Indiana public school teacher fired for being an atheist files lawsuit

A former Indiana public school teacher who alleges he was fired for refusing to participate in prayers initiated by the school principal, and telling administrators and colleagues he refused to pray to some “mystical sky daddy” because he was an atheist, has filed a federal lawsuit.Kevin Pack, a former German teacher, was fired by the Middlebury school board last April.Last Wednesday Pack filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming he was fired because he is an atheist. In his complaint, Pa … [Read more...]

Seven children removed from Christian homeschoolers

Christian persecution or child abuse? The removal of seven home-schooled children from conservative Christian parents in Arkansas after allegations of child abuse has inflamed right wing media with rage and accusation of Christian persecution.Original media reports indicated the children had been removed from the home after accusations surfaced that the parents had using a bogus “miracle” cure known as MMS, a mineral supplement described by the Food and Drug Administration as a dangerous subs … [Read more...]

Florida school board halts distribution of Bibles

Secular Victory: Efforts by Christian extremists to indoctrinate public school children with Bibles fails after Satanists and atheists announced plans to distribute competing reports that after much controversy the Orange County (Fla.) Public Schools has banned Bible distribution in area high schools after Satanists and others announced plans to pass out their own literature.Last November, worried about facing national ridicule if a Satanic group would be allowed … [Read more...]

Oxford University Press bans words related to pigs

In a misguided and cowardly attempt to avoid offending religious sentiment, Oxford University Press bans words related to pork, pigs, or sausages in books meant for children.Authors for the top publisher are being warned not to mention pigs or sausages in educational material for children in an apparent bid to avoid offending the religious beliefs of Muslims and Jews.The bizarre attempt at self-censorship was revealed during a BBC discussion on free speech in the wake of the Paris terror … [Read more...]

Pastor brags about punching ‘dangerously bright’ kid

(Image via Friendly Atheist)

Sometimes Christian love requires violence: In a disturbing video clip, a pastor brags about punching a “dangerously bright” kid in the chest for “not taking the Lord serious.”In the video, an unnamed pastor talks about his days of being a youth pastor, and explains how he assaulted a “smart aleck” kid for “not taking the Lord serious.”In the video the pastor says: I punched him in the chest as hard as I could. I crumpled the kid. The clip ends with the pastor explaining: “There’s t … [Read more...]

Alabama University Chancellor slanders atheists in mass email

Malicious intent: Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins sent a mass email to every student and staff member at the public institution disparaging atheists and others by promoting the absurd claim that morality requires faith in religious superstition.On Tuesday, Dec. 30, Hawkins sent a mass email to faculty, staff and students containing a link to a YouTube video in which Harvard Business School’s Prof. Clay Christensen disparaged atheists and non-religious people as a menace to American s … [Read more...]

Transgender teen commits suicide, cites Christian parents in blog

Leelah Alcorn

After years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, an Ohio transgender teen commits suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer truck.Leelah Alcorn, also known as Joshua Alcorn, was struck and killed by a passing semitrailer on southbound Interstate 71 in Union Township Sunday morning. The tragic event appears not to have been an accident, but a suicide.On her blog at Tumblr, Leelah left a poignant suicide note, detailing a life of pain and rejection, a life … [Read more...]

Ohio forces public schools to partner with ‘faith-based’ groups for funding

Funding for public school program requires religious partner: In order to qualify for a new mentoring program funded with taxpayer dollars Ohio public schools are being forced to partner with a church or some other faith-based organization.The mentoring program is being championed by Republican Governor John Kasich, and provides $10 million to Ohio schools to work with at-risk students.The program, Community Connectors, provides $10 million in 3-to-1 matching grants meant to give at-risk … [Read more...]