Pope Francis says ‘All animals go to heaven’

During his weekly audience at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis broke from Catholic teaching in order to declare that all animals do, in fact, go to heaven.During his address Francis quoted the apostle Paul as saying, “One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ.” Francis went on to add: “Paradise is open to all God’s creatures.” The Pope’s new position is markedly different from that of Pope Benedict XVI who said that non-human animals “are not called to the eternal life.” … [Read more...]

Watch: Creepy Roman Catholic exorcism caught on camera

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The power of Christ compels you? A woman shrieks, screams, cries, and curses during a secretly filmed exorcism at a Roman Catholic Church in the Czech Republic.Czech church officials have confirmed that the video, shot through a keyhole looking into the church as a  group of people perform an exorcism, is genuine.The exorcism, carried out in a Roman Catholic Church in Vranov nad Dyji, southern Czech Republic, was secretly filmed and posted on YouTube.Daniel Trochta sneaked up to the … [Read more...]

Ave Maria: Catholic theocracy in Florida

How did this happen? Ave Maria, Florida, is a city run according to strict Roman Catholic principles, a place where the church is the state, where democracy is non-existent: a town controlled by one eccentric religious despot.The eccentric religious despot in control of of Ave Maria is Domino's Pizza founder and former Detroit Tigers' owner Tom Monaghan. A catholic extremist, Monaghan has used his considerable fortune to create a Catholic theocracy in southwest Florida.In Ave Maria, … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishops claim tetanus vaccines sterilize women

Catholic Bishops in Kenya are pushing a wild conspiracy theory, claiming vaccines for tetanus contain a stealth ingredient that renders women of childbearing age sterile.Earlier this week, the Bishops of Kenya issued a statement claiming a clandestine population control program disguised as a tetanus vaccine program was being run by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.On Tuesday (Nov.11), the Kenyan Bishops appeared before the parliamentary health committee claiming they had tested … [Read more...]

Pedophile priest commits suicide

After confessing to sexually abusing a young girl, an Italian priest commits suicide by hanging  himself in the vestry of his church.According to a statement issued by the Diocese of Trieste, Father Maks Suard, 48, the vicar of Santa Croce in the port town of Trieste off the Slovenian border, took his own life on Tuesday, Oct. 28, after admitting to church authorities that he had sexually abused a 13-year-old girl.Suard, a Roman Catholic priest from the northern Italian province of … [Read more...]

Pope Francis offers a formula for creating atheists

According to Pope Francis, when Christians become a source of scandal and hypocrisy, people choose atheism.Speaking at today’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis offered a recipe for creating atheists.The Pope’s General Audience was dedicated to the Church as a “visible reality.” Speaking about the church, Francis said, in part: We are all sinners and we experience our fragility and our limitations, which rightly provoke profound displeasure, especially when we give bad … [Read more...]

Child rape in Minnesota: Archdiocese identifies 17 pedophile priests

The horror continues: The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has issued a statement disclosing the names of 17 priests accused of sexually abusing children.The Twin Cities archdiocese has been plagued for years by lingering accusations of cover-up, denial and obfuscation of the rape and sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.However, earlier this month the Twin Cities archdiocese and the law offices of Jeff Anderson issued a joint statement disclosing the names of 17 priests … [Read more...]

Pope Francis chastises creationists, says ‘God is not a magician’

Pope Francis declares that evolution and the Big Bang theory are correct, and urges his fellow Christians to accept the truth of modern science.Speaking to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences yesterday, Francis reasserted church teaching that the Big Bang theory and evolution can be consistent with a biblical account of creation, and that they are essential for any understanding of nature and God.The following is an excerpt from that address: When we read in Genesis the account of … [Read more...]