Neil deGrasse Tyson Educates Flat Earther B.o.B. In Epic Rap Battle

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and his nephew respond to Flat Earth rapper B.o.B. in their new rap: Flat To Fact. NPR reports: So, a Twitter spat between astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and rapper B.o.B. over the flat Earth theory has turned into a full-blown rap battle (and it’s way better than Drake vs. Meek Mill). B.o.B., whom you might [Read More...]

Idaho Fails To Protect Children From Faith Healing Parents


Death by faith healing: In Idaho, children die of easily treatable illness, because parents can martyr their children for their faith, choosing prayer over modern medicine without fear of legal consequence. Christian extremists are flocking to Idaho because adults can deny children needed medical care if they say it’s for religious reasons. The result is [Read More...]

Wiccan Witch Claims To Cast Viruses Out Of Computers Using Magic

Reverend Joey Talley (Image via YouTube)

In Northern California, a woman who says she is a witch is hustling the gullible by claiming to remove viruses from computers using her “magic powers.” Reverend Joey Talley, who claims to be a Wiccan witch and an ordained minister, charges the gullible $200 an hour for her services. She says she can exorcise demons [Read More...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Absence of Benevolence Argues Against God’s Existence

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Neil deGrasse Tyson asks how can there be a God when there is “an absence of benevolence” in the universe? The Cosmos and StarTalk host told Tech Insider he “has no idea” if there is a God, but that the evidence argues against the existence of a benevolent God. Tyson said: If God is benevolent, [Read More...]

Creationist Selected To Lead Arizona Senate Education Panel

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (Image via Screen Grab)

In an assault on public education in Arizona, a Republican lawmaker who believes the earth is only 6,000 years old has been selected to lead the legislative committee overseeing education. Senator Sylvia Allen of Snowflake, Arizona is the new chairwoman of the state Senate committee that oversees education-related legislation. Allen was selected by fellow Republican and [Read More...]

Student Sues Florida School District For Failing To Teach Evolution

Brandon Silver (Image via WPBF)

Florida student sues public school district for refusing to teach evolution because it contradicts the Bible. Brandon Silver, 11, and his father, attorney Barry Silver, have filed an 18-page lawsuit claiming the Palm Beach County school board isn’t teaching the theory of evolution. The 18-page lawsuit claims students are not being properly taught about evolution [Read More...]

Bill Nye Helps Young Man Escape Religious Indoctrination

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Bill Nye The Science Guy recommends critical thinking skills to help a young man trying to escape religious indoctrination. In a new video for Big Think Bill Nye responds to a question from 20-year-old Andrew Larue from northwest Ohio. Larue wants to know how to go about re-educating himself to overcome the religious indoctrination he [Read More...]

NC Town Rejects Solar Farm Because They ‘Suck Up All The Energy From The Sun’

Solar Farm (Image via Wikimedia)

A town in North Carolina has rejected a proposal for a solar farm after residents expressed fear and distrust of solar panels. After numerous members of the public in Woodland, North Carolina, expressed their fear and mistrust of a proposal to allow Strata Solar Company to build a solar farm off Highway 258, the Woodland [Read More...]

Carter’s Cancer Cure Is Not A Miracle, It’s Science

Jimmy Carter  (Image via Screen Grab)

Former President Jimmy Carter said Sunday his cancer is gone, and immediately people began to claim the good news was a miracle, ignoring the fact that science is the hero in this story. In a statement the former president announced: My most recent MRI brain scan did not reveal any signs of the original cancer [Read More...]

Google Doodle Celebrating Evolution Makes Christians Mad

Lucy Google Doodle

A new Google Doodle celebrating the discovery of Lucy, a 3.18-million-year-old skeleton found 41 years ago in Ethiopia, is making some conservative Christians very angry. Christians who support the discredited notion of Biblical creationism are outraged that Google is honoring a key scientific finding that serves to validate and reinforce the scientific truth of biological [Read More...]