Missionary Accused of Raping Children Claims ‘Demon’ Made Him Do It

Matthew Durham poses with orphans in Kenya (Image via Facebook)

Update: ‘Demon Possessed’ Christian Missionary Convicted of Sexually Abusing Kenyan Orphans An Oklahoma missionary is on trial for his life after confessing to molesting and raping as many as 10 orphans during a mission trip to Kenya. 20-year-old Matthew Durham told a U.S. federal court on Wednesday he was innocent but believed he was possessed by [Read More...]

Charleston Church Shooting Was About Race, Not Religion

Dylann Storm Roof (Image via Facebook)

The tragic shooting at an African American church in South Carolina was motivated by racial hatred, and was not an “attack on faith” as erroneously reported by Fox News. According to multiple media reports, Dylann Storm Roof, a 21-year-old white male, allegedly went on a shooting spree at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, [Read More...]

Rachel Dolezal: Victim of Young Earth Creationism

(Image via YouTube)

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black, was a victim of extreme Christian indoctrination and Young Earth Creationism as a child. Dolezal, the disgraced former NAACP leader, is currently at the center of a media firestorm after being exposed as a white woman posing as a black woman. However, what is not [Read More...]

Scott ‘Kill the Gays’ Lively In Federal Court Facing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charges

(Image via YouTube)

Extreme anti-gay Christian pastor Scott Lively, the American architect of Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” legislation, is in federal court today facing charges of “crimes against humanity.” According to a report issued by MassLive, lawyers for Lively will appear in U.S. District Court today to defend the controversial pastor against allegations of crimes against humanity [Read More...]

Jeb Bush Says Catholic Dogma Trumps US Government

(Image via Screen Grab)

Theocracy Alert: In an ominous speech announcing his 2016 presidential campaign, Jeb Bush promised if elected president he would favor Catholic dogma over the courts, the law, and the U.S. government. The former Florida Governor declared his official entry into the 2016 presidential race earlier today while speaking to a cheering crowd at Miami Dade [Read More...]

In Memoriam: Anne Nicol Gaylor, Founder, Freedom From Religion Foundation

(Image via FFRF Facebook page)

Feminist – activist – freethinker, Anne Nicol Gaylor, Freedom From Religion Foundation founder, is dead. Born in 1926, Gaylor was 88 when she died. A pioneer in the modern fight to preserve the separation of church and state, Gaylor founded the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in 1976, along with her daughter Annie Laurie Gaylor [Read More...]

Free Raif: Saudi Supreme Court Upholds 10 years, 1,000 Lashes For Blogging

Moral Monsters for Allah: Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has rejected appeals on behalf of blogger Raif Badawi, and upheld his sentence of 10 years and a 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam. Badawi’s only offence was to start a website, the Saudi Free Liberals forum, where he argued for secularism and free speech. In their brutality, [Read More...]

Caitlyn Jenner Emerges Despite Criticism From Religious Extremists

(Image via Twitter, Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.)

Trans Victory: Despite some ugly criticism from religious extremists, a brave Caitlyn Jenner makes her public debut on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair. Posing for a stunning photo shoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the transgender Olympic champion and reality star formerly known as Bruce Jenner was reintroduced to the world [Read More...]

Jehovah’s Witness Parents Refuse Life Saving Treatment for Son

(Image via YouTube)

Respect for God means letting their child die: A seven-year-old boy in Australia needs a liver transplant and a blood transfusion to live, but his parents are refusing the life-saving treatment because such medical procedures violate their sincerely held religious beliefs as Jehovah’s Witnesses. A hospital in Brisbane is currently appealing to the Australian Supreme [Read More...]

Alaska Judge with ‘Medieval Christianity’ Accused of Misconduct

(Image via Christian Nightmares)

A judge in Alaska who brags about his “medieval Christianity” is in hot water after making wildly inappropriate comments in the courtroom. Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley faces public sanctions including suspension or even dismissal after the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a formal complaint against the politically incorrect judge. Judge Dooley is [Read More...]