Republicans Call For Christianity As ‘Official Religion’ of US

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Theocracy Alert: Conservative Christian Republicans committed to the false notion that the U.S. is a nation founded by and for Christians are quietly working behind the scenes to establish Christianity as the official religion of the U.S.A.Right Wing Watch reports the Republican National Committee continues to partner with the American Renewal Project, which is run by Christian Nationalist and anti-gay extremist David Lane and is affiliated with the powerful and influential far-right … [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal Issues ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order

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Executive Disorder: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has issued a controversial executive order promoting and protecting discrimination against LGBT people.Jindal issued the controversial order that will allow businesses and others to discriminate against same-sex couples immediately after a House panel killed a bill (HB 707) attempting to achieve the same effect.HB 707, the “Marriage and Conscience Act,” would have blocked the government from penalizing companies and others opposing sam … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Defends Discrimination Based On Religious Beliefs

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Moral failure: Defending bigotry in the service of Christ, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush claims “a tolerant country” should allow Christians to discriminate against gays.In an interview Saturday with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network Bush said Christian business owners should be able to deny services to same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs.When asked if businesses should be able to decline services to same-sex weddings Bush said: Yes, abs … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Honor Anti-Abortion Extremist and Christian Terrorist

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Republicans in Pennsylvania are about to honor an anti-abortion extremist and Christian terrorist whose life work was to harass and intimidate women seeking reproductive healthcare, including abortions.Pennsylvania state House Resolution 82 honors “the life and contributions of John Patrick Stanton, humanitarian, activist, and founder of the prolife movement in this Commonwealth.”However, Stanton was no humanitarian. He was a bully and a moral monster who would hurl racial insults and hom … [Read more...]

GOP Rep. Claims U.S. Christians Suffer Persecution But Can’t Give One Example

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Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn claims Christians in the U.S. are being persecuted, yet when a reporter asks Blackburn for examples, she could not name one.Speaking at the South Carolina Freedom Summit earlier this week, Blackburn told reporters that American Christians face persecution. But when a journalist pressed Blackburn for examples of supposed Christian persecution in the U.S., Blackburn could not cite one example.A reporter asks Blackburn: Can you be specific about the … [Read more...]

Federal Court Rules Against ‘Coercive’ Christian Prayers At Public Meetings

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Secular Victory: A federal court rules “coercive” Christian prayers at public meetings in a North Carolina county are unconstitutional.Last week a federal judge ruled that in North Carolina, the Rowan County Board of Commissioners violated the U.S. Constitution by adopting what the ACLU calls a “coercive prayer practice.”The federal court ruled that the Rowan County Board of Commissioners violated the Constitution when they coerced public participation in prayers that overwhelmingly advan … [Read more...]

NC County Prohibits Non-Christian Prayers at Public Meetings

Lincoln County Courthouse (Image via Wikimedia)

Claiming that the “U.S. was founded on Christianity” Lincoln County Board of Commissioners chairman Carrol Mitchem says that only Christian prayers will be allowed at county meetings.Late last week Mitchem made his offensive declarations concerning Christian only prayers at the start of public meetings after being asked about a recent federal court ruling that struck down all Christian prayers in neighboring Rowan County.A defiant and ignorant Mitchem told WBTV-TV: The U.S. was founded o … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush On Foreign Policy: Stronger ‘Christian Voice’ Needed in World

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Theocracy Alert: In a significant foreign policy claim, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says the “Christian voice” is not heard enough around the world, implying that it is the U.S. government’s responsibility to be a global evangelist for Christ.Giving the commencement address at Liberty University, a notoriously conservative Christian fundamentalist school in Lynchburg, Virginia, the former Florida governor and likely GOP presidential candidate offered a defense of Christian princ … [Read more...]