Hilarious: Jesus Talks Like A Republican Via Jimmy Kimmel

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Demonstrating the absurdity of the GOP fetish for Jesus, Jesus Christ appears on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to read actual quotes from GOP presidential candidates. Kimmel introduced the taped segment featuring Christ Tuesday night by noting: God is a very important part of this primary election. Most all of the candidates go out of their way [Read More...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Educates Flat Earther B.o.B. In Epic Rap Battle

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and his nephew respond to Flat Earth rapper B.o.B. in their new rap: Flat To Fact. NPR reports: So, a Twitter spat between astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and rapper B.o.B. over the flat Earth theory has turned into a full-blown rap battle (and it’s way better than Drake vs. Meek Mill). B.o.B., whom you might [Read More...]

I’m With Stupid: Palin Endorses Trump

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday. In a rambling and confused speech at a rally at Iowa State University, Palin praised Trump’s experience in the private sector. With Trump by her side Palin exclaimed: Are you ready for the leader to make [Read More...]

Bill Maher: Is Obama Avoiding Me Because I’m An Atheist?


Bill Maher asks President Obama to respect “the Godless,” and wonders if his atheism is preventing Obama from appearing as a guest on his show, HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. On last night’s Real Time, Maher made a plea to his audience to sign a petition asking Obama to appear on his popular program, [Read More...]

Hatred Of Atheists Binds Duck Dynasty Star And Ted Cruz

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Religious superstition and bigotry, coupled with a hatred for atheists, binds Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Earlier this week, in an ad released by the Cruz campaign, Robertson endorses Ted Cruz for president because Cruz is “Godly.” In the ad Robertson and Cruz are seen hunting together, and both [Read More...]

Petition Asks God To Return David Bowie From The Dead

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Wishful thinking: A tongue-in-cheek petition asking “God or whom it may concern” to return David Bowie to the living has gone viral. The petition, launched on change.org, originated in Italy two days ago, and has since gone viral after Bowie fans on Twitter endorsed the cause. Currently, the petition, started by Andrea Natella, has over [Read More...]

Duggars Plan To Adopt (Indoctrinate) Another Child

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Another soldier for the Lord: Disgraced 19 Kids and Counting reality stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say they plan on adopting another child in 2016. If Jim Bob, 50, and Michelle, 48, are allowed to adopt, it would be the couple’s twentieth child. InTouch Weekly and other sources are reporting the Duggars are in [Read More...]

Televangelists Need Private Jets Because ‘Demons’ Fly Commercial

Kenneth Copeland (Image via Screen Grab)

Watch popular televangelists explain that they need their luxury private jets because flying commercial in this “dope filled world” means flying with “demons.” Televangelists and prosperity gospel hustlers Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis explain why they need luxury jets on a recent edition of the Believer’s Voice of Victory show. In the video, Copeland (the [Read More...]

Dishonest Mike Huckabee Denies Supporting Josh Duggar

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Despite evidence to the contrary, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee claims he never supported Josh Duggar. During a recent interview with Iowa radio host Simon Conway, Huckabee was asked how he could continue to stand by Josh Duggar after it was revealed Duggar had sexually molested his younger sisters and a young neighbor while he [Read More...]

Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong Woman Miss Universe

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Fail: Steve Harvey, an obnoxious Christian extremist and anti-atheist bigot, crowned the wrong woman Miss Universe Sunday night in Las Vegas and was forced to make an embarrassing apology. USA Today reports that as host of the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night in Las Vegas, Harvey announced Miss Colombia was the winner… but then he [Read More...]