Alabama Supreme Court Justice promises to defy federal ruling on gay marriage

Judicial holy war: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore promises to defy any federal ruling in support of same-sex marriage and is urging Governor Robert Bentley and other state officials to join him in resisting the “tyranny” of federal courts overturning the state’s ban on gay marriage.Earlier this month, a federal district court ruled that Alabama's same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay citizens. In response, Moore sent a letter to the state's governor ur … [Read more...]

Mormon church softens anti-gay stance, gripes about ‘religious freedom’

Too little, too late? In a major announcement the Mormon church softens their anti-gay stance by declaring they will support some legal protections for gays and lesbians; however, the church will continue to oppose same-sex marriage, and wants legislation to protect “religious freedom.”CNN reports that in a rare press conference on Tuesday at church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Mormon leaders pledged to support some anti-discrimination laws for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender peo … [Read more...]

Oklahoma GOP wants to restrict marriage to people of faith

Atheists need not apply: A bill proposed by Oklahoma Republicans would restrict the right to marry to people of faith, and would mandate all marriage licenses be approved by a member of the clergy.House Bill 1125, filed on Tuesday by Republican State Representative Todd Russ, is a radical measure that would end secular marriage licenses in the state. In addition, the bill would bar all judges and other secular officials from performing marriages in Oklahoma.Russ claims the radical … [Read more...]

Ellen DeGeneres Slams Anti-Gay Pastor

Ellen Degeneres

In a brilliant response to ignorant Christian bigotry, Ellen DeGeneres mocks an angry anti-gay pastor.In a recent anti-gay op-ed written for The Christian Post, Tennessee Pastor Larry Tomczak alleged that gay celebrities like Degeneres are guilty of pushing a “gay agenda” on America’s youth, and cites DeGeneres as an example of Hollywood “promoting homosexuality,” and the so-called “gay agenda.”In her opening monologue on Tuesday’s show, Degeneres poked fun at the ignorant, homophobic pas … [Read more...]

Portland citizens overwhelm Westboro Baptist Church protest

(Screen Grab via YouTube)

Dance party: After coming to protest the Portland Trail Blazers decision to support gay marriage, members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church were met by hundreds of joyous counter-protesters mocking the church’s message of hate.The Oregonian reports about 20 members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) arrived at the Moda Center Saturday to picket the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers for its support of gay marriage - only to be surrounded by several hundred counter-protesters.KOIN TV r … [Read more...]

Transgender teen commits suicide, cites Christian parents in blog

Leelah Alcorn

After years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, an Ohio transgender teen commits suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer truck.Leelah Alcorn, also known as Joshua Alcorn, was struck and killed by a passing semitrailer on southbound Interstate 71 in Union Township Sunday morning. The tragic event appears not to have been an accident, but a suicide.On her blog at Tumblr, Leelah left a poignant suicide note, detailing a life of pain and rejection, a life … [Read more...]

Anti-gay pastor arrested for groping man’s genitals

Pastor Gaylard Williams

More of that Christian hypocrisy: Anti-gay Pastor Gaylard Williams of the Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, Indiana, has been arrested for sexual battery after allegedly groping a man’s genitals and soliciting oral sex.Williams, 59, was arrested earlier this week for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances on a 27-year-old man parked at a lake, squeezing the victim’s genitals and asking to perform oral sex.According to court documents, the victim told police that Williams app … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: Gays will ‘die out because they don’t reproduce’

In a stunning failure of common sense, 700 Club televangelist Pat Robertson predicts that gays “will die out because they don't reproduce.”Earlier this week the 700 Club televangelist took a call from a woman complaining that her church forbids dating or marriage, and that even showing interest in the opposite sex is considered a “sin.”Robertson told the woman to “run” from her church before everyone dies out.The woman, identified as Crystal, wrote: It is treated as a sin to show int … [Read more...]