Indiana Clerk Fired For Refusing To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses


An Indiana county clerk fired for “insubordination” after refusing to process applications for same-sex marriage licenses because of her “sincerely held religious beliefs” has filed a federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination.Linda Summers, a former deputy clerk in the Harrison County, Indiana Superior Court Clerk's Office, has filed a federal court lawsuit alleging religious discrimination in employment after being fired for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.The Louisv … [Read more...]

Black Pastor Challenges Christian Hypocrisy

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Some truth about Leviticus: In a fiery sermon a Georgia pastor is caught on video slamming the ugly hypocrisy of Christians who demonize LGBT people.Recently Pastor Dewey Smith of the House of Hope, Greater Travelers Rest church in Decatur gave a stirring sermon in which he slammed Christians for cherry picking which parts of the Bible to follow, pointing out that Christian leaders are happy to  judge gay people but “change wives like we change underwear.”Smith also made a powerful anal … [Read more...]

Conservative Christian Professor: ‘It’s The Queers They Should Be Hanging’

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A Canadian professor has been fired after posting violent, anti-gay messages on Facebook.Professor Rick Coupland is no longer teaching business classes at St. Lawrence College in Ontario after making some obnoxious and offensive posts on social media.In a recent comment concerning the raising of rainbow flags Coupland posted the following on his Facebook page: It's the queers they should be hanging, not the flag. For context, when making his offensive comment, Coupland, a full-time … [Read more...]

EEOC Rules Federal Law Prohibits Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation

In a historic ruling the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finds that employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is forbidden under existing federal civil rights law, specifically the current ban on sex discrimination.In a groundbreaking decision issued July 15 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that “[A]llegations of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation necessarily state a claim of discrimination on the basis of sex” is barred by the … [Read more...]

Scott Walker: Ban Gay Scout Leaders To Protect Children

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Gay bashing Governor Scott Walker equates homosexuality with pedophilia while courting religious conservatives.Wisconsin Governor and GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker says he disagrees with the Boy Scouts' decision to allow gays to serve as troop leaders because children need to be “protected” from gay men.On Monday, the Boy Scouts of America voted to end their ban on gay scout leaders, and Scott Walker was not happy about it. Expressing his anti-gay bias, Walker spoke out against … [Read more...]

Bill Nye Explains Why Being Gay Is Perfectly Natural

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Bill Nye “The Science Guy” explains why being gay is both perfectly natural, and a natural part of the evolutionary process.In a new video for Big Think, popular science explainer Bill Nye explains why homosexuality makes sense from an evolutionary and a genetic standpoint.An anonymous viewer asks Bill about same-sex attraction, and how it fits into an account of biological evolution: I have a question about homosexuality. If the purpose of a species is to reproduce and survive, how wou … [Read more...]

Christian Bakers Fined For Doxxing Lesbian Couple Via Social Media

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It wasn’t refusing to bake a wedding cake that earned Sweet Cakes By Melissa a $135,000 fine, it was the fact that the Christian bakers published the personal information of the lesbian couple requesting the cake, thus inviting fellow anti-gay Christians to attack and threaten the couple and their foster children.While many Christians claim outrage about the fine, few know or are willing to admit the real reason for the hefty fine, and the despicable actions of Christian bakers Aaron and M … [Read more...]

Kansas Governor Issues Executive Order Promoting Discrimination Against LGBT

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Under the pretense of protecting sincerely held religious beliefs, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback issues an executive order promoting discrimination against LGBT people.The order allows taxpayer funded religious groups, including those providing social services, to discriminate against LGBT people and their families without fear of legal consequence.Tuesday, Governor Brownback issued the executive order titled the “Preservation and Protection of Religious Freedom” in direct response to the … [Read more...]