Virginia county board prohibits pagans, polytheists, from delivering prayers

Christian extremists threaten secular values.

In Virginia, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors is under fire after prohibiting prayers invoking “neo-pagan, polytheistic, pre-Christian deities” that fail to fall within “the Judeo-Christian tradition.” The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors limited opening prayers before public meetings to ordained leaders of monotheistic religions after denying a Wiccan’s request to be added to the invocation list. The county denied the Wiccan’s request on the ground that Wicca is “neo-pagan … [Read more...]

Macklemore apologizes for anti-semitic costume

Anti-semitism? Rapper Macklemore has apologized after taking the stage in his hometown of Seattle wearing a dark wig, big beard and fake hooked nose as part of a costume that many saw as a collection of offensive Jewish stereotypes. According to reports, Macklemore “looked an awful lot like a hoary old anti-Semitic Jewish caricature” while giving a surprise performance at Seattle's EMP Museum last Friday, May 16. Macklemore and his producing partner Ryan Lewis performed at the opening night of t … [Read more...]

Marriage equality comes to Oregon: Federal judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban

In a victory for fairness and human decency a federal judge has struck down Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage. In his ruling, issued Monday, May 19, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane said:"Because Oregon's marriage laws discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation without a rational relationship to any legitimate government interest, the laws violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution."Expressing a poignant sentiment, in … [Read more...]

GOP Senate candidate claims faith trumps law

On the road to a Christian theocracy: Nebraska Republican and 2014 Senate candidate Ben Sasse claims he is justified in breaking any law that conflicts with his religious faith. The Tea Party darling and Christian extremist is considered the heavy favorite to win retiring Republican Mike Johanns’s Senate seat this November. The following is an excerpt from Sasse’s website:“Ben Sasse believes that our right to the free exercise of religion is co-equal to our right to life. This is not a ne … [Read more...]

Pope Francis wants to baptize extraterrestrials

Alien conversion? Pope Francis says he would be happy to baptize aliens from another planet if they came to the Vatican and asked for it. Speaking during his weekly homily on Monday, Francis said that extraterrestrial life forms should be baptized just like anyone else who asks for it, because it's not up to any human to decide who should receive the Holy Spirit. The Wire reports Francis laid out the hypothetical situation concerning the baptism of aliens as part of a discussion of the early … [Read more...]

Virginia official: Only Christians should deliver prayers at county meetings

An elected official in Roanoke County, Virginia, claims only Christians should be allowed to deliver the official invocation before county meetings. Roanoke County Supervisor Al Bedrosian (R) made national headlines last week after advocating for Christian only prayer at county meetings. Bedrosian made his controversial and divisive remarks after the recent and disastrous Supreme Court ruling finding that Christian prayers used to open government meetings are constitutional. After the ruling, … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz: Christians should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claims Christians should be allowed to discriminate against gays and lesbians if doing business with LGBT people violates their religious faith. Speaking at a Houston Baptist University forum on Faith in the Public Square, the Republican presidential hopeful and Tea Party darling said:“Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the be … [Read more...]

Disastrous Supreme Court ruling paves the way for Christian theocracy

In a dark day for the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled that Christian prayers used to open government meetings are constitutional. The ruling mocks the U.S. Constitution, and threatens the secular values upon which this nation was founded. In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled Christian prayers used to open town council meetings in Greece, N.Y., do not violate the U.S. Constitution, despite the fact that consistent Christian prayers at government meetings constitute a clear … [Read more...]