Disastrous Supreme Court ruling paves the way for Christian theocracy

In a dark day for the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled that Christian prayers used to open government meetings are constitutional. The ruling mocks the U.S. Constitution, and threatens the secular values upon which this nation was founded. In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled Christian prayers used to open town council meetings in Greece, N.Y., do not violate the U.S. Constitution, despite the fact that consistent Christian prayers at government meetings constitute a clear … [Read more...]

Christians accuse Sarah Palin of blasphemy

Sarah Palin equates torture with baptism

Conservative Christians are turning on Sarah Palin, accusing her of blasphemy after the Tea Party darling said “Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists” while speaking at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention earlier this week. The former vice presidential nominee and half-term governor of Alaska told a packed house of cheering, gun loving, conservative Americans that “If I was in charge, they would know, waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” While the NRA crowd loved Pal … [Read more...]

John Paul II: Patron Saint of Pedophile Priests

John Paul II: Patron Saint of Pedophile Priests?

How can you be a saint if you fail to protect innocent children? Pope John Paul II was no saint. His legacy will always be tainted by his lenient attitude towards sexually abusive priests, and his failure to protect innocent children sexually brutalized by Catholic clergy. As the Telegraph reports, the late Polish pontiff could have prevented "thousands" of children from being raped by pedophile priests but instead chose to ignore the scandal in the interests of protecting the image of the … [Read more...]

‘Under God’ in Pledge of Allegiance discriminates against atheist children

A freethinking family in New Jersey is suing the local public school district, claiming the regular recitation of the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance discriminates against atheist and other non-theist children. Religion Clause reports the American Humanist Association announced earlier this week that it has filed suit in a New Jersey state court challenging New Jersey's statutory requirement that schools open each day with the Pledge of Allegiance that includes the phrase "under G … [Read more...]

Faith healing parents charged in death of daughter seek to exclude mention of religion

Oregon parents arrested and charged with manslaughter in the faith healing death of their daughter are asking the court to exclude evidence of religious beliefs or practices during their trial. According to police, the girl’s parents, Travis and Wenona Rossiter, withheld "necessary and adequate" medical attention from the 12-year-old girl, choosing prayer over modern medicine, with tragic consequence. Their daughter, Syble Ann Marie Rossiter, died at the family home in Albany, Oregon, last y … [Read more...]

Catholic Bishop praises genocide of LGBT in Uganda

The Right Reverend Charles Wamika, Bishop of the Diocese of Jinja, praised the Ugandan Parliament for the Anti-Homosexuality Act that provides life in prison for LGBT people. The anti-gay legislation represents an ongoing, de facto genocide of the LGBT community in Uganda. Without compassion, and with a malignancy only religious superstition can sustain, Bishop Wamika encouraged parents to turn over their gay and lesbian children to government authorities for re-education and imprisonment. In … [Read more...]

Good Friday? Catholics re-enact crucifixion of Christ with real nails

Ouch! To mark Good Friday in the Philippines Catholic devotees had themselves nailed to a cross to re-enact the bloody crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of local and foreign spectators watched the bloody annual rite as approximately 20 Filipinos and a Danish filmmaker were nailed to crosses to re-enact the crucifixion of Christ.on Good Friday. The annual Philippine ritual draws thousands of spectators to see penitents flagellate themselves and a series of crucifixions in a recreation of … [Read more...]

Poll shows Americans losing faith in Bible at rapid rate

Americans are losing their faith in the Bible at a rapid rate according to the American Bible Society's latest "State of the Bible 2014" poll. According to the poll, young Americans in particular are less likely to view the Bible as sacred literature; less likely to believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to lead a meaningful life; and, more likely to never read the Bible at all. The survey shows the number of American adults who are skeptical of the Bible grew by 10 … [Read more...]