Waiting for the rapture, Christian homeschoolers refuse to educate children

Christian logic: Why learn to read if Jesus is coming? After homeschooling parents in Texas refused to educate their kids because they believed Jesus Christ is returning to Earth, a court has ruled that Christian homeschooling parents are not exempt from state education regulations.In a significant victory for children, the Texas Eighth District Court of Appeals has ruled that Christian homeschooling parents are not exempt from state education regulations. The ruling is a result of a court … [Read more...]

Atheist receives death threats after speaking out against ‘In God We Trust’

Kill all non-believers? Atheist activist Amanda Scott is receiving hate mail and death threats after speaking out against a planned "In God We Trust" display at a government building in Mobile, Alabama.Scott, a 21-year-old college student, spoke before the Mobile County Commission twice, once at a June 19 meeting where the “In God We Trust” display was approved, and again on August 7, when she and several others proposed their own displays, including “In Reason We Trust.”Scott, a member o … [Read more...]

Baptist church leader arrested for soliciting sex with dog

Did the devil make him do it? A prominent figure in the Baptist church was arrested earlier this week for soliciting sex with a dog and another animal “of an undisclosed species.”Jerald L. Hill was arrested in Boone County, Missouri, on Tuesday on suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse. Hill was arrested in a Craigslist sting after police received a tip about Hill posting messages seeking dogs and other animals to have sex with.Prior to his arrest, H … [Read more...]

Teen missionary accused of raping children claims a demon made him do it

An Oklahoma teen admits he molested and raped orphans during a mission trip to Kenya, but claims a demon named Luke made him do it.19-year-old Matthew Durham is facing life behind bars after raping and sexually abusing up to 10 orphaned children while he was volunteering as a missionary in Kenya’s Upendo Children’s Home near Nairobi between April and June of this year.In oral and written statements, Durham allegedly confessed that he spanked, caressed, and engaged in sex acts with young g … [Read more...]

Religious scholar blasts prosperity gospel, calls Joel Osteen a ‘charlatan’

Joel Osteen

Jesus wants you to drive a Bentley? Religious scholar Reza Aslan calls Joel Osteen a “charlatan” and slams America’s sick love affair with the prosperity gospel.Aslan, speaking at the 2014 Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver, discussed his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. During his talk, the University of California at Riverside professor went off on Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel currently so popular in the U.S. Aslan said: The fastest growing Protestant movem … [Read more...]

Christian leader hopes Ebola will cure America’s problem with gays and atheists

More of that Christian love? End Times radio host Rick Wiles claims an outbreak of Ebola “could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”Right Wing Watch reports that Wiles, while speaking on his on “Trunews” program yesterday, said that an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. might actually be a good thing if it ends up giving an “attitude adjustment” to all the gays and atheists, as well as people who use pornography or have had an abortio … [Read more...]

GOP House Whip instructs Congress to use Bible for ‘decision making’

Creeping theocracy: Today a member of the House leadership sent a Bible to every Member of Congress along with a letter instructing the representatives to use the Bible as a “guide” in their “decision-making."Talking Points Memo reports: Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) enclosed the Bible in his letter dated July 29 and sent to all House and Senate offices. The letter, written on an official letterhead in his capacity as assistant majority whip, was confirmed by Capitol Hill aides whose offices re … [Read more...]

Christian Love: Homeless man jailed after Church presses charges for stealing cookies

What would Jesus do? In Florida, a hungry and homeless man was jailed after church officials insisted the man be charged for stealing a few cookies valued at $2.25.The Palm Beach Post reports: A homeless man stole cookies from a church in the 10700 block of Okeechobee Boulevard. A deputy found him sitting by the building’s entrance. He said he had been looking for assistance, pulled on a door and it opened. He helped himself to the cookies, but a cleaning person saw him and called 911. A c … [Read more...]