Oklahoma House passes bill restricting marriage to people of faith

A bill that would restrict the right to marry to people of faith and would mandate all marriage licenses be approved by a member of the clergy was approved by the Oklahoma state House on Tuesday.The bill, approved by a Republican majority, now goes to the state Senate for consideration.House Bill 1125, sponsored by Republican State Representative Todd Russ, is a radical measure that would end secular marriage licenses in the state. In addition, the bill would bar all judges and other … [Read more...]

Conservative college group demands gay students learn respect for traditional values

Persecution complex: A conservative college organization at George Washington University is demanding LGBT students be required to take mandatory classes to learn respect for traditional marriage and conservative Christian values.Members of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) student organization at George Washington University (GW) are demanding that LGBT students be forced to take mandatory sensitivity training to learn respect for conservative Christian values and traditional marriage, w … [Read more...]

Christian lawmaker: Gays ‘don’t have a right to be served’

Anti-gay backlash: Christian Republicans fight for right to discriminate against LGBT people. Across the country conservative Christians are introducing legislation to provide legal protection to people who wish to discriminate against others based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”Currently Oklahoma is one such state where conservative Christian Republicans are trying to make it easier for businesses and individuals to opt out of serving gay couples on religious grounds, eff … [Read more...]

Islamic State throws gay man off building in Syria

Shocking images show Islamic State militants executing a young man accused of being gay by throwing him off a building before the bloodthirsty crowd below finishes the job by stoning the unfortunate victim.Recently released photos paint a dark and disturbing picture of life under the Islamic State in Syria.CNN reports the photographs released by ISIS in its stronghold of Raqqa are dated March 2015: The first ones show a large crowd, mostly men, but also among them a handful of women and … [Read more...]

Alabama defies federal court, halts same-sex marriage

Victory for Christian bigotry: Last night, in defiance of a previous federal court order, the Alabama Supreme Court ordered judges around the state to halt the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples.The all-Republican court ruled 7-1 in favor of a pair of conservative groups in ordering Alabama's 68 probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.The court ruled that “Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” and that the state’s pro … [Read more...]

Benham brothers claim they cured ‘the gay’ with kindness and Cubs tickets

Stupid for Jesus: The gay bashing Benham brothers who were denied a television show after their anti-gay Christian bigotry became public claim they seduced a man away from the “homosexual lifestyle” with Cubs tickets and kindness.Identical twins Jason and David Benham recently spoke at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tennessee. At the convention, David Benham recounted a supposed interaction he had with an unidentified gay man who vocally opposed their bigotry and … [Read more...]

Christian pediatrician refuses to treat same-sex couple’s baby

Krista and Jami Contreras with daughter Bay Windsor

Another bigot for Jesus: After thoughtful prayers, a Christian pediatrician refused to treat a baby girl because the child’s parents were lesbians.Krista and Jami Contreras were confronted with an ugly reality when they brought their newborn daughter Bay Windsor Contreras to Dr. Vesna Roi for her first medical visit: Roi had cancelled the appointment because the sexual orientation of the child’s parents offended her deeply held religious beliefs.The new mothers were shocked, hurt, and ang … [Read more...]

CNN host: ‘Our laws do not come from God’

(YouTube screengrab)

Smackdown: In a heated exchange CNN host Chris Cuomo challenges Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore’s fight against gay marriage, telling Moore his opposition to marriage equality is not about the law but about “discrimination.”Alabama Chief Justice Moore has been leading a losing fight against gay marriage, urging “the God fearing people of Alabama” to resist federal tyranny, and advising state judges and other state officials to defy a federal ruling in support of same-sex marriage, and … [Read more...]