Ken Ham’s Reconstruction of Noah’s Ark Demonstrates Absurdity of Creationism

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How does constructing a replica of Noah’s Ark with modern technology contribute to the argument for the supposed truth of Young Earth Creationism?In case anyone needed more evidence disproving the claims of Young Earth Creationism, a recent video depicting the current construction of a full scale replica of Noah’s Ark serves as a powerful argument against the possibility that a supposed 600 year old goat herder possessed the tools, materials, and technical know-how to complete such a mon … [Read more...]

GOP Congressman Calls Separation of Church and State a ‘False Belief’

Jody Hice (image via Screen Grab)

Georgia Rep. Jody Hice claims Christians have been tricked into accepting the separation of church and state, calling constitutionally mandated church-state separation a “false belief.”In a video statement screened at a San Diego Christian conference earlier today, Hice denounced secular government, and argued that the separation of church and state inevitably leads to "Big Government."Right Wing Watch reports: Hice asked guests to imagine two towns, one “a secular town" and one “that em … [Read more...]

Rachel Dolezal: Victim of Young Earth Creationism

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Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black, was a victim of extreme Christian indoctrination and Young Earth Creationism as a child.Dolezal, the disgraced former NAACP leader, is currently at the center of a media firestorm after being exposed as a white woman posing as a black woman. However, what is not being widely reported is the physical, mental, and intellectual abuse Dolezal suffered as a child.Dolezal is a victim of her parents radical Christian … [Read more...]

Scott ‘Kill the Gays’ Lively In Federal Court Facing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charges

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Extreme anti-gay Christian pastor Scott Lively, the American architect of Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” legislation, is in federal court today facing charges of “crimes against humanity.”According to a report issued by MassLive, lawyers for Lively will appear in U.S. District Court today to defend the controversial pastor against allegations of crimes against humanity leveled by a Ugandan civil rights group.Late last year, the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s petition t … [Read more...]

Christian Homeschoolers Promote Child Marriage

The Chapmans: Maranatha (15) and Matthew (28) (Image via Patheos)

In the dark and sometimes dangerous world of Christian homeschoolers, children are treated as property, often with tragic consequence.A recent Facebook discussion illuminates some of the dangers the daughters of Christian homeschoolers face, dangers like arranged marriages, often at a very young age.In a post to his Facebook page, Michael Farris, Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, issued a statement expressing concern about “a very serious problem” that he sees “su … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Says Catholic Dogma Trumps US Government

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Theocracy Alert: In an ominous speech announcing his 2016 presidential campaign, Jeb Bush promised if elected president he would favor Catholic dogma over the courts, the law, and the U.S. government.The former Florida Governor declared his official entry into the 2016 presidential race earlier today while speaking to a cheering crowd at Miami Dade College.Speaking about Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity that refused to obey the law and adopt Obamacare because Catholic … [Read more...]

Scott Walker’s Attack On Higher Ed Driven By Christian Extremism

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is waging a holy war against higher education, and that war is being driven by the anti-intellectualism of conservative Christian extremists.Walker, a college dropout and the son of a Baptist minister, is doing everything in his power to destroy one of America’s premier public universities, the University of Wisconsin.Forbes reports on Walker’s attack on the University of Wisconsin: First, back in January he proposed an enormous $300 million cut to the Uni … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus Rejects Conservative Christian Values and Old Testament Fairy Tales

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Pop star Miley Cyrus rejects the immoral politics of Christian fundamentalists and compares believing the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark to believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.In a wide ranging, NSFW interview with Paper magazine, Cyrus discusses her own bisexuality and gender fluid status, as well as the important work she is doing to help homeless LGBT youth.Cyrus recently started the Happy Hippie Foundation, a philanthropic venture designed to raise funds and awareness for h … [Read more...]