Jessa Duggar: Atheists Don’t Exist and Science Proves Creationism

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Reality TV stars Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald visited the Institute for Creation Research in Texas where they promoted the false idea that atheists really do not exist and that science proves Biblical creationism.Jessa Duggar, reality TV star and victim of the radical Christian extremist movement known as Quiverfull, recently married Seewald in a tabloid extravaganza featured on 19 Kids and Counting, the wildly popular reality show that glamorizes the dark life of a family … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham Freaks Out Because Marvel’s Iceman is Gay

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Christian temper tantrum: Franklin Graham is furious because the Marvel comic character Ice Man from the “X-Men” series is coming out as gay.Blaming the so-called “gay agenda,” and calling homosexuality a “destructive lifestyle,” Franklin Graham, the son and successor of legendary US evangelist Billy Graham, and President of the powerful Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, accused Marvel Comics of trying to "indoctrinate" young people.After finding out that Iceman, a character in the p … [Read more...]

Cruel Christians Mock Bruce Jenner

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Christian love: Last night a brave Bruce Jenner revealed he is transitioning into a woman, and as one might expect, many Christians are taking the opportunity to abuse and mock Jenner and other transgender individuals.In a highly anticipated interview, Jenner told Diane Sawyer that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”Immediately following the interview some 'loving Christians' condemned Jenner as an abomination and in need of Jesus. Many patronizing and condescending Christians o … [Read more...]

Ricky Gervais Shames Despicable Trophy Hunters

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Ricky Gervais is using Twitter to expose and shame despicable trophy hunters who take perverse pleasure in killing exotic animals for fun.Gervais, an atheist, a humanist, and an animal rights activist, recently tweeted a revolting photo of prolific trophy hunter Rebecca Francis smiling next to the corpse of a recently slaughtered giraffe.Gervais captioned the photo with the following question: What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & t … [Read more...]

Iran: Billboard claims Batman and Zorro wore the Hijab


Trying to make the oppression of women look cool? A billboard supposedly located in Iran claims Batman and Zorro have never been defeated because they wear the hijab.The image is currently a big hit on Reddit, and has been shared widely on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.According to the post on Reddit, the billboard reads as follows: Have you ever seen ‪Batman‬ or ‪Zorro‬ getting defeated? No! because their Hijab is proper. So you too mind your Hijab sister! While the … [Read more...]

Holly Hobby Lobby: Another Christian Hypocrite

Exposed as yet another family values Christian hypocrite, social media troll and Tea Party darling Holly Hobby Lobby is doing damage control after admitting she had an extramarital affair while attending a right wing conference.Holly Fisher, aka Holly Hobby Lobby, is a conservative star on Twitter, known for insulting liberals while promoting her own obnoxious brand of patriotism and conservative Christian values.Initially Fisher denied the rumors of her extramarital affair, however, … [Read more...]

Crazy Christians claim Monster Energy drinks promote Satan

Monster Energy drinks promote Satan and oppose Christ?

Unleash the Beast? A good Christian woman explains why Monster Energy drinks promote Satan and oppose Christ in a video gone viral.The video is getting a lot of attention, but the claims are ridiculous. Hence, ridicule ensues.The video promotes a  low IQ conspiracy theory that has become somewhat of an urban legend among some crazy Christians: the notion that the Monster Energy logo looks like three Hebrew “vavs,”  a letter which has the value of six in Hebrew numerology.The video, sh … [Read more...]

Atheist family receives terrorist threats in Louisiana

“We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.”A family in Louisiana is receiving threatening letters because they attend Community Mission Chapel, a secular congregation (“atheist church”) in Lake Charles, Louisiana.Jon Jeffels reports he received two anonymous notes in his mailbox from supposedly “Godly” people threatening unspecified actions to “protect” his children from his “devil-enabling ways.”The notes, littered with typos, spelling mistakes and grammati … [Read more...]