Conservative Christian lawmaker seeks to punish the poor

A conservative Christian lawmaker in Missouri wants to humiliate and punish poor people by dictating what kind of food they may or may not purchase while receiving public assistance.Rick Brattin, a Missouri state representative from outside Kansas City, and a self-described “devout Christian,” is pushing legislation that would severely limit what food stamp recipients can buy.House Bill 813, Brattin’s bill, would ban using food stamps for the purchase of, among other things, "cookies, chi … [Read more...]

Obama laments ‘less than loving’ Christians

(screen grab)

Conservatives are outraged after President Obama said he's concerned by "less-than loving” comments made by some Christians, an apparent allusion to the current anti-gay efforts of many religious conservatives.Speaking on Tuesday morning during an Easter Prayer Breakfast held in the East Room of the White House, President Obama said: On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that, as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that, sometimes when I listen to other less-than-loving e … [Read more...]

Rand Paul: Another anti-gay, anti-woman, GOP theocrat

Sen. Rand Paul officially launches his 2016 White House bid (screen grab)

Contrary to the hype, Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul is just another standard issue Republican: anti-gay, anti-woman, and subservient to the Christian patriarchy.Today Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul formally announced his 2016 presidential campaign for the Republican nomination for president, declaring "we have come to take our country back."Presumably the “we” Paul speaks of is white, heterosexual, conservative Christian males.Speaking at his “Stand for Rand” rally in Louisville … [Read more...]

Muslim militants massacre Christians at Kenyan university

Shouting “this will be a good Easter holiday for us” Muslim militants stormed a university in Kenya on Thursday, killing nearly 150 students, allowing fellow Muslims to live while slaughtering Christians and other non-Muslims.In the attack, a small group of militants went from dorm to dorm, separating Christian from Muslim students and killing the Christians, Kenyan authorities said.The militants burst into the university before dawn Thursday, shooting students and taking hostages during … [Read more...]

Secular victory: Madison, Wisconsin outlaws discrimination against atheists

This is what “religious freedom” looks like: It is now illegal to discriminate against atheists in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin.In a unanimous vote the city council amended the city's "Equal Opportunity Ordinance" to add atheism to a long list of classes protected from discrimination, making it the first city in the country to grant explicit legal protection to people who do not believe in a God.The city ordinance now prevents atheists from being denied equal opportunity in employment, ho … [Read more...]

Muslim mob beats woman to death for burning Koran

(screen grab from video)

An angry mob of Muslims surround a mentally ill woman who allegedly burned a copy of the Koran, attacking her with sticks and stones before setting her body ablaze in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.According to reports a mob of angry Muslims cheered while others punched, kicked and stoned the mentally ill woman before setting her body on fire and throwing it into a muddy river in the heart of Kabul, all for allegedly burning pages of Islam's holy book.Shocking video has emerged … [Read more...]

Guru convinced 400 men to castrate themselves to be closer to God

‘Guru of Bling’ collects testicles for God: An Indian spiritual leader is accused of convincing up to 400 followers to remove their testicles, claiming that by doing so the men would be able to speak directly to God.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, known as “The Guru in Bling,” is accused of coercing hundreds of followers to undergo the procedure at a hospital run by his spiritual organization.India’s Central Bureau of Investigation has reportedly obtained statements from victims, saying the cast … [Read more...]

NYC abandons consent requirement for Jewish oral suction circumcision ritual

New York City caves to pressure from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and abandons a policy requiring written consent from parents before a mohel can perform metzitzah b'peh, a barbaric circumcision ritual that involves orally suctioning blood from the wounded penis.Metzitzah b'peh is a bizarre Jewish ritual where a member of the ultra-Orthodox clergy known as a mohel uses his mouth to suck the blood off a newborn's penis immediately after circumcision, in order to “ritually cleanse the w … [Read more...]