Christian Extremists Predict Violence Against Abortion Clinics

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In light of a highly orchestrated and dishonest campaign to smear and discredit Planned Parenthood, Christian extremists are anticipating violence against abortion clinics and abortion providers. The escalated threat against abortion providers is motivated by heavily edited undercover videos recently posted by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, a group with ties to violent, [Read More...]

Appeals Court Rules Pharmacies Cannot Cite Religion To Deny Medication

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Good news: Pharmacists cannot deny patients medicine, including Plan B or other emergency contraceptives, even if they have a religious objection, according to a new ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The court ruled on Thursday that a Washington state mandate for pharmacies to sell all prescription drugs does [Read More...]

Missouri Lawmaker Sues To Deny Adult Daughters Birth Control Coverage

The Wieland Family (Image via Twitter)

Because of sincerely held religious beliefs a Missouri lawmaker and his wife are fighting the Obama administration in an attempt to deny their adult daughters access to birth control. Even though two of their three daughters are adults, Missouri state Senator Paul Joseph Wieland (R) and his wife do not want their health insurance to [Read More...]

Obama Administration Quietly Neuters Hobby Lobby Decision

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Religious conservatives suffer defeat: Obama administration issues new rules frustrating conservative Christians’ desire to deny women access to birth control. Under new rules issued by the Obama administration women will be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act, thus circumventing the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme [Read More...]

Christian ‘Marital Expert’ Says Women Should Submit To Marital Rape

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Trigger Warning: Claiming “it is impossible” for a man to rape his wife, a Christian fundamentalist and “marital expert” argues that women should always submit to the sexual desires of their husband. Writing at Biblical Gender Roles, a self-proclaimed expert on “marriage, feminism and the deterioration of gender roles” mansplains why marital rape is acceptable [Read More...]

Theocracy Alert: GOP War on Women Goes Global

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GOP presidential candidates pledge to promote Christian patriarchy by denying women access to reproductive health care “at home and around the world.” Earlier this week at the National Right to Life Committee’s convention in New Orleans Republican presidential hopefuls pledged to fight Roe v. Wade, deny women the right to choose, and promote an agenda [Read More...]

Satanists File Federal Lawsuit: Abortion Restrictions Violate Religious Freedom

Turning the table on conservative Christians, the Satanic Temple is suing Missouri’s governor and attorney general in federal court, alleging that the state’s abortion restrictions violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. Defending a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion, the Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday challenging Missouri’s “informed [Read More...]

Christian Homeschoolers Promote Child Marriage

The Chapmans: Maranatha (15) and Matthew (28) (Image via Patheos)

In the dark and sometimes dangerous world of Christian homeschoolers, children are treated as property, often with tragic consequence. A recent Facebook discussion illuminates some of the dangers the daughters of Christian homeschoolers face, dangers like arranged marriages, often at a very young age. In a post to his Facebook page, Michael Farris, Chairman of [Read More...]

Glenn Beck Mansplains Menstruation: It’s a ‘God Given Sadness’

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Hey ladies, are you sad during your special time of the month? Let ladies man Glenn Beck and his all male panel mansplain the mysteries of the menstrual period. According to Beck and his guest, right-wing Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a menstrual period represents death, and is a “God given sadness.” According to these guys, ladies [Read More...]

Scott Walker Claims Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Cool’

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Not Cool: Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker thinks harassing women who want an abortion by forcing them to undergo an unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures is “cool.” Walker made some obnoxious and offensive comments concerning women and reproduction last week in an interview with conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch. On the [Read More...]