Muslims outraged after Saudi soldier puts foot on ‘holy rock’

Child marriage, honor killings, no big deal; but put your foot on a holy rock and the Islamic world goes crazy. A picture of a Saudi policeman resting his foot on a holy site infuriated many in the Muslim world last week after the photo went viral. In the photo, the Saudi officer appears leaning against the Kaaba, which the BBC describes as "a square building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque, in Mecca." An Arabic hashtag (#عسكري_يضع_قدمه_على_الكعبة) that translates to #SoldierPutsHi … [Read more...]

Muslim men buy child brides as young as nine in Niger


Child brides are big business in the poverty stricken country of Niger, where daughters as young as nine years old are sold to wealthy Muslim men from neighboring Nigeria. BBC reports the marriage of young girls is a social norm in Niger, and given explicit backing by religious leaders. Islamic law allows marriage not by age, but by physical maturity, which is supposedly attained once a girl reaches the age of puberty. When the government of Niger tried to introduce laws to give more … [Read more...]

Angry Muslims declare jihad on Cadbury chocolates

Chocolate jihad? Angry Malaysian Muslims are calling for a holy war against confectionery giant Cadbury after pork DNA was found in some of its products. The controversy started when pig traces were found in two Cadbury chocolate products following tests conducted by the Malaysian Health Ministry. Reacting to the discovery, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department immediately suspended the products' halal certification. Cadbury said it would recall all pork tainted items from … [Read more...]

Slavery in South Carolina: Bible College is forced labor camp for foreign students

Cathedral Bible College

Biblical morality? A South Carolina Bible College lured foreign students into their academic program only to exploit the students as forced labor by threatening their legal status. Reginald Wayne Miller, the president of Cathedral Bible College, was arrested late last week on accusations that he forced foreign students to work long hours for low wages by threatening to revoke their student visas if they complained or failed to comply with his demands. In essence, the Bible College treated … [Read more...]

Twitter caves to Islamic censors, blocks ‘blasphemous’ content in Pakistan

Twitter betrays the promise of Internet freedom by blocking content deemed ‘“blasphemous” by Islamic censors in Pakistan. Multiple reports indicate Twitter has been blocking so-called “blasphemous content” in Pakistan at the request of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. The New York Times reports it is the first time Twitter has deployed its controversial country-specific censorship policy, first unveiled in 2012. The Times goes on to report a number of Twitter accounts seemed to have … [Read more...]

Woman sentenced to death for renouncing Islam

A Sudanese court has sentenced a woman to hang for apostasy - the abandonment of one’s religious faith - for renouncing Islam and identifying as a Christian. The case, thought to be the first of its kind to be heard in Sudan, involves a pregnant, 27 year-old-woman named Mariam Yahia Ibrahim. Ibrahim identifies as Christian. However, the Khartoum court considers her to be Muslim, because her father was Muslim. In addition to hanging for apostasy, the judge also sentenced the woman to 100 l … [Read more...]

Islamic extremists threaten to sell girls into forced marriage and sexual slavery

Islamic extremists in Nigeria are threatening to sell over 200 kidnapped school girls, some as young as nine-years-old, into forced marriage and sexual slavery. The girls were abducted from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria last month by the Boko Haram terrorist network, a radical Islamic group that has been waging a campaign of terror against Nigeria’s weak central government, demanding that strict Shariah law be adopted across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million p … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal: Scorpions drummer jailed for insulting Islam

The drummer for the heavy metal band Scorpions has been jailed for insulting Islam and giving Muslims the middle finger at an airport in Dubai. James Kottak, the American drummer for the German band Scorpions, was sentenced to a month in jail for being drunk, insulting Islam and Muslims, and dropping his trousers at Dubai International Airport, according to media reports. Kottak, 51, admits he drank five glasses of wine on a flight from Moscow to Dubai. However,  he denies flipping the bird, … [Read more...]