Wisconsin Public High School Promotes Christian Purity Culture at Prom

(Image via Friendly Atheist)

Public school patriarchy: Disturbing flyers distributed by a public high school in Wisconsin are asking boys “to protect her character” on prom night.The flyers, distributed by Lincoln High School, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, are sponsored by a Christian anti-abortion clinic (The Crossing of Manitowoc County)and a Catholic health-care provider (Holy Family Memorial).The flyers promote Christian purity culture, a sinister movement to enforce and maintain outdated and repudiated stereotypes co … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: Religious Beliefs Must Be Changed to Achieve Social Justice


In a fiery speech Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton argues that deep seated religious beliefs must be changed so that everyone can enjoy full participation in every aspect of society.Clinton, speaking in Manhattan on Thursday at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit, declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases” must be changed both in the U.S. and around the world in order to achieve social justice.Clinton, after discussing … [Read more...]

Iranian cleric: Father’s fantasies during intercourse causes homosexuality

A father’s sexual fantasies will make his kids gay? A prominent Iranian cleric teaches that men who fantasize about other women while impregnating their wife will cause their children to be homosexual.The Ayatollah Hossein Dehnavi is a television star and celebrity in Iran, where he offers advice on family and sexual matters. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) regularly airs Dehnavi pontificating on marriage, sex, child rearing, and pregnancy, while many Iranians line up and p … [Read more...]

Florida Pastor: Men rule Women because ‘It’s a Man’s World’

Pastor Bill Lytell (screen grab)

God is a misogynist: A Florida Pastor is caught on video ranting about the importance of male leadership and the second class status of women during a wild eyed sermon.Pastor Bill Lytell of Florida’s Gospel Baptist Church went on a wild rant recently, yelling at his congregation “This is a man’s world!” while arguing that men must rule over women and in so doling implying that women are inferior to men in “every church that’s right with God.”Raw Story reports that during a March 29 sermon … [Read more...]

Lawmaker claims brutal attack on pregnant woman was ‘God’s punishment’

Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt

A Colorado lawmaker claims the brutal attack on a pregnant woman whose unborn baby was cut from her womb by a stranger with a kitchen knife was a result of God’s punishment for allowing women safe and legal access to abortion.Last week, a pregnant woman in Colorado was attacked by a stranger who stabbed her in the stomach and cut her baby out of her womb in a most heinous act of violence. While the victim survived the deranged attack, the fetus did not.Former Navy chaplain and Colorado s … [Read more...]

Kansas Governor: Forcing women to give birth is good for the economy

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback offers a novel argument for denying women access to abortion, claiming that forcing women to give birth is good for the economy.Brownback made his deplorable remarks while speaking with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, a Christian hate group, on Friday’s Washington Watch broadcast.In the discussion Perkins praised Brownback for his state’s economic success, ignoring the fact the Brownback has ruined the Kansas economy with a disastrous and rad … [Read more...]

Lebanese host silences sexist Muslim scholar who told her to ‘shut up’

Lebanese television host Rima Karaki

Lebanese television host Rima Karaki silences London based Islamist scholar Hani Sibai after being told to “shut up” because “you are a woman.”Karaki pulled the plug on the sexist Muslim scholar after he refused to cooperate in an interview discussing ISIS. During the interview, Sibai insulted his host after being asked to address the questions being put to him.After some heated back and forth, an angry Sebai snarled: “Are you done? Shut up so I can talk.” A stunned Karaki asked: “How … [Read more...]

Iran: Billboard claims Batman and Zorro wore the Hijab


Trying to make the oppression of women look cool? A billboard supposedly located in Iran claims Batman and Zorro have never been defeated because they wear the hijab.The image is currently a big hit on Reddit, and has been shared widely on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.According to the post on Reddit, the billboard reads as follows: Have you ever seen ‪Batman‬ or ‪Zorro‬ getting defeated? No! because their Hijab is proper. So you too mind your Hijab sister! While the … [Read more...]