California Judge Throws Out ‘Kill The Gays’ Sodomite Suppression Act

A California judge has thrown out an anti-gay ballot measure seeking the death penalty for “the abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy.”On Monday, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Raymond M. Cadei ruled the proposed ballot measure calling for the killing of gay people “patently unconstitutional on its face.”Without the court’s ruling, California Attorney General Kamala Harris would have been legally forced to proceed with the heinous initiative petition … [Read more...]

Conservative Christians: ‘Take Down the Fascist, Anti-Christian Gay-Pride Flag’

LGBT Rainbow Flag (Image via Wikimedia)

Conservative Christians, some angry about the recent demise of the Confederate flag, are asking that the rainbow flag, a symbol of tolerance and LGBT rights, be taken down because it is supposedly “fascist” and “anti-Christian.”The rainbow flag,a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride and LGBT social movements, has been in use since the 1970s. However, since the recent great awakening concerning the obvious immorality of the Confederate flag, some angry conservatives have bee … [Read more...]

Michigan Bill Requires All Marriages To Be Sanctioned By Religious Official

Michigan Republicans are trying to legislate “God’s model” for traditional marriage by advancing legislation that would require a clergy member to sign any official marriage certificate issued by the state.The controversial legislation is being pushed through the Michigan House by conservative Christian lawmakers worried about the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.Earlier this week, Republican lawmakers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat introduced a package of bills in the st … [Read more...]

Scott ‘Kill the Gays’ Lively In Federal Court Facing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charges

(Image via YouTube)

Extreme anti-gay Christian pastor Scott Lively, the American architect of Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” legislation, is in federal court today facing charges of “crimes against humanity.”According to a report issued by MassLive, lawyers for Lively will appear in U.S. District Court today to defend the controversial pastor against allegations of crimes against humanity leveled by a Ugandan civil rights group.Late last year, the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s petition t … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus Rejects Conservative Christian Values and Old Testament Fairy Tales

(Screen Grab via Paper magazine)

Pop star Miley Cyrus rejects the immoral politics of Christian fundamentalists and compares believing the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark to believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.In a wide ranging, NSFW interview with Paper magazine, Cyrus discusses her own bisexuality and gender fluid status, as well as the important work she is doing to help homeless LGBT youth.Cyrus recently started the Happy Hippie Foundation, a philanthropic venture designed to raise funds and awareness for h … [Read more...]

Christian Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Death

(Image via Screen Grab)

A Christian pastor in Arizona is publicly praying for the death of Caitlyn Jenner, claiming Jenner is “the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world.”Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church is praying for God to rip out Jenner’s heart and cast her soul into the fiery depths of Hell.Anderson prayed for the death of Caitlyn Jenner during remarks he made on Sunday while preaching to his faithful flock. Anderson told his congregation he hated Jenner with “a perfect hatred,” a … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham Freaks Out Over Lesbian Friendly Commercial

(Image via YouTube)

Outraged that lesbians are being portrayed in a positive light, Franklin Graham launches a boycott against LGBT friendly companies.Using his Facebook page, Graham announced a boycott on all corporations that feature same-sex relationships in their commercials, and is calling on his fellow Christians to join him.Graham is particularly angry at Wells Fargo because one of its ads features a lesbian couple. The ad is a beautiful and heartwarming spot showing two moms-to-be learning American … [Read more...]

Arkansas Lawmaker Claims Gay Pride Parade is ‘Anti-Christian’ Attack

(image via Facebook)

Facebook Meltdown: Claiming a local gay pride parade "intimidates people who believe in God," an Arkansas lawmaker delivers an epic rant against supposed “anti-Christian” activists.Sen. Jason Rapert (R) is extremely angry because his hometown of Conway, Arkansas is once again hosting their 12th annual gay pride parade.Earlier this weekend Conway used his Facebook page to go on a wild tirade, writing in super serious all caps: ANTI-CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS WILL MARCH THROUGH THE STREETS OF CON … [Read more...]