Idaho GOP Wants Bibles In Public School Science Classrooms

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Republicans in Idaho pass a resolution that would allow Bibles to be used as textbooks in all subjects, including biology, astronomy, geology, and other science classes.Last week the Idaho GOP Central Committee approved a resolution calling for the use of the Bible in public schools in Idaho.The approved resolution (Resolution 2015-P20), was submitted by Marge Arnzen, Idaho County Chairman, and reads, in part, as follows: A proposal to bring the Bible into Idaho public … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham Freaks Out Over Lesbian Friendly Commercial

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Outraged that lesbians are being portrayed in a positive light, Franklin Graham launches a boycott against LGBT friendly companies.Using his Facebook page, Graham announced a boycott on all corporations that feature same-sex relationships in their commercials, and is calling on his fellow Christians to join him.Graham is particularly angry at Wells Fargo because one of its ads features a lesbian couple. The ad is a beautiful and heartwarming spot showing two moms-to-be learning American … [Read more...]

Fox News Fights War On Christmas In June

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It may be summertime, but for Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, the War on Christmas is never over.Carlson is perpetually angry about Festivus, a winter holiday featured on the television program “Seinfeld,” and the possibility of a Festivus pole showing up next to the baby Jesus at Christmas time.Right Wing Watch reports that in an interview last week on the American Family Radio program “AFA Today,” Carlson repeated her strong stance against Festivus, by arguing that the “sacrilegious” ho … [Read more...]

Victim of Christian Education Claims U.S. ‘Founded on Gospel of Jesus Christ’

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Illustrating the intellectual dangers of a Christian education, a brainwashed young woman delivers a shrill and historically inaccurate vision of America, claiming the U.S. was ”founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”In a vulgar and demoralizing display of naive Christian imperialism, young Karis Peters delivered a spoken word poem at the 2015 ACE International Convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico.Peters, hailed by some Christian extremists as a “21st Century Esther” recited a revised ver … [Read more...]

Nevada’s New ‘School Choice’ Law Will Fund Christian Homeschoolers

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Tax money for Christian homeschoolers: A terrible new “school choice” law in Nevada will allow state funds to be used to pay for religious education, including Christian homeschooling.Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed a measure into law Tuesday that will allow the parents of students to apply state funds to pay for private schools or other goods and services related to education in the state, including the funding of religious education at private schools and in homes.The bill, pas … [Read more...]

Duggars Blame Anti-Christian Media Conspiracy, Deny Josh is a Pedophile

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Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar denied their son Josh was a pedophile and blamed the media for targeting the family in an anti-Christian conspiracy.Claiming their son only fondled their daughters and an undereage babysitter over and under their clothes, the parents argued it “was nothing like rape” but only “inappropriate touching.”Jim Bob Duggar argued that their son Josh was technically not a pedophile because he was 15 and not 16 when the sexual assau … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Report: 15-Year-Old Josh Duggar molested 5-Year-Old Sister

19 Victims

19 Victims and Counting: New details emerge concerning Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse of children, and the cover-up of his crime by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.According to a Washington County Sheriff’s report recently obtained by In Touch magazine, Josh Duggar confessed that he was sexually molesting children, including his sisters and a family friend, to his father, Jim Bob Duggar, on at least three separate occasions.Three. Separate. Occasions.Yet despite the the multiple conf … [Read more...]

NC Pastor Tells Gay Teens They’re Going To Hell At Public School Graduation Event

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A North Carolina pastor delivers an obnoxious anti-gay rant at a public high school graduation event leaving parents and students angry and confused.Pastor Scott Carpenter says he just couldn't pass up the opportunity to alert graduating seniors from Kings Mountain High School that if they are gay, they are going to hell. However, angry parents and students complained that Pastor Carpenter was way out of line by delivering a hate filled rant at what was supposed to be a ceremony celebrating … [Read more...]