Anti-gay pastor arrested for groping man’s genitals

Pastor Gaylard Williams

More of that Christian hypocrisy: Anti-gay Pastor Gaylard Williams of the Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, Indiana, has been arrested for sexual battery after allegedly groping a man’s genitals and soliciting oral sex.Williams, 59, was arrested earlier this week for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances on a 27-year-old man parked at a lake, squeezing the victim’s genitals and asking to perform oral sex.According to court documents, the victim told police that Williams app … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: Gays will ‘die out because they don’t reproduce’

In a stunning failure of common sense, 700 Club televangelist Pat Robertson predicts that gays “will die out because they don't reproduce.”Earlier this week the 700 Club televangelist took a call from a woman complaining that her church forbids dating or marriage, and that even showing interest in the opposite sex is considered a “sin.”Robertson told the woman to “run” from her church before everyone dies out.The woman, identified as Crystal, wrote: It is treated as a sin to show int … [Read more...]

Duggar defends discrimination against gays citing ‘Christian love’

Josh “my mom’s vagina is a clown car” Duggar claims his Christian love for gays forces him to fight against rights for LGBT people.Duggar, the oldest son of “Quiverfull” parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and policy director at the Family Research Council (FRC), said that his and his family’s efforts to successfully overturn a non-discrimination law in Fayetteville, Arkansas were an act of love toward the LGBT community.While guest-hosting the FRC’s Washington Watch radio show on Monday … [Read more...]

New Zealand pastor tells gay author ‘I pray that you will commit suicide’

Pastor Logan Robertson

More of that Christian love: A Baptist pastor in New Zealand admits he sent an abusive email to a prominent gay author in which he prays for the author's death via suicide.Jim Marjoram, author of It's Life Jim: A Journey to Sexual and Spiritual Reconciliation via the Road of Fundamentalist Religion, a book about life as a gay Christian, sent out an email to promote his new book and new ministry to help LGBT Christians to several church leaders in New Zealand.Marjoram sent out … [Read more...]

American architect of Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill faces trial for crimes against humanity

Extreme anti-gay Christian pastor Scott Lively, the American architect of Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ legislation, will stand trial for crimes against humanity.Late last week the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s petition to have the crimes against humanity lawsuit against him dropped.Lively is accused of violating international law by inciting the persecution of LGBT individuals in Uganda.In 2009 a group of American evangelists led by Lively conducted national rallies, semi … [Read more...]

Religious freedom? Michigan House passes right to discriminate bill

License to hate: Calling it religious freedom, Republicans in the Michigan House have pushed through a draconian measure that would allow individuals to discriminate against gays and others based on "sincerely held religious beliefs."The Republican-led House voted 59-50 along party lines Thursday to pass the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act, HB 5958.The bill supposedly providing protections for people with sincerely held religious beliefs was put on a fast track Thursday, … [Read more...]

Arizona pastor wants to kill the gays for ‘AIDS free Christmas’

Pastor Steven Anderson

Claiming “God commands it,” controversial Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson calls for the mass extermination of all LGBT people, promising an “AIDS free Christmas” as a result.Anderson, pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, based in Tempe, Arizona, gave a controversial and offensive sermon last Sunday, arguing that God commands good Christians to kill the gays, and that the mass execution of LGBT people is a “cure” for AIDS.In the sermon, captured on video, Anderson tells his parishion … [Read more...]

Duggars face public backlash for LGBTQ ‘fear mongering’

Quiverfull of hate: The prodigious baby-making Duggars are in trouble after describing LGBT people as “child predators” and expressing other ugly sentiments motivated by their Christian extremism.Over a 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the cancellation of the Duggars’ TLC series "19 Kids and Counting" after the reality stars expressed discriminatory sentiments against the LGBT community.According to Huffington Post, viewers are angry about Duggar family matri … [Read more...]