Mormon Church Clarifies Same-Sex Policy: They Still Hate Gays

LDS Temple - Salt Lake City (Image via Facebook)

Bigots Be Bigots: After a furious backlash concerning a cruel new policy that stigmatizes and demeans not only gays and lesbians but the children of gays and lesbians, the Mormon church is attempting damage control. Last week’s revisions to the handbook for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints called for those in gay [Read More...]

Anti-Gay Utah Judge Takes Baby Away From Loving Lesbian Foster Parents

Judge Scott Johansen (Image via Screen Grab)

Guilty of parenting while gay: In a judicial travesty an anti-gay judge in Utah orders an infant child be taken away from a loving foster home because the parents happen to be lesbians. On Tuesday, Judge Scott Johansen ordered that the baby be taken from lesbian foster parents and instead placed with a heterosexual couple [Read More...]

WATCH: Maddow Exposes GOP Candidates At ‘Kill The Gays’ Rally

(Image via Screen Grab)

Rachel Maddow calls out Republican presidential candidates for attending an anti-gay religious liberty conference where speakers openly called for the execution of gay and lesbian citizens. Last Friday Republican presidential candidates Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz joined radical right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson on the stage of Swanson’s “National Religious Liberties Conference” where the [Read More...]

Former GOP Senator Calls Christian Morality Police ‘Hypocrites’

(Image via Screen Grab)

Claiming the Christian morality police “ask for Jesus while they’re diddling their secretary” former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson rebukes religious conservatives for their intolerance and hypocrisy. Speaking to KULR in an interview that aired on Sunday, Simpson declared: Hypocrisy is the original sin. It’s the guy who’s checking your moral values, like to ask for [Read More...]

GOP Presidential Candidates Appear With Pastor Calling For Execution Of Gays

(image via Screen Grab)

Republican presidential candidates Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz joined radical right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson on the stage of Swanson’s “National Religious Liberties Conference” Friday where the controversial pastor once again called for the execution of gays and lesbians. All three GOP candidates were interviewed on the stage by Swanson, interviewed on the same [Read More...]

Creationist Ken Ham Argues Gay Marriage Will Lead To Nudism

(Image via Facebook)

Creationist Ken Ham argues that people will abandon clothing if a literal interpretation of the Bible is rejected and same-sex marriage is accepted as the law of the land. Right Wing Watch reports Ham joined the Point of View radio program last week to discuss his worries that younger generations of Christians no longer believe [Read More...]

Florida ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Targets Women and Gays

(Image via Flickr)

In Florida, a dangerous new “religious freedom” bill targets women and gays for discrimination, and would allow medical providers to legally refuse service on the grounds of sincerely held “religious convictions.” The bill would allow medical professionals to discriminate against women and LGBT patients who live in violation of the medical professional’s “religious convictions.” Under [Read More...]

Justice Kennedy To Kim Davis: Do Your Job Or Resign

(Image via Screen Grab)

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says public officials who do not wish to follow the Court’s marriage equality decision should either do their job or resign. Kennedy, the author of June’s landmark marriage equality decision, made the comment during an appearance at Harvard Law School Thursday, in response to a question from a student in [Read More...]

Kentucky Governor Throws Kim Davis Under The Bus

Kim Davis (Image via Carter County Jail)

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is refusing to even meet with a group of Christian conservatives demanding a religious accommodation for anti-gay Rowan County clerk Kim Davis. A small group of influential Kentucky pastors representing  the “Family Foundation of Kentucky,”  was given the cold shoulder on Tuesday after demanding to meet with Governor Beshear. The group [Read More...]

Tennessee County Seeks God’s Forgiveness For Gay Marriage

Blount County Courthouse (Image via Wikimedia)

Officials in Blount County, Tennessee expect God to punish the U.S. for same-sex marriage, and are considering a resolution begging God for mercy and asking that the deity not smite their community “like Sodom and Gomorrah.” On Tuesday the county commissioners of Blount County will vote on a resolution which asks God to “pass us [Read More...]