Florida ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Targets Women and Gays

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In Florida, a dangerous new “religious freedom” bill targets women and gays for discrimination, and would allow medical providers to legally refuse service on the grounds of sincerely held “religious convictions.” The bill would allow medical professionals to discriminate against women and LGBT patients who live in violation of the medical professional’s “religious convictions.” Under [Read More...]

Maine’s Governor Appoints Creationist As Education Commissioner

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In Maine, the new acting education commissioner is a creationist who believes Biblical creationism should be taught in the public school science classroom. Republican Governor and tea party darling Paul LePage has appointed Bill Beardsley as Maine’s acting education commissioner. Both men believe that creationism should be taught in public school. Both LePage and Beardsley [Read More...]

‘Pro-Life’ GOP Senator David Vitter Tried To Force Mistress Into Abortion

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Hypocrisy: Republican senator and candidate for Louisiana governor David Vitter asked his former mistress to abort their love child, despite the fact that he claims to be an anti-abortion, “pro-life,” “family values,” conservative. Former sex worker Wendy Ellis reports she had an affair with Vitter, that he impregnated her and then demanded that she abort [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee Endorses Biblical Slavery For Criminals

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Sweet baby Jesus: Mike Huckabee says poor people convicted of nonviolent crimes should be sold into slavery, because the Bible. The former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate  endorsed “biblical” slavery over the modern prison system on Wednesday’s edition of “Mickelson in the Morning,”  a leading conservative Iowa radio program. ThinkProgress reports. Host Jan Mickelson began [Read More...]

Kentucky Governor Throws Kim Davis Under The Bus

Kim Davis (Image via Carter County Jail)

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is refusing to even meet with a group of Christian conservatives demanding a religious accommodation for anti-gay Rowan County clerk Kim Davis. A small group of influential Kentucky pastors representing  the “Family Foundation of Kentucky,”  was given the cold shoulder on Tuesday after demanding to meet with Governor Beshear. The group [Read More...]

Marine Commander Claims ‘God Bless The Military’ Sign Is Secular

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Another liar for Jesus: A Marine Corps Base Commander in Hawaii is refusing to remove a controversial and unconstitutional sign declaring “God Bless The Military,” by making the ludicrous claim that the sign is secular. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complained late last month that the sign at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe [Read More...]

Ben Carson Preaches Theocracy At Georgia Megachurch

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Theocracy alert: Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson claims America is a Christian nation and he is willing to fight “the PC police” to bring God back to the forefront of American life. The Republican presidential candidate spoke Sunday morning at a Georgia megachurch where he made the ludicrous argument that  the motto, “In God We [Read More...]

GOP Chair: No Evidence Of Misconduct By Planned Parenthood

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Image via Screen Grab))

The Republican case against Planned Parenthood has collapsed: Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, admits there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the family planning agency. Rep. Chaffetz (R-UT) said Thursday that the GOP’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s use of federal funds hasn’t turned up anything of significance. Speaking during a Judiciary [Read More...]

Kim Davis Offered $500K To Do Interracial Lesbian Porn

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If anti-gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis ever gets tired of trying to deny same-sex marriage licenses to nice gay couples she has a career waiting for her in the adult entertainment industry. Death and Taxes reports the bigot from Rowan County, Kentucky, has been offered $500,000 to participate in an interracial lesbian porn scene. A [Read More...]

Georgia Public School Punished For Shaming Atheist Students

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Secular Victory: A public school in Georgia where students who refused to pray were shamed and humiliated by teachers has agreed to pay damages to families and end the egregious practice of teacher-led prayer. According to a lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) earlier this year, teachers at Swainsboro Primary School in [Read More...]