Being Thankful without God on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day one can be thankful, without thanking a god.One may appreciate friends and family, good food, good health, the simple pleasures of life, without paying homage to an imaginary deity.Thanksgiving is a time when Americans come together, to feast, to commune with one another, and to appreciate the many gifts and challenges that life has bestowed upon them.On Thanksgiving Day we reflect upon and appreciate the gift of one another, the gift of life, and the gift of … [Read more...]

Atheism and the necessity of anti-theism for social justice


Seeking freedom from the tyranny of religious superstition, the atheist and the anti-theist are always on the front line in the fight for social justice and cultural transformation.In a recent article for Salon, Reza Aslan, religious scholar, Muslim apologist, and Defender of Christ, accuses Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and other “New Atheists” of being anti-theists, as if being an anti-theist is a bad thing. It is not.In fact, wherever there has been substantial moral progress one will f … [Read more...]

Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft

Devout Christian Isaiah Marin (left), 21,  allegedly hacked 19-year-old Jacob Crockett (right) with a sword because of the victim's interest in witchcraft

Christian terror? In a grisly murder an Oklahoma college student with strong Christian beliefs nearly decapitates a young man because the victim practiced witchcraft.Isaiah Zoar Marin, 21, is charged with first-degree murder for the killing of Jacob Andrew Crockett, 19. Marin is accused of using a “long knife or sword” to kill Crockett.According to a court affidavit, the suspect, Marin, is described as a “religious zealot” and “heavy drug user.”The victim, Crockett, is the son of an O … [Read more...]

Incompetent Police Chief wants to Pray Gun Violence Away

Apparently unable to do his job, an incompetent police chief in Florida is asking community members to pray the bullets away, and end the gun violence plaguing his community.Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham says the city is facing a crisis, and they need prayer to solve their crime problem.Chief Graham says the violence in the city of Ocala and throughout Marion County is out of hand. So he's planning a prayer vigil for people in the community this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the downtown … [Read more...]

Satanists claim religious exemption from anti-abortion laws

Turnabout is fair play: Satanists are using the Hobby Lobby ruling to demand religious exemptions from anti-abortion laws.The Satanic Temple has launched a new campaign seeking a religious exemption to certain anti-abortion laws that attempt to dissuade women from ending a pregnancy. The group says they have deeply held beliefs about bodily autonomy and scientific accuracy, and those beliefs are violated by state-level “informed consent” laws that rely on misleading information about abo … [Read more...]

New Orleans Mayor honors anti-abortion Christian terrorists

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued an official welcome this week to Operation Save America, honoring a group of Christian terrorists vehemently opposed to reproductive freedom for women. This week Operation Save America (aka Operation Rescue) launched an aggressive, week-long siege against reproductive health clinics and abortion care providers in southern Louisiana. Hundreds of the anti-choice extremists have been descending on New Orleans this week to stage protests around the city. The … [Read more...]

Viral video depicts child coercion at church summer camp

Religious freedom or child abuse?

When does religious indoctrination become child abuse? A disturbing video depicting children crying and wailing in the name of Jesus at a church summer camp has many concerned that the religious indoctrination and coercion depicted in the video is child abuse. The video, which comes from the Rose of Sharon Summer Camps in Burlinson, TN, was shared publicly on Facebook by a counselor from the camp earlier this week. However, the video soon went viral on Facebook after freethinkers and other … [Read more...]

‘Cosmos’ dominates Emmy nominations, scores big in ratings

The triumph of reason: It’s official, “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey,” is a huge mainstream success. The science program received an impressive 12 Emmy nominations and managed to draw the biggest global audience ever for the National Geographic Channel. Variety reports:“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” which premiered this spring on Fox and National Geographic Channel and received an unprecedented rollout in 180 countries, has become the most-watched series ever for National Geographic Channel … [Read more...]