Episode 9: Rollin’ With the Rev. Nick

How about the testimony of an Oxford-educated theologian to add some credibility to our cause? Like Saint Paul on the road to Damascus, like the Buddha under his Boddhi tree, like countless others who have had a transformational mystical experience, Bruce is onto something special. So says the good reverend Nicholas Griffin. [Read more…]

Episode 10: The Prophet at Home

Is he a renter or an owner? Is he having a garage sale? No matter, it’s a casual weekend morning, Bruce greets us poolside in his Sunday-go-to-meeting best and lets fly with some pretty deep stuff, i.e.: “All you’ve got to do to get to heaven is (drum roll, please…) BE LOVED.” [Read more…]

Episode 11: Faces & Places – Florida

Daddy Dee’s doubles as a sort of cap meeting or tent meeting place. A heckler arises and, lo and behold, it’s Steve. The Florida morning show guy discusses ice cream and God, local parishioners are a bit more sincere and Bruce himself says, “Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindu, we’re all one in the same and we [Read More…]

Episode 12: Faces & Places, Part II

Steve takes to calling Bruce “McPresence.” He’s a conduit. He attracts people and seems to bring out the best in them (excepting, maybe, the FOX News crew). Some regular folks remark: “Everything’s in divine order;” “Wake up and know that there’s a better way to live;” “All you need is love and forgiveness;” “Accept yourself [Read More…]