Turkish President claims women are not equal to men

Islam means misogyny: Claiming “Our religion has given women a station: the station of motherhood,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declares men and women cannot be equal.Speaking at a meeting in Istanbul on women and justice, Erdogan offended all reasonable people after arguing that women are not equal to men because men and women are created differently. As a result, according to Erdogan, women cannot be expected to undertake the same work as men.Erdogan, a devout Muslim, often c … [Read more...]

Queen Rania of Jordan: Moderate Muslims complicit in success of ISIS

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan admits moderate Muslims are complicit in the success of ISIS, and calls on moderate Muslims to speak up and fight for the image of Islam before it is destroyed by violent extremists.In a blunt and hard-hitting speech at this year’s Abu Dhabi Media Summit Queen Rania spoke out against Islamic violent extremism, arguing the moderate majority of Arab Muslims must not stand by and remain silent, warning: They say, a story is told as much by silence as by s … [Read more...]

Holy War: Palestinians celebrate bloody axe attack at Jerusalem synagogue

Scene from horrific attack at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue.

Islamic terror: Two Palestinians stormed a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday, screaming “Allah hu'Akbar” while attacking worshippers praying inside with meat cleavers and a gun, killing four people before they were killed in a shootout with police.After the act of religious terrorism, masked men armed with axes and guns struck macho poses while women distributed sweets to children in the streets of Gaza, as Palestinians openly celebrated the bloody and cowardly attack.The Islamic ter … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishops claim tetanus vaccines sterilize women

Catholic Bishops in Kenya are pushing a wild conspiracy theory, claiming vaccines for tetanus contain a stealth ingredient that renders women of childbearing age sterile.Earlier this week, the Bishops of Kenya issued a statement claiming a clandestine population control program disguised as a tetanus vaccine program was being run by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.On Tuesday (Nov.11), the Kenyan Bishops appeared before the parliamentary health committee claiming they had tested … [Read more...]

UK majority believes religion does more harm than good

flag uk

Survey says religion poisons everything. In an affirmation of common sense and good judgement, more than half of the people in the UK believe religion does more harm than good.According to a new survey released by HuffPost UK, more than half of Britons believe that religion does more harm than good, with less than a quarter believing faith is a force for good.In addition, the majority of Brits believe religion is not more likely to make you a moral person. In fact, more than 55% of those … [Read more...]

Shia Muslims mark holy day with bloody self-mutilation (NSFL)

A Shia Muslim in Delhi has his child gashed with a knife for Ashura

Religion gone bad: Shia Muslims engage in gory mourning rituals such as self-flagellation and self-mutilation in celebration of Ashura, one of the holiest days in Shia Islam.For Shias, Ashura commemorates the killing of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the prophet Muhammad, in 680 CE.Shias constitute Islam's second-largest denomination (about 10-15 percent of the world Muslim population), and consider Hussein to be the one true heir of Muhammad's legacy.A minority of Shias mark the … [Read more...]

Theo van Gogh: Free Speech Martyr

Theo van Gogh portret by Leconte

Ten years ago the Dutch filmmaker, television host, atheist and provocateur Theodoor "Theo" van Gogh, was murdered by a Muslim extremist for blasphemy against Islam.On 2 November 2004 van Gogh was murdered while cycling to work in the morning. Like many Muslims at the time, the murderer-assassin, Mohammed Bouyeri, accused van Gogh of blasphemy against Islam for producing the controversial and provocative film Submission.  The short film, an avant-garde critique of the treatment of women u … [Read more...]

Catholic Archbishop: Ebola is punishment from God for homosexuality

Gays are under attack in Liberia after many Christian leaders, including Catholic Archbishop Lewis Zeigler of Monrovia, declared Ebola to be a punishment from God for the act of homosexuality.Earlier this year, "more than 100 Bishops, Pastors, General Overseers, Prophets, Evangelists and other Ministers of the Gospel," met under the auspices of the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC), to deliberate about the Ebola epidemic.Ultimately, the Christian leaders unanimously endorsed the … [Read more...]