Shooting at Free Speech event targets cartoonist who depicted Mohammed

Terror in Copenhagen: Danish police have confirmed that one civilian has been shot dead and that three police officers have been injured in an attack on a freedom of speech event organized by supporters of Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced numerous threats for drawing the Prophet Mohammed.Police confirmed that a shooting had taken place at a cafe in the Osterbro section of Copenhagen, which is where the free speech event, "Arts, blasphemy and freedom of speech." was taking place on … [Read more...]

Science fail: GOP Governor Scott Walker ‘punts’ on evolution

An audience in London laughs at Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker for refusing to say whether or not he believes in evolution.Walker is in London for four days as part of a trade delegation from Wisconsin. He is considered by many in the Republican Party to be a likely candidate for the GOP’s nominee for president in 2016. And like a great many Republican politicians, he refuses to acknowledge the simple scientific truth of evolution.On Wednesday Walker d … [Read more...]

Saudi academic claims women drive because ‘they don’t care if they are raped’

In a feeble attempt to justify Saudi Arabia’s prohibition against female drivers a Saudi academic claims Western women who drive “don’t care if they are raped on the roadside” because “sexual violence is no big deal to them.”In a recent TV interview Saleh al-Saadoon, a prominent Saudi Arabian historian, claimed that women can be raped when a car breaks down, but Saudi Arabia protects its women from that risk by not allowing them to drive in the first place.The bizarre remarks were made du … [Read more...]

Pope Francis recommends violence against children

Moral failure: Pope Francis tells parents hitting children is “beautiful” as long as the act of violence against a child is done with “dignity.”The inflammatory and controversial remarks were made by Francis at his general audience Wednesday in St. Peter's Square. Francis, speaking about the importance of fathers, said: One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say `I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them.' Francis we … [Read more...]

Canada gets it right on assisted suicide

Secular victory: Despite strenuous objections from religious groups, Canada’s Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional the nation’s law against assisted suicide.On Friday, in a unanimous decision, Canada's Supreme Court ruled that doctors may help patients who have severe and incurable medical conditions to die, overturning a 1993 ban.The National Post reports: In the landmark 9-0 decision, the high court ruled that the Criminal Code provision against aiding and abetting som … [Read more...]

Christian missionary disappointed to find prosperous Africans

Missionary seeks misery: The good Christian lady wanted to find dirt floors, dirty laundry, and half naked children covered in bug bites, instead she found a modern and prosperous city, and she was disappointed.In an obnoxious blog entry a Christian missionary named Jessica Tidwell discusses her disappointment to find the modern and prosperous city of Nairobi in Kenya.Apparently Tidwell was expecting to find unwashed savages in need of Jesus. Instead, she found a thriving metropolis: I … [Read more...]

Angry Christian claims humanists are debauched, polite atheist responds

Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association

A Christian angry about humanist wedding ceremonies is taught a lesson in civility and reason by a polite and well spoken atheist on a recent edition of a British television program dedicated to discussions of philosophy, religion and secular society.Appearing on the British program The Big Questions, Taiwo Adewuyi, U.K. Christian and founder of the group Discuss Jesus, went on a rant, claiming that humanist weddings are “demonic” rituals, that secularism is “the Devil’s PR,” and non-relig … [Read more...]

Buddhist ‘experts’ claim mummified monk is still alive

Silly superstition: According to some Buddhist “experts” a 200-year-old Mongolian monk whose mummified remains were recently found in the lotus posture is “not dead, but is in a very deep meditation.”The mummy was discovered in the Songinokhairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, last week, after a man identified only as “Enhtor” was caught trying to sell the mummified monk on the black market.The preserved body of the monk, sitting in the cross-legged lotus position, was dis … [Read more...]