Michigan lawmakers try to make homeschool safe

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For some students, homeschool is a fantastic alternative to a traditional education, but for others, homeschool is a nightmare of isolation, abuse, and even death.Michigan lawmakers are trying to make homeschool a little safer, and protect kids from the dangers and abuse homeschooling makes possible by creating a registry of homeschooled students and instituting a simple requirement that homeschooled students are seen at least twice a year by certain professionals considered to be mandatory … [Read more...]

Iowa GOP official wants Christianity taught in public schools

Tamara Scott, (screen-grab)

A GOP official argues Christianity should be taught and practiced in public schools because “there’s only one true God.”Last week, Tamara Scott, an Iowa member of the Republican National Committee, gave a speech advocating for Christianity being taught in public schools. Scott said she was upset by the fact that non-Christian prayers (Wiccan and Muslim) had been said at the Iowa State House.Speaking at a Republican presidential forum hosted by the influential Iowa conservative group The F … [Read more...]

School nurse abuses student who refused to stand for Pledge of Allegiance

A middle school nurse in Pennsylvania refused to treat and verbally abused and humiliated an 8th grade student for refusing to stand during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.The American Humanist Association (AHA) has sent a letter to Carlisle Area School District on behalf of the Wilson Middle School student who was verbally abused and harassed by the school nurse for exercising the constitutional right to remain seated during the Pledge of Allegiance.According to the letter, … [Read more...]

Obama honors Leelah Alcorn, backs ban on LGBT conversion therapy

Justice for Leelah: President Barack Obama defends LGBT youth by supporting a ban on conversion therapy, the despicable attempt to force a child or young adult to reverse their sexual orientation or gender identity, often to satisfy the religious superstition and bigotry of ignorant parents.Late last year transgender teen Leelah Alcorn committed suicide after years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, parents who forced Leelah to attend conversion therapy. In the process … [Read more...]

Supreme Court preserves NYC’s ban on religious services in public schools

Secular victory: The U.S. Supreme Court leaves intact New York City's ban on religious worship services inside public school buildings.On Monday the Supreme Court declined to review a case involving New York City’s ban on religious groups’ holding worship services in public school buildings, leaving in place a decision by a lower court that found the longstanding policy constitutional.The New York Times reports the decision permits city officials  to immediately expel dozens of religious … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum wants to save America by putting Bibles back in schools

Theocracy alert: Former senator and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum calls upon an audience of pastors and Christian activists to save America by putting Bibles back in the public schools.Santorum rallied an audience of Christian extremists by suggesting educators should defy a Supreme Court ruling against school-sponsored Bible readings while speaking at the Awakening, a conference organized by the Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay, Christian extremist organization.Speaking at … [Read more...]

West Coast Baptist College does blackface

BeFunky_wcbc 2015-03-10.jpg

What were they thinking? A photo of two white students in blackface from West Coast Baptist College posing with an Assistant Dean has many people scratching their head.The controversial photo, shared by the blog Stuff Fundies Like and reshared by the Tumblr blog Christian Nightmares, depicts two white students in blackface grinning for the camera and posing with what appears to be Assistant Dean Reggie Williams, an African American.It is hard to think of a context in which white students … [Read more...]

Conservative college group demands gay students learn respect for traditional values

Persecution complex: A conservative college organization at George Washington University is demanding LGBT students be required to take mandatory classes to learn respect for traditional marriage and conservative Christian values.Members of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) student organization at George Washington University (GW) are demanding that LGBT students be forced to take mandatory sensitivity training to learn respect for conservative Christian values and traditional marriage, w … [Read more...]