A Universe From Nothing

By Bruce Adams Today as I drove from my home to Daddy Dee’s Ice cream shop, I heard something on PBS radio that I found so interesting that I had to blog about it. What I heard was an interview with an author who had written a book titled, “A Universe From Nothing.” Apparently, there [Read More…]

Oh No…Now What?

by Bruce Adams A few months back I wrote a blog titled, “Chop Wood and Carry Water.” To me, it spoke of how we can do the same tasks from the enlightened state that we previously did from the sleeping state. Today, I had the opportunity to witness how the universe provides us with numerous [Read More…]

Life Is But a Dream

By Bruce Adams I woke up this morning and started to write this blog and was not quite sure how far to take things. I say that because, whenever I think or allow my intellect (judgmental mind) to influence me, I am always plagued with the belief that most people are not interested in seeing [Read More…]