Listen: Mom Abuses Teen For Coming Out As Atheist

Sad Teen (Image via Pixabay)

“I’ll slap you silly!” In a heartbreaking and infuriating conversation an angry and unhinged mother slaps and verbally abuses her teen son for being an atheist. A redditor shares a recorded conversation where Jehovah’s Witness parents disown their son for coming out as an atheist and leaving the religion. Among other things, the angry and [Read More...]

Wisconsin Lawmaker Claims Separation of Church and State is a ‘Complete Fabrication’

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A confused Wisconsin lawmaker claims the separation of church and state is a complete fabrication. Wisconsin Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, sent the following tweet earlier this week: Labeled an “extremist” for this factual comment to a Dane County lefty who told me, “We ARE NOT a Christian nation.” — Jesse Kremer (@JesseForWI) December 20, [Read More...]

School Bus Driver Threatens Autistic Child With Hell For Not Believing In God

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Nothing says “Christian love” like threatening a  5-year-old autistic child with eternal damnation. In Pennsylvania a public school bus driver repeatedly tells a 5-year-old autistic child she would go to hell and be burned with “fireballs” if she doesn’t believe in God. According to reports, the bus driver also told the child that her parents [Read More...]

Christian Conservative Claims Star Wars Is Based On The Bible

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Star Wars is based on the Bible, and that’s why Darth Vader wears a black costume, according to conservative Christian Fox News pundit Janine Turner. Appearing on Fox Business News on Monday, former Northern Exposure actress turned conservative Christian pundit Janine Turner was asked to respond to MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry’s suggestion that there [Read More...]

Zombie Jesus Nativity Scene Will Stay Up Despite Complaints

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Despite complaints from conservative Christians, a zombie nativity scene featuring a baby zombie Jesus will stay up in a small town in Ohio. Previously, Ohio homeowner Jasen Dixon was ordered to remove a nativity scene in front of his house that features zombies instead of traditional biblical characters or face a daily fine of  $500. [Read More...]

Holy Rollers: Stoner Bible Study Combines Joints and Jesus

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The “Stoner Jesus Bible Study” is a Colorado Bible study group that combines faith and weed as members smoke marijuana together while discussing the Scripture. The weed friendly group formed in May 2015 after Colorado legalised the use of recreational marijuana. Deb Button, a former school teacher and mother of two founded and hosts the [Read More...]

Attorney Says Abortion Providers Should ‘Hang By Their Necks’

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Prominent pro-life (forced birth) attorney Thomas W. Condit calls for the execution of abortion providers in front of a crowd of anti-abortion fanatics. Speaking at a rally held outside of a Cincinnati Planned Parenthood center last Summer Condit declares: We need to have an American version of the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity. … [Read More...]

Christian University President Urges Students To Carry Guns And Kill Muslims

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The president of Liberty University is urging students to carry guns so they can kill Muslims before Muslims kill them. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr.  made his controversial remarks in the wake of Wednesday’s massacre in San Bernardino, California. Fourteen people were killed and 21 were injured in the attack, which was carried out by a [Read More...]

The Holy Quran Experiment Will Make You Laugh And Think

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Social investigators expose prejudice and bias by disguising a Bible as a Quran and reading some of the Bible’s most gruesome verses to people on the street. After the recent tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, Dutch YouTube pranksters at Dit Is Normaal ran an intriguing social experiment: They bought a Bible, changed the cover to [Read More...]

Pastor Tells Protesters: We Will Castrate Your Men and Kill Your Women

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A controversial New York City pastor warns protesters: If you disrupt my church we will “castrate your men and slit the throats of your women” and then “piss on the graves of your ancestors.” Earlier this week Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Church in Harlem, New York was among a select [Read More...]