Teen faces two years in prison for simulating oral sex with statue of Jesus

Statuary Rape? A Pennsylvania teenager faces two years in prison after simulating oral sex with a statue of Jesus.The 14-year-old boy has been charged with desecration of a venerated object, a misdemeanor under Pennsylvania law, according to The Smoking Gun.The teen was arrested after posting photos to his Facebook account of himself simulating oral sex with the statue of Jesus.One of the photos posted to the teenager’s Facebook page shows him with his crotch in the face of the k … [Read more...]

‘Burn White Jesus’ challenge sweeps social media

blue eyed jesus

#BurnWhiteJesus: A challenge to “Burn White Jesus” is firing up on social media. Videos of individuals, primarily African Americans, burning popular images of a white Jesus Christ are being uploaded and shared across social media platforms.The challenge to burn white Jesus, also known as “The White Jesus Picture Challenge,” seems to be a recognition that the common portrayal of Christ as a man of white european heritage is false, and that the image of a white Jesus has been used to advance wh … [Read more...]

CeeLo Green praises God, justifies date rape

It’s only rape if the victim is conscious? Music star CeeLo Green took to Twitter to praise God for allowing him to avoid prison after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman after secretly spiking her drink with the street drug ecstasy (aka Molly).Last week Green pleaded no contest to slipping ecstasy to a woman in 2012. The former "Voice" judge was accused of secretly giving the drug to a woman while the two were dining together before later raping the unconscious woman in a hotel r … [Read more...]

Christian Love: Family’s ‘Pray Away The Gay’ Intervention Turns Violent


How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay: A viral video offers a chilling first-hand look at the violence and rejection that can result when religious parents fail to accept their child's sexual orientation.The Advocate reports the teen’s family was trying to stage an "intervention" to "pray away the gay." However, when Daniel Pierce told his extended family that he was gay, and could not “choose” to be straight, the reaction was violent and hateful.The 19-year-old gay man … [Read more...]

Atheist activist receives death threat from Alabama correctional officer

“Shoot her for treason.” Outrage is growing after an Alabama correctional officer makes a death threat against atheist activist Amanda Scott.After speaking out against a planned “In God We Trust” display at a government building in Mobile, Alabama, atheist activist Amanda Scott received numerous death threats via social media. One of those death threats came from an Alabama correctional officer named Bennie Ashby.After local news station WKRG launched a poll via Facebook about Scott’s pos … [Read more...]

Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson apologizes for attacking Atheists

Apology accepted? Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson has issued an apology after saying “If I’m ever around an atheist, I think I’m gonna get hit by lightning or something. I just don’t even want to be in the room with them.”The Facebook page for American Atheists, Inc. reports Robinson issued an apology for her disparaging remarks about atheists via Twitter: “it was hurtful. I apologize.” Earlier this week, Access Hollywood host Robinson was interviewing conservative Christian actor Kevi … [Read more...]

California Pastafarian wears pasta strainer for license photo

FSM FTW: A member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) was allowed to wear her sacred religious head covering, a pasta strainer, for her California driver’s license photo.A woman identified as “Beth” made an appearance on the front page of Reddit wearing her Pastafarian religious head covering in her California Driver’s License photo earlier this week.Pastafarians recognize the pasta strainer to be a sacred religious head covering worn to bring honor upon their deity, the F … [Read more...]

Atheist receives death threats after speaking out against ‘In God We Trust’

Kill all non-believers? Atheist activist Amanda Scott is receiving hate mail and death threats after speaking out against a planned "In God We Trust" display at a government building in Mobile, Alabama.Scott, a 21-year-old college student, spoke before the Mobile County Commission twice, once at a June 19 meeting where the “In God We Trust” display was approved, and again on August 7, when she and several others proposed their own displays, including “In Reason We Trust.”Scott, a member o … [Read more...]