The Holy Quran Experiment Will Make You Laugh And Think

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Social investigators expose prejudice and bias by disguising a Bible as a Quran and reading some of the Bible’s most gruesome verses to people on the street. After the recent tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, Dutch YouTube pranksters at Dit Is Normaal ran an intriguing social experiment: They bought a Bible, changed the cover to [Read More...]

San Bernardino Shooter Pledged Allegiance To Islamic State

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Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State on the same day she and her husband killed 14 people in San Bernardino. CNN and multiple other sources are reporting that Malik, the wife in the husband and wife team behind the California mass shooting, allegedly posted a note of support for Islamic State [Read More...]

Anonymous Publishes Islamic State Hit List

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The hacktivist collective Anonymous says the Islamic State is planning to launch attacks in the U.S., Paris, Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon on Sunday. Hacktivists working under the banner of Anonymous have released information concerning eight targets scheduled to be hit tomorrow, November 22. Targets include the WWE Survivor Series wrestling event being held at the [Read More...]

Saudi Arabia Sentences Poet To Death For Encouraging Atheism

Ashraf Fayadh (Image via YouTube)

A Palestinian poet has been sentenced to death by a Saudi Arabian court for renouncing Islam and encouraging atheism. Earlier this week a Saudi court ordered the execution of Ashraf Fayadh on charges of “doubting the existence of God.” Human Rights Watch’s Middle East researcher Adam Coogle confirmed that the death sentence handed down to [Read More...]

Jennifer Lawrence Removed From Hunger Games Posters

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Jennifer Lawrence has been removed from Hunger Games posters in Israel to avoid offending religious audiences. Lawrence’s image has been removed from posters for the fourth and final Hunger Games movie because depictions of the female figure makes many ultra-Orthodox Jews uncomfortable and angry. Because of the potential for vandalism and unrest, residents in ultra-Orthodox [Read More...]

Confused Jeb Bush Can’t Explain How Refugees Will Prove They Are Christian

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GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says the U.S. should only accept Christian refugees from Syria, but is unable to explain how refugees will prove they are Christian. Speaking at a campaign stop in South Carolina Bush said: At a minimum we ought to be bringing in people that have — orphans or people that clearly [Read More...]

Angry Obama Ridicules Republican Refugee Rhetoric

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President Obama mocks Republicans for being afraid of “three year-old orphans.” President Barack Obama slammed Republicans for their xenophobic and cowardly rhetoric during a press conference with the president of the Philippines Tuesday night. Obama was asked about concerns being expressed by some Republicans about the U.S. plan to admit additional refugees from Syria. Answering the [Read More...]

Cyber War: Anonymous Eliminates 5,500 ISIS Twitter Accounts

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Anonymous eliminates over 5,500 Twitter accounts tied to the Islamic State and begins to leak the personal information of suspected ISIS extremists in Operation Paris (#OpParis). The nebulous and notorious international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous declared war on the Islamic State (IS) earlier this week after the horrific massacre in Paris. The terrorist [Read More...]

Dalai Lama On Paris Attacks: Prayer Is Not The Answer

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Responding to the recent massacre in Paris, the Dalai Lama argues for “humanistic values” while declaring that the problem of terrorism “cannot be resolved through prayers.” The Dalai Lama condemned the killings in the Friday-night Paris terror attacks while speaking at the 5th Convocation of the Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Phagwara, Punjab. Concerning the [Read More...]

Pastor Blames Paris Victims Because They Attended ‘Death Metal’ Concert

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A controversial Christian pastor blames victims of the Paris massacre because they were attending a rock concert by the band Eagles of Death Metal when terrorists attacked the Bataclan theater. In a fiery sermon titled “The Sinful Nation of France,” Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church reacted to the horrific terror attacks in [Read More...]