Bill O’Reilly Blames Atheists And Agnostics For Virginia Shooting

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Bloviating pinhead Bill O’Reilly slanders atheists, agnostics, and “secular progressive” Americans in a misguided attempt to understand the motivations of the gunman who fatally shot a TV news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast earlier this week in Virginia. Citing a supposed “rise in nihilism and a decline in spiritual belief,” as well as [Read More...]

Josh Duggar, Victim Of Christian Extremism, Enters Long Term Treatment Center

Josh Duggar (Image via Twitter)

Disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar has checked himself into a long term treatment center after being implicated in multiple salacious scandals. News of Duggar entering rehab comes only six days after he admitted to living a “double life” in a statement confirming his involvement with Ashley Madison, the infamous website for individuals interested in [Read More...]

Porn Star Claims Sex With Josh Duggar Was Traumatizing

Danica Dillon (Image via Instagram)

A porn star Josh Duggar paid for sex reports the sexual encounter was traumatizing, and that Duggar was violent with her and refused to use protection. Adult actress Danica Dillon said she had two unpleasant but consensual paid sexual encounters with the former reality TV star and Christian “family values” activist after meeting him at [Read More...]

Foo Fighters ‘Rick Roll’ Westboro Baptist Church

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Troll level: Expert. Foo Fighters fight back after members of the Westboro Baptist Church show up to protest at one of their concerts. On Friday members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) were surprised by an epic prank while picketing outside the Sprint Center in Kansas City, where the Foo Fighters were scheduled to play [Read More...]

Josh Duggar: ‘I have been the biggest hypocrite ever’

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Josh Duggar admits to living a “double life” in a statement issued today confirming his involvement with Ashley Madison, the infamous website for individuals interested in arranging extramarital affairs. Statement from Josh Duggar: I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been [Read More...]

Report: Josh Duggar Had Paid Ashley Madison Account

More Duggar schadenfreude: Family values advocate and serial child molester Josh Duggar had a paid account on Ashley Madison, the infamous website for individuals interested in arranging extramarital affairs. Gawker reports that data released online from the recent Ashley Madison hack reveals that Duggar, the disgraced former executive director of the Family Research Council and [Read More...]

John Oliver Exposes Immoral Televangelists Pimping Prosperity Gospel

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HBO’s John Oliver takes a hilarious look at the pernicious and predatory nature of Christian televangelists and their despicable exploitation of vulnerable and gullible believers for fun and profit. Declaring “this is about the churches that exploit people’s faith for monetary gain,” Oliver skewered Christian televangelists on the most recent edition of his HBO program [Read More...]

Pat Robertson Advises Grandparents To Take Grandson Away From Atheist Parents

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Christian televangelist Pat Robertson advises grandparents to take their  6-year-old grandson “away” from his atheist parents and send the boy to a Christian school. On Monday’s edition of the 700 Club Robertson responded to an email from a concerned grandmother by telling her to get her grandson away from his atheist parents and send him [Read More...]

Iowa Man Tries To Marry Lawnmower, And Fails

Rynard and Lawnmower (Image via Screen Grab)

Proving that anti-gay Congressman Steve King is an idiot, an Iowa man tries and fails to marry his lawnmower. Previously, and repeatedly, Rep. King, an extreme conservative Christian Republican from Iowa, has made the absurd claim that a person can marry an inanimate object like a lawnmower as a result of the recent and historic [Read More...]

Bill Maher: Americans Would Elect A Pedophile Before An Atheist

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Comedian Bill Maher says he will not be going into politics soon, declaring Americans “would probably elect a pedophile before an atheist.” Speaking with the the San Diego Union-Tribune earlier this week, the host of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” was asked if he ever considered running for public office. Maher, laughing, replied: Well, [Read More...]