GOP candidate claims fossil record proves humans lived with dinosaurs


Minnesota House of Representatives candidate Bob Frey wants public schools to teach students that humans and dinosaurs lived together. Frey, a Michele Bachmann ally, testified before the Minnesota Senate Education Committee, speaking against the inclusion of the theory of evolution in proposed state science education standards. The following is an excerpt from that testimony:... They like to say that humans probably evolved from bacteria that lived more than four billion years ago, but … [Read more...]

NYC medical alert: Infants infected with herpes following ritual Jewish circumcision

Metzitzah b'peh: A bizarre Jewish ritual where ultra-Orthodox clergy suck the blood off a newborn's penis after circumcision is responsible for two more infants being infected with neonatal herpes according to a medical alert issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The ritual Jewish circumcision, known as metzitzah b'peh, involves the practitioner, or mohel, placing his mouth around the baby's penis to suck the blood off the penis in order to “ritually cleanse the w … [Read more...]

Creationist calls for end to space exploration because aliens go to hell

Leading Christian creationist Ken Ham says space exploration is driven by man’s rebellion against God, and that if aliens do exist, they are going to hell. Ham, writing a blog post for his Answers in Genesis website, claims that the U.S. space program is a waste of money because any alien life that scientists might find would face eternal damnation. Ham’s post is a rant against “secularists” and their need to “prove evolution.” Ham explains that space exploration is “rebellion” against his God: … [Read more...]

Islam is bad for the knees

A kneeling-to-pray culture makes Muslims among the world’s most common sufferers of degenerative knee problems, a condition specialists have started to call "Arab knee." Dr Peter Birch, a consultant orthopaedic and knee arthroplasty surgeon at Abu Dhabi's Mafraq Hospital, explains:In the UAE, knee arthritis is incredibly common. That is to do with a kneeling lifestyle because they pray and they put a lot of pressure on the knees. We think that (prayer) is one of the biggest causes of it. … [Read more...]

School Board Director advocates for climate change denial

Tea Party science? A School Board Director and Tea Party Republican in Pennsylvania wants science textbooks to be supplemented with a pamphlet about the “true science” of global warming denial. Saucon Valley School Board Director Bryan Eichfeld called an environmental science textbook's global warming chapter propaganda, and pushed the school board to supplement the book with "true science" at a school board meeting earlier this week. Eichfeld claimed “there’s a lot of clear propaganda…based on … [Read more...]

Federal court rejects religious objections to vaccines

Religious objections to vaccines do not trump public health concerns and are not constitutionally protected, according to a federal judge in Brooklyn. The New York Times reports Judge William F. Kuntz ruled against a group of parents who sued the city for turning their unvaccinated children away from public school during outbreaks of contagious diseases like measles. The ruling upholds a New York City policy that bans unvaccinated students from public school when a classmate has a … [Read more...]

Idaho museum promotes creationism, disputes evolution

jesus dino

A new museum in Idaho is promoting the pseudo-science of creationism, disputing evolution, and teaching children Noah brought baby dinosaurs aboard the ark. The Northwest Science Museum opened last week in Boise, Idaho. According to the Idaho Statesman, the new museum offers a Biblical explanation of Earth's origins and disputes other explanations, such as evolution. The central premise of the museum is to counter "mainstream science" with exhibits about life on Earth as created by God in six … [Read more...]

UK bans schools from teaching creationism as science

In a victory for common sense, the UK government has issued a ban prohibiting schools from teaching children that pseudo-scientific ideas such as creationism are scientifically valid. The British Humanist Association reports:The Government has changed the rules to preclude all Academies and Free Schools, both those that already exist and those that will open in the future, from teaching pseudo-scientific ideas such as creationism as scientifically valid.The new rule strengthens an … [Read more...]