New Zealand pastor tells gay author ‘I pray that you will commit suicide’

Pastor Logan Robertson

More of that Christian love: A Baptist pastor in New Zealand admits he sent an abusive email to a prominent gay author in which he prays for the author's death via suicide.Jim Marjoram, author of It's Life Jim: A Journey to Sexual and Spiritual Reconciliation via the Road of Fundamentalist Religion, a book about life as a gay Christian, sent out an email to promote his new book and new ministry to help LGBT Christians to several church leaders in New Zealand.Marjoram sent out … [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ ranked worst film of all time

Dubious distinction: Despite desperate attempts to promote his new movie via social media, Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” is officially the worst movie of all time.According to IMDb, "the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content," Cameron's desperate and pathetic cinematic attempt to win the War on Christmas, and give those naughty atheists the spanking they deserve, is the biggest bomb of all time.How do you get to be worst film ever? Accor … [Read more...]

Bill Nye on religious superstition: Fear of death makes people ‘nutty’

Bill Nye

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” speculates on why people embrace religious superstitions like creationism, noting that the fear of death “makes all of us a little nutty.”Speaking with Big Think, Nye opined that people favor creationism over the theory of evolution because they simply cannot accept the finality of death: “The problem is the same thing that allows us to recognize patterns to imagine shapes and things and routes and ways to get things done before we actually start doing those things … [Read more...]

Fox News claims Disney is persecuting Christians

Faux News: After a mother in North Carolina claimed the Disney Channel's website had banned the word "God," Fox News went into overdrive, promoting their beloved yet false narrative that Christians are being persecuted in the U.S.Feeding the ignorant paranoia of their right wing Christian base, Fox News erroneously reported earlier this week that Disney is persecuting Christians by not allowing the faithful to give thanks to God on the Disney website.Todd Starnes, a leading culture … [Read more...]

Arizona pastor wants to kill the gays for ‘AIDS free Christmas’

Pastor Steven Anderson

Claiming “God commands it,” controversial Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson calls for the mass extermination of all LGBT people, promising an “AIDS free Christmas” as a result.Anderson, pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, based in Tempe, Arizona, gave a controversial and offensive sermon last Sunday, arguing that God commands good Christians to kill the gays, and that the mass execution of LGBT people is a “cure” for AIDS.In the sermon, captured on video, Anderson tells his parishion … [Read more...]

Austin shooter was Christian terrorist

The man who shot up downtown Austin last week was a self proclaimed Christian terrorist with links to a right wing Christian hate group.Larry McQuilliams, who described himself as a "priest in the fight against anti-God people,"  fired more than 100 gunshots at government offices in Austin, Texas, last week, before being killed by police.On Monday police said McQuilliams was a “homegrown American extremist” connected to a right-wing Christian hate group.Austin Police Chief Art Acev … [Read more...]

Texas approves textbooks with Moses as Founding Father

Christian conservatives win, children lose: Texas textbooks will teach public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses.On Friday the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education voted along party lines 10-5 to approve the biased and inaccurate textbooks. The vote signals a victory for Christian conservatives in Texas, and a disappointing defeat for historical accuracy and the education of … [Read more...]

Duggars face public backlash for LGBTQ ‘fear mongering’

Quiverfull of hate: The prodigious baby-making Duggars are in trouble after describing LGBT people as “child predators” and expressing other ugly sentiments motivated by their Christian extremism.Over a 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the cancellation of the Duggars’ TLC series "19 Kids and Counting" after the reality stars expressed discriminatory sentiments against the LGBT community.According to Huffington Post, viewers are angry about Duggar family matri … [Read more...]