American Atheists court conservatives at CPAC 2015

Jamila Bey, American Atheists board member, speaks at CPAC 2015.

After being banned from formally participating at last year’s conference, American Atheists reach out to political conservatives at CPAC 2015.Jamila Bey, American Atheists board member and a Washington, D.C.-based writer and radio host, spoke on the main stage during the Thursday (Feb. 26) morning session of CPAC 2015.She is believed to be the first atheist activist to address CPAC’s annual meeting.Bey said, in part: Today I stand before you not just as a fellow conservative, I sta … [Read more...]

NYC abandons consent requirement for Jewish oral suction circumcision ritual

New York City caves to pressure from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and abandons a policy requiring written consent from parents before a mohel can perform metzitzah b'peh, a barbaric circumcision ritual that involves orally suctioning blood from the wounded penis.Metzitzah b'peh is a bizarre Jewish ritual where a member of the ultra-Orthodox clergy known as a mohel uses his mouth to suck the blood off a newborn's penis immediately after circumcision, in order to “ritually cleanse the w … [Read more...]

Poll: GOP majority wants Christianity as national religion

aaa gop poll

GOP dreams of Christian theocracy: A majority of Republicans favor establishing Christianity as the national religion according to a disturbing new poll released today by Public Policy Polling (PPP).The new poll found 57 percent of Republicans say they favor establishing Christianity as a national religion, while only 30 percent oppose establishing Christianity as the national religion. 13 percent said they were unsure.The poll results also show a majority of Republicans (66%) do not … [Read more...]

Idaho Republicans back bill protecting faith-healing parents

faith healing law

Idaho Republicans abandon children, and support legislation that would codify protections for faith-healing parents, ensuring that faith-healing parents who choose prayer over modern medicine are protected from prosecution, even when their actions lead to the death of their children.A bill to codify parental rights in Idaho passed the House State Affairs Committee Friday. The bill, sponsored by Republican lawmaker Janet Trujillo, declares parents have a “fundamental right to make decisions c … [Read more...]

North Dakota GOP prevents Muslim from offering opening prayer

Freedom of religion is only for Christians: North Dakota House Republicans cancelled a Muslim prayer scheduled to be delivered earlier this week because Christians shouldn't be “forced” to listen to someone who “worships another god.”House Republicans were upset that a Muslim cleric was scheduled to appear on Ash Wednesday, a religious holiday observed by most Catholics and some Protestant denomination, and so they canceled the planned appearance of  Dr. Nadim Koleilat, the board president of … [Read more...]

Greece: Atheist Prime Minister makes statue of Jesus cry

Jesus wept: Crowds have been flocking to a small village in Greece to see a statue of a crucified Christ who has supposedly been crying ever since the election of Alexis Tsipras, a proud atheist and leader of the victorious left-wing Syriza party.Tsipras was sworn in as the first ever openly atheist prime minister of Greece last January, and apparently that makes Jesus sad.Newsweek reports the icon of the crucified Christ, which dates from early last century and is housed in the church … [Read more...]

Obama is not the arbiter of ‘true Islam’

Obama proclaims: 'We are not at war with Islam' (screen-grab)

President Barack Obama’s failure to use the word “Islam” to describe Islamic terrorists does nothing to promote peace or security, and only serves to confuse and obfuscate the terrible horror caused by some Muslims in the name of Islam.President Barack Obama, speaking at his summit on countering violent extremism Wednesday, denied the U.S. is at war with Islam, while refusing to identify the Islamic State as being Islamic.In his remarks Obama argued that using the term “Islamic” to descri … [Read more...]

Oklahoma bill replaces AP History with Bible studies and sermons

Christian nationalism and a fear of historical truth is driving Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma to replace Advanced Placement U.S. History classes with a course emphasizing the Ten Commandments, Bible studies and Christian sermons.House Bill 1380 would ban funding for Advanced Placement U.S. history courses. The legislation, authored by Republican State Rep. Dan Fisher, is an outrageous attempt to literally rewrite American history and rob children of the truth, substituting conservative … [Read more...]