A Preview of Coming Attractions – Webisode #14 – L.A. One

LA One – This has to go down as one of our least imaginative titles yet.  We can only hope you won’t hold it against us, especially after you get a whiff of where we’re going with all this.  Yes, L.A.’s a big and unruly place, hardly anybody’s idea of nirvana.  In fact, the Lonely [Read More…]

Preview of Coming Attractions – Webisode #5 – Talk, Bruce

The Irish tell a tale. (What a way to open this blog.  The Irish tell tales and have sayings concerning everything and anything in creation.  Honestly, I’ll try to be a bit more creative in future.) The particular tale the Irish tell, as it may or may not relate to our webseries, Prophet or Madman, [Read More…]