Maryland elected official declines to swear oath on Bible

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Secular hero: When newly elected city council member Jessica Fitzwater takes her official oath of office, it will not be on the Bible.Fitzwater just won a seat on the Frederick County Council in Maryland, and says she is thinking of taking the official oath of office on the Frederick County charter or some other government document that will represent her commitment to public service.According to The Frederick News-Post, Fitzwater said: “I think it’s more appropriate to swear my oath on … [Read more...]

Alaska town plans to tax churches

In Alaska, the Nome City Council is moving forward with a plan to end tax exemptions for churches, making it the first American town to tax the church.With the city budget projected to run a deficit, the Nome City Council spent a one-hour work session Monday looking at ways to increase tax revenue. After much debate, the council agreed to move forward with a draft ordinance removing sales tax exemptions from nonprofits and churches.City Finance Director Julie Liew estimates the move … [Read more...]

Ave Maria: Catholic theocracy in Florida

How did this happen? Ave Maria, Florida, is a city run according to strict Roman Catholic principles, a place where the church is the state, where democracy is non-existent: a town controlled by one eccentric religious despot.The eccentric religious despot in control of of Ave Maria is Domino's Pizza founder and former Detroit Tigers' owner Tom Monaghan. A catholic extremist, Monaghan has used his considerable fortune to create a Catholic theocracy in southwest Florida.In Ave Maria, … [Read more...]

Religious scholar refutes Bill O’Reilly’s Republican Jesus


Religious scholar Reza Aslan says “the Jesus of history” is Bill O’Reilly’s nightmare: “a Middle Eastern Jew who advocated for free healthcare and fed the poor.”Raw Story reports Aslan made the remarks while speaking at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council in February.During the discussion about his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, an audience member asked Aslan if he had read Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s book about Jesus, called Killing Jesus: A History.Aslan … [Read more...]

Agnostic student punished for dropping ‘under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

An agnostic California high school student was punished with detention and a reduced grade after omitting “under God” while leading his school in the Pledge of Allegiance.Derek Giardina, a 17-year-old student at West High School in Tracy, California, was punished because he omitted the reference to God while fulfilling a speech class requirement that requires students to lead the Pledge of Allegiance 12 times every year.Tracy School District spokesman Sam Strube says while school leaders … [Read more...]

Texas textbooks teach America is ‘Christian nation’

Liars for Jesus: Christian conservatives in Texas force false historical narratives into public school textbooks, claim the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses.The Texas State Board of Education will vote Nov. 21 on new social studies textbooks for public schools. An analysis of the new history, geography and civics textbooks up for review reveals dozens of biased, misleading and inaccurate lessons meant to create … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Senator-elect promises Biblical solutions to national problems

Oklahoma Senator-elect James Lankford

Christian theocracy on the rise: Oklahoma Senator-elect James Lankford promises to use his biblical worldview to address national problems.The two-term Republican congressman discussed his Senate goals Wednesday with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, vowing to use his biblical worldview to address problems like the national debt.Lankford, who is a long-time Baptist minister, discussed the book of Nehemiah and the importance of retiring debt and rebuilding … [Read more...]

Secular Humanists win big in Federal Court

A federal court rules Secular Humanists should enjoy the same rights and protections granted to Christians and members of other religious groups.The court decision declares that Secular Humanism is a religion “for Establishment Clause purposes.”In essence, the court's ruling grants First Amendment protections to Secular Humanist organizations. This is a good thing.Religion Clause reports: In American Humanist Association v. United States, (D OR, Oct. 30, 2014), an Oregon federal dis … [Read more...]