‘Duck Dynasty’ family plans Broadway Musical

Christian bigotry, ignorance, and hatred, all set to music: a "Duck Dynasty" musical will open on a Las Vegas stage next February.“The Duck Commander Family Musical,” a 90-minute show with actors playing the family members from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” hopes to open in February at the Rio hotel and casino, where the Chippendales show and Penn & Teller are now running.They already have a Broadway producer working with them, as well as a composer working on the music (who said it won’t … [Read more...]

Arkansas church vandalized and threatened after welcoming gays

"They'll know we are Christians by our love..." A Unitarian Universalist church in a small town in Arkansas had its windows shot out and received a threatening letter after announcing that everyone was welcome at their church regardless of race or sexual orientation.Patheos blogger WWJTD reports: The Unitarian Universalist church in my hometown of Mountain Home, Arkansas recently published a letter in the local paper letting the community know that they welcome everyone at their church … [Read more...]

Christians concerned Starbucks serves lattes laced with ‘sodomites’ semen’


Would you like whipped cream with that? Conservative Christians worry that Starbucks is using “sodomites’ semen” to flavor their coffee after hearing some outrageous claims made by an anti-gay New York City pastor.The controversial leader of the anti-gay Harlem ATLAH Missionary Church, James Manning, is making news after claiming that Starbucks is using "sodomites' semen” to flavor their lattes.Manning says that the reason all these "untoward types" (gays) hang out at Starbucks is because … [Read more...]

Orange Is the New Black star shuts down subway preacher

Lea DeLaria stars as “Big Boo” in “Orange Is the New Black”

Annoying subway preacher meets his match: Lea DeLaria from Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black puts obnoxious anti-gay Christian preacher in his place.In a video posted by TMZ, DeLaria, sporting a “BAD JEW” t-shirt, decides to take issue with religious nonsense being spouted by a subway preacher on a commuter train.After listening to the subway preacher yelling at a train full of people,  proselytizing about “why America is in so much trouble today,” DeLaria went off: You’re part of the re … [Read more...]

Texas: Next Lieutenant Governor believes God speaks through ‘Duck Dynasty’

Sen. Dan Patrick

Republican Texas lieutenant governor candidate Sen. Dan Patrick is crazy for Jesus, which makes him at once both dangerous, and absurd.By all accounts, Patrick, a two-term state senator running for lieutenant governor, is destined to win the November election for lieutenant governor, assuming the office of what many argue is the most powerful political position in Texas.Yet Patrick is a dangerous Christian extremist who claims "There is no such thing as separation of church and … [Read more...]

Catholic Archbishop: Ebola is punishment from God for homosexuality

Gays are under attack in Liberia after many Christian leaders, including Catholic Archbishop Lewis Zeigler of Monrovia, declared Ebola to be a punishment from God for the act of homosexuality.Earlier this year, "more than 100 Bishops, Pastors, General Overseers, Prophets, Evangelists and other Ministers of the Gospel," met under the auspices of the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC), to deliberate about the Ebola epidemic.Ultimately, the Christian leaders unanimously endorsed the … [Read more...]

NC magistrate resigns rather than perform gay marriage

Claiming that marrying gay couples “would desecrate a holy Institution established by God Himself,” a North Carolina magistrate has resigned his office, because marrying a same-sex couple would violate his religious beliefs.John Kallam Jr., who served in Rockingham County, sent a letter of resignation addressed to Chief District Court Judge Fred Wilkins on Thursday.In his letter of resignation, Kallam stated “I can no longer fulfill my oath of office in good faith.” Kallam wrote: When I … [Read more...]

Youth pastor rapes teen boy to ‘cure’ homosexuality

Using threats of "black magic," a youth pastor in Kentucky repeatedly raped a teen boy, claiming the sexual abuse would cure the teen of homosexual tendencies.Kentucky police have arrested Polly Ann Church of God youth pastor Rex Allen Murphy after a 16-year-old male came forward to say he was being sexually abused by the youth pastor and Sunday school teacher.Murphy, 30, was booked into Pulaski County jail on Tuesday on felony charges including sodomy, sexual abuse, and use of a minor … [Read more...]