Baptist pastor performs in blackface at National Young Fundamentalist Conference

Pastor Joseph G. Pickens dons blackface for National Young Fundamentalists Conference

In an appalling display of insensitivity, ignorance, and bad taste, a Baptist pastor performed in blackface at the National Young Fundamentalist Conference held in Lexington, Kentucky, this week. Pastor Joseph G. Pickens proudly performed in blackface for cheering young evangelicals during the Christian Youth Conference held at Clay Mills Road Baptist Church in Lexington. Pastor Pickens paraded around in blackface to the delight of the packed auditorium, pretending to box in a feeble attempt … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson says marry your first cousin, but avoid having ‘mongoloid kid’

Politically incorrect: Televangelist Pat Robertson says it’s O.K. to marry your first cousin, but try to avoid having “some mongoloid kid.” Right Wing Watch reports:Robertson said that the Bible does not prohibit first cousins from marrying, but advised prospective first-cousin spouses to speak first to a genetic counselor. He then drew upon an offensive term for people with Down syndrome and disabilities. “You don’t want to have some mongoloid child,” Robertson said, but he quickly backt … [Read more...]

Outrageous abuse: Louisiana public school officials harass non-Christian students

Religious Indoctrination is Child Abuse

Christian bullies: Public school officials in a rural western Louisiana school promote Christianity and harass non-Christian students, violating at once both the US Constitution and simple human decency. The Atlantic reports teachers at Negreet High School in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, preach Creationism and mock the theory of evolution, routinely lead their students in Christian prayer, give extra credit for Christian responses to assignments, and actively question or deride the religious … [Read more...]

Idaho GOP protects faith healing parents, sanctions child abuse

faith healing

Today Idaho Republicans killed a bill designed to protect children from faith healing parents. In so doing, Republicans have, in effect, sanctioned child abuse, placing the religious superstitions of parents before the health and welfare of children. In Idaho, Christian extremists, twisted by religious superstition, watch their children die, choosing prayer over modern medicine. A religious shield law protects those parents who claim to be acting out of religious faith, so when a child dies in … [Read more...]

US General claims Jesus, armed with an assault rifle, will return

Rambo Jesus

Right wing Christian fantasy: Jesus is coming back, and he’ll be armed with an AR-15 assault rifle when he returns, according to Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin. Boykin, a retired lieutenant general and executive vice president of the Family Research Council, spoke at the WallBuilders' Pro-Family Legislators Conference last week. There he declared that when Jesus comes back, he'll do so carrying an AR-15 assault rifle. The following is an excerpt from his remarks:The Lord is a w … [Read more...]

Christian hate or religious freedom? Arizona passes anti-gay bill

License to discriminate: Arizona lawmakers approved a bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians when such work would violate their "sincerely held" religious beliefs. House Bill 2153 was written by the conservative advocacy group Center for Arizona Policy and the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom. Under the bill, a business owner would have a defense against a discrimination lawsuit, provided a decision to deny service was motivated by a … [Read more...]

Alabama House Committee approves school prayer legislation


The Alabama House Education Policy Committee voted to approve a bill that would require public school teachers to open class with a prayer each morning. The legislation would require teachers in Alabama public school classrooms to recite a prayer at the beginning of every school day, for up to fifteen minutes. Teachers would be required to perform a “verbatim reading of a congressional opening prayer.” That is, teachers would be required to read out loud to their students one of the opening pra … [Read more...]

Tom Delay, former House Majority Leader, says God wrote the Constitution

In a breathtaking bit of Christian fantasy, Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) made the astonishing claim that God created this nation, that God wrote the Constitution, and that the Constitution is based on biblical principles. Delay’s claims are ludicrous, and demonstrably false. Delay’s Christian nationalist narrative is fundamentally and fatally flawed. His poor and misguided attempt at Christian historical revisionism is laughable. Indeed, it is astonishing that a man that was o … [Read more...]