NFL Star Arian Foster Says ‘No Need To Thank God’

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NFL star running back and outspoken atheist Arian Foster reminds victorious football players that they need not thank God during their post-game press conferences. In a video for Funny or Die, Foster, the Houston Texans star running back who came out as an atheist last year, shares a few tips on how to properly give [Read More...]

Praying Football Coach Joe Kennedy Placed On Leave

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In Washington, a high school football coach who prayed at games despite orders from the school district to stop was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday. Bremerton High School Coach Joe Kennedy was placed on administrative leave because he refused numerous requests from his supervisors to stop his illegal post-game prayers. The action was taken [Read More...]

Mass Baptism At Public School Football Practice Intimidates Players

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Pray to play: In an act of intimidation and coercion public school students wishing to play football were pressured to take part in a mass baptism before practice earlier this month at Villa Rica High School in Georgia. In a planned and calculated event, Villa Rica High School football coaches colluded with church officials to [Read More...]

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Claims God Speaks To Him

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson claims he hears the audible voice of God speaking to him on a frequent basis. In an interview with San Diego pastor Miles McPherson at The Rock Church in San Diego on Sunday (July 5) Wilson made the unbelievable claim that God speaks to him. In the interview Wilson claimed [Read More...]

Allen West claims school prayer prevents football injuries

Who needs a helmet when you’ve got Jesus? Former congressman and crazy Christian conservative Allen West claims prayer prevents football injuries at public schools, and blames the rise in such injuries on the enforcement of the separation of church and state. Right Wing Watch reports that while speaking to a conservative group in Gladewater, Texas, [Read More...]

Portland citizens overwhelm Westboro Baptist Church protest

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Dance party: After coming to protest the Portland Trail Blazers decision to support gay marriage, members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church were met by hundreds of joyous counter-protesters mocking the church’s message of hate. The Oregonian reports about 20 members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) arrived at the Moda Center Saturday to picket [Read More...]

Muslims insulted by Scottie dogs at Commonwealth Games

Muslims don’t like dogs, and they are outraged and insulted that Scottie dogs were used in the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The use of Scottie dogs in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last week in Glasgow, Scotland, left many Muslims upset because most Muslims consider dogs to be “unclean.” Each [Read More...]

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin slams anti-gay Christians

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Wrestling superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes a powerful case for marriage equality while pointing out the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of anti-gay Christians. In a NSFW, profanity laced rant, Austin goes off on Christians who oppose marriage equality. The following is an excerpt from Austin’s rant: “I don’t give a sh*t if two guys, two [Read More...]

Republicans draft legislation to ban gay players from NFL


Republicans are preparing legislation that would ban gay athletes from joining the National Football League (NFL). Sam Stein at Huffington Post reports a Republican lobbyist is preparing legislation that would ban gay athletes from playing in the National Football League, a move some Republicans believe is necessary to prevent American society from sliding into indecency. [Read More...]

Sochi slaughters stray dogs in preparation for Olympics


Olympic Slaughterhouse Plan: Sochi is using poison and traps to indiscriminately kill dogs in preparation for the upcoming Olympics, despite pledges made to animal rights groups last year not to engage in the mass extermination of the city’s canine population. Calling stray dogs “biological trash,” Alexei Sorokin, the owner of the company hired to kill as [Read More...]