Bible fail: Book of Genesis wrong about camels

Abraham never rode a camel.

Abraham never rode a camel. Recent scientific findings show the Bible is historically inaccurate. The findings should come as a surprise to no one. Archeologists have offered convincing evidence that camels, once thought to be the basic mode of transportation for the biblical patriarchs, were not domesticated in Israel until hundreds of years after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are said to have wandered the earth. The findings challenge the veracity of the Bible as a historical … [Read more...]

Kansas passes anti-gay bill promoting discrimination against same-sex couples

Arizona passes anti-gay bill

Religion: a license to hate, and discriminate. Republicans in the Kansas House passed an anti-gay bill Tuesday that would allow individuals and groups, including government employees, to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples on the basis of their religious beliefs. Time reports House Bill 2453 would allow hotels, restaurants, stores and other businesses in the state to refuse to serve gay couples if “it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs.” The bill would also all … [Read more...]

Alabama GOP introduces legislation requiring prayer in public schools


Republicans in Alabama have introduced legislation that would require public school teachers to lead students in a daily prayer. The legislation would require teachers in Alabama public school classrooms to recite a prayer at the beginning of every school day, for up to fifteen minutes. The law would require teachers to perform a “verbatim reading of a congressional opening prayer.” That is, teachers would be required to read out loud to their students one of the opening prayers recited by cha … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe: Followers claim Prophet was abducted by mermaids


In Zimbabwe, a man thought to be a prophet by his followers was swept away by a river during a “cleansing ceremony.” However, the man’s followers claim he was abducted by mermaids. The supposed “prophet,” Simbarashe Kamupondera, 31, of the Nyeredzi Nhatu Apostolic sect, apparently drowned in a river during a cleansing ceremony in Epworth. But his followers will not mourn him:“We believe that he was taken by a mermaid and we are not going to mourn him because we know that he is coming back, … [Read more...]

Pastafarians censored at London University: Flying Spaghetti Monster posters removed

stephen frye

Posters featuring the Flying Spaghetti Monster have been removed by officials at London South Bank University. Officials were concerned the posters would offend religious students. British Humanist Association reports:Non-religious students at London South Bank University have had posters advertising their society banned for being ‘offensive’. The poster publicising the South Bank Atheist Society (SBAS) depicted Michelangelo’s famous ‘Creation of Adam’ fresco from the Sistine Chapel but with … [Read more...]

Young American adults abandon religion in record numbers

The religious landscape is changing drastically in the United States as young adults abandon religion in record numbers. A recent PRRI survey shows that growing religious differences between seniors, America’s oldest adults, and Millennials, America’s youngest adults, are dramatic.The survey shows a significant religious difference separating seniors and Millennials, and the number of each who identify as religiously unaffiliated. Nearly one-third (31%) of Millennials identify as rel … [Read more...]

UN report says Vatican continues to protect and enable pedophile priests

Pope Francis

Despite the friendly facade of Pope Francis, the Vatican continues to protect and enable pedophile priests engaged in the sexual abuse of children, according to a scathing report issued by the United Nations. The UN report demands that the Vatican "immediately remove" all clergy who are known or suspected child abusers, and turn them over to government authorities for criminal prosecution. In the unprecedented report the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said Catholic Church officials … [Read more...]

Ham on Nye: Creationism vs Evolution: Circus, science and superstition


Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is debating Ken “Answers in Genesis” Ham this Tuesday. The event is bound to be an intellectual circus, a spectacle of science and superstition, a commingling of the mundane and the absurd.Many atheists and other freethinkers are worried that Nye is lending scientific credibility to creationism (aka Intelligent Design) by debating Ham. Many believe debating a creationist is simply a bad idea.  The Richard Dawkins Foundation has already issued a statement to that eff … [Read more...]