. Peter's Square that choosing not to have children is “selfish.”In an address that was focused primarily on the joy of children and their role in society,  Francis said: The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It is enriched, not impoverished.A society with a greedy generation, that doesn’t want to surround itself with children, that considers them … [Read more...]

Pope Francis recommends violence against children

Moral failure: Pope Francis tells parents hitting children is “beautiful” as long as the act of violence against a child is done with “dignity.”The inflammatory and controversial remarks were made by Francis at his general audience Wednesday in St. Peter's Square. Francis, speaking about the importance of fathers, said: One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say `I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them.' Francis we … [Read more...]

Child pornography found at the Vatican

Vatican admits child pornography exists within its own walls: A report issued by Gian Piero Milano, whose official title is Promoter of Justice, reveals child pornography has been found at the Vatican.Piero reported the news of child pornograpy found at the Vatican in a 50-page report read to Vatican officials at a ceremony marking the start of the city-state's judicial year.The news will be of little surprise to informed readers, given the long-running pedophilia scandal that continues … [Read more...]

Pope Francis says ‘you can’t make fun of faith’

Justification for terror? Commenting on the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Pope Francis declares "one cannot make fun of faith" and that anyone who throws insults can expect a "punch."Francis made his decidedly anti-blasphemy, anti-free speech remarks to reporters while en route to the Philippines.Speaking with reporters, Francis claimed to defend free speech, while at the same time claiming speech must be limited, and that insulting religious belief was off limits: One cannot provoke, one … [Read more...]

Catholic League blames victims for Charlie Hebdo massacre

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has issued a statement blaming the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, claiming "Muslims are right to be angry" about cartoons some found insulting to Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.In a statement titled "Muslims are right to be angry," Donohue criticized the publication's history of offending religious sentiments with comical depictions of religious figures.Claiming Charlie Hebdo had a “long and disgusting record” of mocking religious fi … [Read more...]

Pope Francis says ‘All animals go to heaven’

During his weekly audience at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis broke from Catholic teaching in order to declare that all animals do, in fact, go to heaven.During his address Francis quoted the apostle Paul as saying, “One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ.” Francis went on to add: “Paradise is open to all God’s creatures.” The Pope’s new position is markedly different from that of Pope Benedict XVI who said that non-human animals “are not called to the eternal life.” … [Read more...]

Watch: Creepy Roman Catholic exorcism caught on camera

Screen Capture from Video

The power of Christ compels you? A woman shrieks, screams, cries, and curses during a secretly filmed exorcism at a Roman Catholic Church in the Czech Republic.Czech church officials have confirmed that the video, shot through a keyhole looking into the church as a  group of people perform an exorcism, is genuine.The exorcism, carried out in a Roman Catholic Church in Vranov nad Dyji, southern Czech Republic, was secretly filmed and posted on YouTube.Daniel Trochta sneaked up to the … [Read more...]