GOP lawmaker tells Americans to rely on Jesus for healthcare

Faith healing madness: Republican lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt tells Americans "to look to the Lord” for healthcare, claiming that God will protect people from disease so long as they obey God’s commands.Commenting on a Fox News poll that showed 58 percent of respondents wanted to repeal Obamacare, Klingenschmitt, a Colorado state representative and former Navy chaplain, said “We ought to look to the Lord for our health care.”Speaking on his "Pray In Jesus Name" program, Klingenschmitt … [Read more...]

Stephen Colbert champions separation of church and state

Stephen Colbert has signed off after nine years on the air as host of The Colbert Report. As we celebrate the man behind the character that coined the term “truthiness,” we look back upon remarks he made in support of the separation between church and state.In a 2012 interview with Terry Gross for NPR, Colbert makes a thoughtful case for not only the separation of church and state, but the separation of politics from religion. The following is an excerpt from that interview: "We have this id … [Read more...]

Bachmann claims she defeated liberals with her superior logic

A delusional Rep. Michele Bachmann brags that she defeated “emotional” liberals by using “evidence-based arguments” and her superior “logical, linear point of view.”In an interview published Monday, Bachmann told the far-right outlet World Net Daily that she uses “evidence-based arguments” against liberals who are only able to “argue from emotionalism."Bachmann said: “They (liberals) don’t argue from a logical, linear point of view, and I take them on at their false premises. That’s the … [Read more...]

GOP bill requires woman to get man’s permission for abortion

Push for patriarchy: Missouri Republicans push legislation that would force a woman who wants an abortion to obtain written permission from the father first, unless, of course, the woman is the victim of "legitimate rape."Rick Brattin, a state representative from outside Kansas City, and a self-described “devout Christian,” filed the bill earlier this month for next year's legislative session. The proposed measure reads: "No abortion shall be performed or induced unless and until the father … [Read more...]

Duggar defends discrimination against gays citing ‘Christian love’

Josh “my mom’s vagina is a clown car” Duggar claims his Christian love for gays forces him to fight against rights for LGBT people.Duggar, the oldest son of “Quiverfull” parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and policy director at the Family Research Council (FRC), said that his and his family’s efforts to successfully overturn a non-discrimination law in Fayetteville, Arkansas were an act of love toward the LGBT community.While guest-hosting the FRC’s Washington Watch radio show on Monday … [Read more...]

American Christians support torture

What would Jesus do? Torture. Waterboarding, rectal feeding, sleep deprivation, and a slavish devotion to former Vice President Dick Cheney are all good things according to a majority of  Christians in the U.S.While a majority of Christians support torture, a majority of non-religious Americans oppose torture.Sara Posner, writing for Religion Dispatches, reports “Christians are more supportive of torture than non-religious Americans.” The following is an excerpt from that report: A new W … [Read more...]

Ohio forces public schools to partner with ‘faith-based’ groups for funding

Funding for public school program requires religious partner: In order to qualify for a new mentoring program funded with taxpayer dollars Ohio public schools are being forced to partner with a church or some other faith-based organization.The mentoring program is being championed by Republican Governor John Kasich, and provides $10 million to Ohio schools to work with at-risk students.The program, Community Connectors, provides $10 million in 3-to-1 matching grants meant to give at-risk … [Read more...]

Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal claims Christ is ‘America’s only hope’

Theocracy watch: Courting Christian conservatives, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to announce his 2016 presidential run at a prayer rally scheduled for January, 2015.Jindal, the man who said the Republican party must “stop being the stupid party,” is going to play dumb to curry favor with the Christian base of the Republican party, and advance the dangerous cause of Christian nationalism.Christian nationalism is the belief that America is a Christian nation, a belief connected to … [Read more...]