Pat Robertson: Prayers don’t work because people ‘enjoy’ being sick

Pat Robertson

Christian love - blaming the victim: Televangelist Pat Robertson explains why healing prayers don’t work by claiming some people secretly “enjoy their sickness,” and do not want to be cured.The deranged and demented televangelist went on a particularly offensive rant on his popular and long running television program The 700 Club this morning. Right Wing Watch reports Robertson fielded a question from a viewer who wondered why her husband hasn’t been healed from a medical condition despite in … [Read more...]

Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson apologizes for attacking Atheists

Apology accepted? Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson has issued an apology after saying “If I’m ever around an atheist, I think I’m gonna get hit by lightning or something. I just don’t even want to be in the room with them.”The Facebook page for American Atheists, Inc. reports Robinson issued an apology for her disparaging remarks about atheists via Twitter: “it was hurtful. I apologize.” Earlier this week, Access Hollywood host Robinson was interviewing conservative Christian actor Kevi … [Read more...]

Access Hollywood host attacks Atheists

Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson

Is this what persecution looks like? Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson says “if I’m ever around an atheist, I think I’m gonna get hit by lightning or something. I just don’t even want to be in the room with them.”Conservative Christian actor Kevin Sorbo and Access Hollywood host Robinson engaged in what many might consider hate speech on the August 12 edition of Access Hollywood.Sorbo was appearing on Access Hollywood to promote his movie, “God is not Dead.”In an obnoxious display … [Read more...]

Christians report Robin Williams is in hell

Robin Williams is spending an eternity in the fires of hell according to many Christians. The Internet is full of blogs, tweets and comments from the faithful reporting that the beloved actor and comedian is now suffering an eternity of torment, consumed by hell’s fire.Oscar winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Tiburon, California home on Monday, according to the Marin County Sheriff's Office. Immediately after news of his death by suicide w … [Read more...]

Man in funny hat with invisible friends tells kids the Internet is bad

Pope Francis, a man who spends a great deal of time trying to communicate with invisible friends, is telling children the Internet is a waste of time.Francis is urging kids not to waste time on the Internet, smartphones and television, but to instead spend their time on more productive activities. (Like talking to imaginary friends?)Speaking before 50,000 German altar servers, Francis said “chatting on the Internet or with smartphones (and) watching TV soap operas” is futile and a waste o … [Read more...]

Religious scholar blasts prosperity gospel, calls Joel Osteen a ‘charlatan’

Joel Osteen

Jesus wants you to drive a Bentley? Religious scholar Reza Aslan calls Joel Osteen a “charlatan” and slams America’s sick love affair with the prosperity gospel.Aslan, speaking at the 2014 Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver, discussed his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. During his talk, the University of California at Riverside professor went off on Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel currently so popular in the U.S. Aslan said: The fastest growing Protestant movem … [Read more...]

Christian leader hopes Ebola will cure America’s problem with gays and atheists

More of that Christian love? End Times radio host Rick Wiles claims an outbreak of Ebola “could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”Right Wing Watch reports that Wiles, while speaking on his on “Trunews” program yesterday, said that an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. might actually be a good thing if it ends up giving an “attitude adjustment” to all the gays and atheists, as well as people who use pornography or have had an abortio … [Read more...]

Atheist TV gives Creationist Ken Ham a sad

The many faces of Ken Ham

Leading creationist Ken Ham is upset that Atheist TV is now on the air, claiming the new network for atheists will “poison and destroy” the minds of children.The irony is rich. Ken Ham makes a living abusing children, poisoning their minds with the most ignorant religious superstition, desperately trying to persuade children and adults alike that his creationist nonsense is somehow legitimate science.Writing on his blog, Ham whines about the fact that atheists now have a television net … [Read more...]