Good News: Christianity Suffers Steep Decline in U.S.

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Good news for rational people: A new study shows Americans are abandoning Christianity in record numbers while the number of Americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated continues to surge.According to a comprehensive new study released Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life, every demographic group in the U.S. has seen a significant drop in people who call themselves Christians.The survey of 35,000 American adults shows the Christian percentage of the population … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush On Foreign Policy: Stronger ‘Christian Voice’ Needed in World

Jeb Bush speaking at Liberty University (Screen Grab)

Theocracy Alert: In a significant foreign policy claim, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says the “Christian voice” is not heard enough around the world, implying that it is the U.S. government’s responsibility to be a global evangelist for Christ.Giving the commencement address at Liberty University, a notoriously conservative Christian fundamentalist school in Lynchburg, Virginia, the former Florida governor and likely GOP presidential candidate offered a defense of Christian princ … [Read more...]

Texas Frees The Weed For Jesus: Religious Grounds Justify Marijuana Legalization

The “Christian case” for cannabis? After a state legislator claims marijuana “comes from God,” a Texas bill that would legalize marijuana based on religious grounds is approved by a Texas House committee.On Wednesday, in a surprise move, the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved legislation that would make it legal to buy and sell marijuana in the state.The legislation was approved after two Republicans joined with the panel's three Democrats to give House Bill 2165  a dec … [Read more...]

On National Day of Prayer Obama Supports ‘Right to Practice No Faith At All’

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Consolation prize: President Obama remembers atheists, agnostics and other freethinkers in his National Day of Prayer Proclamation.For reasonable people, the National Day of Prayer is an uncomfortable reminder of the ignorance and superstition that permeates American society. And it is disappointing that Obama continues the presidential tradition of the misguided and constitutionally offensive practice of recognizing a National Day of Prayer.However, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, … [Read more...]

Surprise: Christians exploit tragedy in Nepal to promote Jesus

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Without shame: Many Christians celebrate the deadly earthquake in Nepal as an opportunity to promote Christianity, using the death and destruction as a profitable and perverse justification for their own religious superstition.The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has risen to at least 2,300. Hospitals in the country are over capacity, electricity has been turned off, and storage for dead bodies has run out. And while the tragedy is fresh, the religious hucksters are out in full … [Read more...]

Death by drowning: Muslim migrants throw 12 Christians overboard

That’s not Christian love, that’s the Religion of Peace: Muslim migrants toss 12 Christians overboard while crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.Multiple media reports indicate a group of Muslim migrants from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal attacked a small number of Christians from Nigeria and Ghana, throwing a dozen people overboard while crossing the Mediterranean on a large rubber boat.12 Christians are presumed dead by drowning.A statement from the Italian police said … [Read more...]

Intolerant Pope Francis Rejects Gay Ambassador from France

A not so liberal Pope Francis rejects the new French ambassador to the Vatican because he is gay, despite his previous positive rhetoric concerning LGBT people.Multiple media reports indicate Pope Francis has personally rejected the nomination of ambassadorial candidate Laurent Stefanini as new French ambassador to the Vatican because Stefanini is gay.Stefanini is a highly respected French diplomat and a close aide to French President Francois Hollande. The fact that the French diplomat i … [Read more...]

Conservative Christian lawmaker seeks to punish the poor

A conservative Christian lawmaker in Missouri wants to humiliate and punish poor people by dictating what kind of food they may or may not purchase while receiving public assistance.Rick Brattin, a Missouri state representative from outside Kansas City, and a self-described “devout Christian,” is pushing legislation that would severely limit what food stamp recipients can buy.House Bill 813, Brattin’s bill, would ban using food stamps for the purchase of, among other things, "cookies, chi … [Read more...]